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Daily Chat: Thursday 7th February 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 7th February 2013

Hey Everyone,

I hope you've all recovered well from last nights antics, cake eating, sherry drinling, ducking and diving! You are a crazy bunch of folk but very entertaining to say the least :D

Pete, I hope you had a lovely Happy Birthday, you kept that quiet from us didn't you :-/

Today is an absolutely fantastic day to stay smokefree. If you are struggling, just look at it as though you are only not having that one cigarette, the next one.

Together we can do this... :-)

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Hi EmJay love the picture :)

Well I am fine this morning, not sure about the others knocking back the sherry :D They are both very quiet today so my guess is that they are suffering, no sympathy it's self inflicted :)

I hope everyone is having a good day. I've just been trying to phone round some plumbers to get my boiler sorted out, British Gas are highway robbers.

Just off to get my mushroom cuppa soup for lunch so speak to you later.

Andy and Sue, I hope you are both not feeling to poorly :) Water and some painkillers and then a glass of pure fruit juice should help :D :D


Hi Emjay

Hope you are well

Its a lovely day here today, washing blowing on line, 1 child away to friends house and the other is going in a hour :)

Hubby home today and NO fighting yet :)

Gonna get the housework done for being away tomorrow and then sort Stewarts stuff in the attic

Its nice how the weather improves your mood and outlook


Hi folks,hope everyone is good..sounds like a rowdy party lol.

So far I am 10 hours in stop. Ecig has been helpful..as i am determined not to nibble unless its fruit or similar. just seeing how long I can go :)


Well done Andrea (that is your name isnt it?)

I find the ecig helpful if I think I need a fag, just a few puffs and thats it......

Long may it continue for you.

Just take 1 day at a time


Hi Everyone,

I was up early today but hubby pinched the computer :D he said he had stuff to do before going to work, a likely story :o :D No hangover for me Kazz :P :D :D I hope you manage to get your boiler fixed soon, it's funny how these things always breakdown in the winter just when you need them

Hope you have a good day Emjay :) we are all crazy, but what fun we have, my jaw is still sore from laughing :D :D

I'm glad your having a good Sarah :) and no kids for a while, I loved it when my two went away to their grans, i had a lovely relaxing time, no having to constantly entertain them :) :D It's a nice day here as well, so i'm off to put my washing out, see you all later :)


Hi thenunn,

That's brill :) I'm glad the e- cig is helping you, just take it a day at a time and you'll get

there :) and we will all help you :)


Good afternoon everyone and no hangover here either - I think the only one with one of those will be Pete (but I'll bet he wouldn't admit to it! :o ) :) :D :D

Nice and bright down here at the mo - busy morning - pt at 7.45, dentist at 11 and lawn guy at 12.30. :) Will have to make the mos of the weather and get out for a brisk walk this aft.

Sarah, glad you're washing's blowing well. I don't hang mine out in the winter any more. I had one time too many of getting frozen washing in with frozen hands one November and vowed that I wasn't going to do that any more. :o (Never had a tumble dryer though, just hang it on washing stands around the house and hope I don't get visitors. :D :D )

Jan, well done for finally taking the plunge. :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend away and can keep the weight from creeping on. :o :)


Hi all,

A happy belated birthday to Pete! x- birthday peck...ha!

Kazz- re British Gas, they do a one off repair for a fixed price, my friend got that, it cost her £99. I have one of the Homecare covers with them for my boiler, electric, plumbing...it's for my peace of mind really. There's no 'man about the house', so to speak, and I'm not good at electrics and plumbing...they are 'blue' jobs! (Blue for blokes Pink for girlies).

Good luck getting your boiler fixed Kazz- hope you get it sorted soon, you'll be frozen in this weather!

It's lovely here today too, but it's cold. I only hang washing out in the warmer weather, don't bother in the winter, it ends up being just as wet as when I hung it out lol I so love my tumble dryer :)

Am off work today, have been out with a friend this morning and have just put a casserole in the oven for tea. I am now going to vac my car out.

Back later!

Have a great day!



Hi everyone

Not a good day here, very grey and raining at the moment and quite cold as well.

Thanks Sue, I have got someone coming out to have a look at the boiler on Saturday morning, hopefully he will be able to fix it there and then or it will be cold showers and duvets this weekend :D Would you and our Andi admit it if you did have a hangover I wonder hmmm :)

You've had a busy morning Andi, pt at 7:45 good grief, I would be too stiff and half asleep for anything like that. Good for you.

Good for you JC, you keep beating those cravings, I'm sure they will disappear one day for ever, the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Nothing new there then with the cake cravings, it's a true sign of a cakeaholic but you deal with one thing at a time :D

Hi thenunn, well done to you for stopping smoking and being quit for 10 hours, keep strong, you can do this and as Sue said, we will support you every step of the way.

