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Daily Chat: Friday 1st March 2013

Good morning everyone.

Happy St Davids Day to you all. I don't think that we've had any Welsh people joining in on here, or Irish come to think of it. We all know there's lots of Scots though. ;-)

Last day of the week and a new month. Maybe there's some of you set today as your quit day - if so, good luck and come and share your story with us - it might just help someone else on their quit journey. :)

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Good Morning Andi and everyone!

Bore da Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus to any of our Welsh members (we do have a small handful) :-)

My daffodils did start to peek their little way out from the ground a couple of weeks back now but this crazy weather seems to have confused them a bit! :-/

March see's the start of a brand new month, a brand new season and can also mean a brand new fresh start to your smokefree life :D

As Andi says, come and share your story with us :-)


Good morning Andi and everyone,

Just got to the end of a busy week, was gonna come back on last night but i fell asleep on my chair :o :D :D after a great night with my daughter, now it's time to have a rest :) at least that's another room decorated, and i was so busy i didn't think of nic once, or get any cravings so i'm well pleased with that :)

I hope you all have a great smoke free day :)


Hey all I've been trying to get on all morning but my tablet seems to be broken........ :(

it was working grand last night but this morning it wont turn on and that's with being on charge the whole night so Im kinda annoyed to say the least.

I was wondering yesterday what would go wrong this week and this seems to be it! so out with the old horrid laptop just to get on here!

had a busy morning cleaning the kitchen, sorting out tea (chicken and tatties and trimmings tonight)

got some of our sky packages cancelled and some sky + stuff watched.

Its a lovely day here today, a little dull but no wind or rain. There is no sight of our daffy's/tulips yet but there is time yet :)

Will be heading to work soon and get home and get into doing more phoning about a evening job in a hotel..... sod the hubby, it will be more money coming in and it wont be every night and he wont complain about the extra cash

looking forward to another smoke free month :)


Good morning all :) dull here ..a nice relaxing type of day for me after the hectic week lol.

Andi I was born in wales does that count ? and yes Happy St Davids Day and Happy friday and Happy 1st of March..wow lots of reasons to be happy today :)

Well done all you non smokers ,you are all doing brilliantly and are all a great inspiration :)

catch you later for tea and cake .xx jan


morning peeps,not been here for a while,,time to say hi.well today should have been Friday the 29th making it 8 months today smoke free :) i am very pleased about that and can defently declare that as a permanent state now. it has gone better than i thought though this time i had a reason to give it up whereas last time was just to see if i could.for me the golden rule is once you have stopped stay stopped its worth it in the end. .to all the new peeps here stay with it this is a good source of help/support you all stay strong and have a nice smoke free day :)


I think your golden rule is a MUST ! :)


Afternoon all,

Sue, I think you've almost mastered this no-smoking malarky and have come on in meaps and bounds, and have a newly decorated room that's kept you distracted! :D

Sarah, I wonder whats happened with your tablet then, is it under warranty atall? :o At least your laptop seems more reliable, even though you don't seem to like it :-/ With regards to housework and sorting everything else out, sounds like you've been quite organised and stayed smokefree, so well done for that :-)

Hay Jan, I'm away for my physio appointment soon but shall pop the kettle on as soon as I get back :-) Hows about that then for keeping us happy :D

Kengreen, lovely to see you around, not having the 29th puts you further ahead into the year as a non-smoker ;-) Glad to see that you are still so positive about it :-) Make sure if you pop on every now and again for a quick cuppa and let us know how you are doing :D

See you in a little bit :-)


Back from my walk, we have a lovely spring day here, daffodils springing up everywhere, probably till next week, then know doubt the snow/rain will arrive :)

Just give your tablet a kick Sarah, that's what I do :D :D, I hope you manage to a get a job at the hotel :)

I've got the kettle on Jan if you want a cuppa, hope your putting your feet up and relaxing well :)

Well done on 8 months quit Kengreen, and with your positive attitude you'll never look back :)

Hope your physio goes well Emjay :) I do feel so much better about not smoking now, however how long it is, you know me I can never remember :o :D :D

Hope your all having a great smoke free day, onwards and upwards everyone :)


hey all

had a very lazy afternoon indeed.

my tablet seems to be working again, it must have been a bit tempremental this morning with it being a new month!