Hi Sarah, it's good that you are getting on with your hubby while he is off, you can do without the extra aggravation when you are trying to give up smoking. Also good that you have some nice drying weather, a bit of sun always makes you feel brighter.


Thanks Chickles,

British Gas offered me a fixed price but then wanted to tie me into an annual agreement at £21.00 per month which I didn't want.

I can't access your links John as work blocks them but I will have a look later. You seem to be very creative and it's good that you have something to focus on an get involved with. It will keep your mind of smoking for one thing :)


Hi everyone,

Your were up and about early Andi, pt at 7.45, i was still in bed at that time :D :D, where do you get all that energy from, wish i had a 1/4 of it :)

I'm with you Chickles, tumble drier in the winter, I have too much to wash , what with all the work uniforms and stuff, hope you have a good day :)

Good for you John, resisting those cravings :) your images are beautiful :) and like Kazz said it will keep your mind off the cigs as wel

Hope everyone is having a great day :)


Back from walk along the prom and cliff top. Decided to pop in to Tesco on the way home and get the car washed. Needed some basil for a dish I'll make in a couple of days but they didn't have any.

John, so glad that you've got on top of those finances now and those pictures are pretty amazing. Just take care when going in the birds' room. :o :)

Kazz, hope the weather warms up a bit for you and they can fix it right away - don't forget your gas fire! Btw, I think the last time I had a hangover was after my Mum's funeral. :o :D


I used to have a tumble dryer but don't have one now, I do miss it though, I don't really like having washing all over the radiators upstairs but needs must when the devil's sick in your rucksack, as my old friend used to say :D (haven't got a clue what it means)

I'm off home in a few minutes then out tonight to visit my mum. Have a good evening everyone and I hope to speak to you tomorrow.

Bye for now xxx :)


haha love it. "needs must when the devil's sick in our rucksack". Well I've never heard that one before but it made me laugh. :D :D


your rucksack I mean. God I hate the keyboard on this laptop, it certainly wasn't made for a touch typist, a hammer typist maybe.


Thanks Andi, no I wont forget the gas fire. thanks :D

A walk along the prom sounds lovely. I love the sea. Can't believe Tesco didn't have an Basil, what sort of outfit are they running there !


haha, bet they had plenty of horseradish sauce though ;)


Good for you that you've got something to aim for. I'm just trying to get myself motivated to do housework. I need to do this as I've got to get more mobile day to day then hopefully tackle the garden more when the weather warms up. :)


Just got rid of my brother, again, he's becoming a nasty habit, wonder if he'll be easier to get rid of than the cigs were......Mmmmmm don't think so somehow :o

Trying to get motivated Andi, good luck with that :D :D :D, housework never gets me motivated :D, it will be nice when you can get in your garden though, i used to love doing my dads garden for him :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening :)


Hi Sue, wondered where you'd got to - thought you might have had visitors. :o Shame it was that particular one though. :( How's your hangover now then? :D :D


Well am well chuffed with my little self. Today was a much better day at work than last Thursday. It's amazing how quiet it goes in February, I've actually been a little bit bored today. Have not had a ciggie for about 3 weeks and haven't had a nicotine lozenge since last Sunday. So I was sat staring into space today at work waiting for the phone to ring when I suddenly thought this is the first time in 33 years or since I was just 18 that I have had no nicotine in my body. The other two times I gave up I used patches and the second time lozenges and chewing gum so even though I was off the cigarettes for 3 months I still had nicotine in my system. Feel absolute rubbish with the Champix, still getting stomach pains mornings and evenings. Best of all even though I was bored at work I've sat there in the knowledge that I had two Chocolate digestive biscuits in my bag and I have managed not to eat them all day. I've had two sandwiches with ham on, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, yoghurt, tin pineapple then my tea, a gorgeous beef casserole with sprouts and boiled potatoes made by my gorgeous hubby. Washed down with a glass of red wine, followed by two pieces of galaxy chocolate. Then a big glass of fresh orange juice. Haha then I wonder why I have a belly ache. :o


Well done sin, sounds like your having a day like me, plenty of food ;)

I have had my efag today so you are doing better than me so well done you.

Maybe you are just needing a good fart? Im always blowing off at bed time and I feel loasa better (Stew no too happy though lol)


haha, I think it is wind Sarah. After about a week of taking Champix I've felt like I do at Christmas when we eat lots of rich food that we're not use to and all those sprouts and pickles, Christmas cake etc. I feel really rubbish tonight.


Hiya Sin, sounds like you've had a good day. Aren't you lucky to have someone cook for you - I only get that treat when I go on holiday! :D :D


Yes, hubby cooks some yummy meals. Though we've decided the curry we had last night will be the first and last. The kitchen still stinks. A spicy chilli madras. It was very nice but wondering if that's whats wrong with my stomach tonight.