Im enjoying the fact that today is a FRIDAY!!!! YAY

fingers crossed the weekend doesn't go past too quick but quick enough that it's not dragging out too much for me that Im desperate for a fag (if that makes sense)

this has been the longest 6 weeks of my life I think! lol


Hello all, Few nasty sneaky cravings today, Managed to stave them off but just seemed to have more than usual. Nice one Kengreen, Monday will be my first month on this quit, one of many over the years but this one is a significant one and I also had a more convincing reason this time, Your golden rule is the real deal. Nice to see someone in front giving me and others a pace setter.



Hi all, My computer seemed to take forever to fire up this morning Sarah, glad you're back on track though.

Sue, aren't you lucky with your walk in the sunshine, we're still gloomy and it's been trying to rain today. I got out for a walk on the prom this aft for a change of scene and some fresh air.

Ken, good to see you again and excellent that you're still smoke free after 8 months. :)


A very big well done Ken on reaching your 8 months! I am 2 months behind you, 6 months today, woo hoo! Am not on good form at the moment, feel crappy, but can muster a smile at not smoking! A big well done to Wonder too on reaching 12 months!

Hope everyone has a great evening and weekend.


Hiya Chick, it's not like you to be feeling crappy, you're normally so bright, cheerful, busy and upbeat. It is hard to be like that the whole time though and you are allowed to come down occassionally. ;-) I hope you're not getting the start of some lurgy cos they are still about out there. Hope you have a cosy, relaxing evening and re-charge your batteries. :)


Good evening everybody :) :)

It's the start of the weekend :) :) yabba dabba dooooooooo :D :D :D :D

Hey Chuckles, you dont look crappy gal :o you look even prettier than usual gal ( creep creep ) :D :D

Aup Andi, did you try the press-ups before you went to bed last night :o :o


Aup Pete, no - didn't see the message til this morning! ;-) :D :D


Yeah yeah :P :P :D :D


Hello Pete, I see youv`e not lost your charm with the ladies. :D



Hiyaaaaaaaa Jillygirllllllllll :) :)

Its lovely to see you on here again gal :) :) love the pic gal :D :D

Just bin reading your blog Jilly, gosh you've bin through it gal, but you can look forwards again now eh :) :)


Ken, thats just supppppper pal, you getting to 8 whole months quit :) :) keep the good work up Ken :) :)


Do you think that Sue's dropped off again or is she out gallivanting do you think? :D :D


I reckon she's dropped off again Andi, it looks as if she's bin practising for when Grandson comes :D :D :D



Aaaaaaaahhhhh! :D :D :D


Ah Pete, you're such a smoovie! Mindst I was told today that I looked younger than a colleague of mine, she is infact 10 years younger than me! I think that she must have had a hard paper round lol

Andi, am still busy, but have a few personal things going on that may be making me a tad down beat! Am still smiling in company though and am looking forward to the weekend. Am going to a charity fashion show show on Sunday night, which should be lovely. There are also jewellery, accessories and make-up concessions to, so they might be able to paint a smile on my face lol

Jilly, you are one inspirational lady!

Hope everyone is having a great evening! I'm just having a glass of wine, cos I can, and have had a fab tea, cooked by my daughter to say 'well done' for my 6 months of no smoking!



So Chick, 6 months, isn't that just great? Bet you never thought you'd ever be saying that, eh? :) Lucky you having dinner cooked for you this evening - enjoy your chill. :)


Hi Jan, a great big well done to you for getting to 6 months quit gal :) :) thats just magic it is :)

It sounds that you have a lovely lovely Daughter Jan :) :)

Enjoy your glass or four of wine gal hic :o speak soon :)


Aup Andi, do you think this is Chuckles :o hmmmm she does look younger than she is :D :D



Why, do you think she's some kind of binge drinker? :o :D :D


Nah, :o :D :D :D


Pete, have you got big plans for the weekend - I mean apart from shopping and cooking Sunday dinner? :)


Yeah got to wash my hair :) :)


Depending on the weather, i will be in the garden or greenhouse I think :) :) orrrrrrrr perhaps just nip down to your place and get your garden sorted out :o :D :D


I've got to go now (and I won't be doing any press-ups either :o ).

Nite nite Pete and everyone, sleep well. :) xxxxxxx


Yes am off too Andi, feel cream cracked tonight for some reason, speak tomorrow :)

Nite nite Andi and everybody, I hope you all get a good nights sleep, and luvs ya all xxxxx :)


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