No hangovers for us Andi, we're two strong ladies, we can take our liqueur :D :D :D bet the other two couldn't :D :D

That's brill Jan :) you should be well pleased with yourself :) Looking at what you've eaten i should eat more, i've had 2 slices of toast this morning, then a bowl of soup at tea time :o :D


Jan? :o Toast and soup, that's not enough for a growing girl, I would be one very stressed out soul if that's all I had to eat all day. Gosh I ate far more than that on weightwatchers.


Sorry, wrong name, my one brain cell is not working tonight, as usual

I don't have much of an appetite just now, keep trying to eat little and often but it's not working, I'm just not hungry, it might be one of the tablets i'm on, not sure though


Well I have eventually got home after running around after the kids.

We ended up going out for our rea tonight (my mother invited us) to a hotel. It was as usual lovely,Ruth was happy coz it was her favourite place to eat if we go out ;)

Now when we go out for a meal I only have a main course and my pudding would be a fag but tonight I had a 3 course meal which I have not had for YEARS and ate the lot, now its really no wonder my gut is getting so big! Even my dad commented on the amount I ate!

The only downside of the night was my mothers comment about me having a puff of my efag. She would bloody moan if I went out for my fag and about how much I stank when I came back in....... cant have it both ways (and I didnt even miss my fsg tonight either)

Hope everyone is having a great evening


Hi Sarah,

It's great that you didn't miss your cig tonight :), one thing i found difficult in the early days was a cig after eating.

That's mums for you, but it sounds like you had a great night :) and you didn't have to make tea, that's a plus :)

Hope you have a great night :)


I did find it hard to begin with but I think going and doing something else occupied my mind and helps no crave for one.

I did have the ecig though but as I said Im getting lower strenght of that (waiting on it coming home) so that a ster in right direction. I think the efag better, at least it cheaper and lasting me longer than a packet of fags.


I found the same Sarah, i still play all the daft fb games that i did in the beginning to help me when cravings hit, it's great that your getting the lower strength, your doing really well :)

A neighbour of mine said the same thing, that they were cheaper and lasted her longer, and getting you smoke free is the main thing :)


She wasnt moaning about the smell of egig, she was moaning that I was using it.

I have gone just over 3 weeks without a proper fag, I have the lower dose of liquid nicotine coming home to wean myself off them

Ahe just has to have something to moan at me about, she would moan that I stank after I had a proper fag!!!


Hi all :) :)

ha ha ha Emjay just love the pic gal :D :D and thank you :) :)

Hmmmmmm not much cake or cookin sherry tonight then :o :(

Mind you there sounds like there is some flippin yummy food about again :) :)


Hi Pete, no cooking sherry, we need a break from that, don't want to have too many hangovers :D :D :D


Aup Sue, I hope you feelin ok :) have you got YOUR computer back yet :o :)


Who's Jan then ?? :o


haha, I dunno, I think it was mean to be me. How are you Pete? Do you not get a bad stomach from the Champix?


I mean it was meant to be me. I need a new laptop, preferably one with keys that actually work when I tap them.


Yep, I wrestled out of his hands :D :D. think i might need to get my own one for when he retires, :D :D just had a thought, me sitting on one chair, him on the other, both on laptops all day :D :D :D don't think i will now, don't want to spend my life doing that :D


That sounds like me and my husband. We're both sat there every night, seperate sofa's, laptop each, hardly say a word to each other all night, the dog was so bored the other night that he was the only one watching TV, sat on the sofa staring at the TV, he was funny.


Just think Sue if you both had a computer you could emai, him to make you a cuppa!! I text Stew if i cant be bothered to shout through to him lol

So monky, you should have been at the pub wae us, the food and drink was fairly flowing!! Think Stew a bit drunk lol


We've done that before now. Before my son left home I used to have long conversations with him on facebook messaging with him sat up stairs in his room and me downstairs.


Aup Sinfree :)

You ought to get out more gal :D :D


Well I'm going in a minute. Need to go get ready for bed as gotta go wait for the phone to ring at work again tomorrow, then got my little grandson tomorrow night, aww, he's not stayed since before Christmas. Might just manage a little piece of cake with my cuppa before I go to bed being as I never ate those chocolate digestives. Night every one - keep up all the hard work with the no smoking.


Yes I know what you mean Sue, they can soon rule you :o but hey it would be nice to have a pink one eh :D :D just wondering if hubby would use that so much :D :D

Think we've got some gremligs :o :(

My posts keep vanishin :o :X


Might just get a pink sparkly one Pete :D :D

we better get our spears ready if the gremlins are about, haven't seen them all night either :o


Nite nite sinfree, sweet dreams, have a great day with your grandson tomorrow :) xx


I need to go to bed now everyone, I need my beauty sleep :D :D

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue and everybody, you all have a nice restless sleep and enjoy :) :) the weekend will soon be here :) :) luvs ya all and take care :) xxxxxxxx :)


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