Daily Chat: Sunday 6th January 2013

Daily Chat:  Sunday 6th January 2013

Good morning campers, wakey wakey rise and shine :)

As I am still up I thought I would open the daily chat as it is Sunday although the early hours and if you are anything like me you will be having a lie in this morning unless you are Andi then you will be leaping and bounding around the park :)

I hope you all slept welI. Have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday :) xx

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  • Good Morning Kazz and everyone,

    I though Kazz is up really early this morning, till i read your post :o :D :D I love your pic :) wish I was still doing that :D :)

    I might be going to see my daughter today, it depends if she has to work or not, she's getting excited now cause she can feel her baba moving about now :)

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday :) xx

  • Morning everyone. Just had a lovely run - breathing getting easier already :) So day 3 of my smoke free life. Sunday's scare me as there's too much thinking time and then tomorrow I return to work and that's where the real tests lie. Gonna be a tough few days :(

  • Morning Fraz, It must be great to find you breathe easier when you run, another brill reason to stay smoke free :)

    I know what you mean about sundays, I hated them when i first stopped, but your on day 3 now, and that's fantastic, you will get there, go armed tomorrow with strategies that will help you to stay strong, have a look at what some of us did and see if any of them would help you, and you can always come on here in your lunch break if you need support, we're all here for you.

    Have a great smoke free day :)

  • Morning all, what a foggy day it is here, I am so hungry but cannot be bothered to get out of bed. Just to let you know when you've been stopped for a while you crave for other things ........ I really crave for a bacon sandwich and a cup of frothy coffee .... my tummy is telling me to go and do something about it , see you all later, I'm off to the kitchen.

    Welcome to all the new members too. We all remember the early days of quitting and how hard it is changing our habits. Good luck to you all Xxx Must go as I could eat a scabby dog

  • Morning Wonder,

    :D :D :D I'm right there with you, eating or getting out of bed, especially when it's cold :) :D

    I think I just crave food in general, so must start my diet now, I ate way too much over Christmas :D :D

    It's cold here, but no fog, just dull grey sky, not my favourite

    Have a great day :)

  • I'm behaving a little manically I think. So far this morning since 9am I have run 5k, showered, stripped the bed, done two lots of laundry, made breakfast, washed up, planned all lessons for next week and cried twice. I cried really heavily last night too which is when I think my partner finally started to realise how hard this is for me. So yeah, is the crying normal? I'm a guy but do tend to cry a lot. Never had an issue letting the tears out but for some reason I can't see or feel these ones coming. :(

    So what else can I do today? :D

  • Good afternoon Fraz :)

    I've just looked back on some old bloggs and crying is normal when you first quit, so dont worry about that eh :) :)

    Emjay is 1 of our lovely quit smoking advisers and I have found this breathing exercise which may help you :) :)

    Breathing Exercise (1) - to calm a craving down...

    Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE 25 Dec 2012Report

    Cravings lead to irritation and sometimes panic, causing the quitter’s mind to speed up. When this occurs, concentrating becomes hard. Using a deep breathing exercise is an effective way of calming yourself down.

    This exercise can be done anywhere from sitting down in a chair to waiting for a bus.

    Follow the simple stages described below;

    With your mouth closed and shoulders relaxed, inhale deeply and slowly to the count of eight.

    As you breathe in, push your stomach out.

    Hold your breath for the count of four.

    Breathe out slowly to the count of eight.

    Repeat the cycle five times.


    If you click on Emjay's pretty picture, and then click on her bloggs or questions, she has loads of help for you on there :) :)

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Hi Fraz, if your looking for something to do you can come round my house and do my laundry :D :D

    I'm not too sure, but I think crying is normal, it's like grieving for smoking, I'm sure someone else will come and help you with this, who has a better memory than me :D :)

  • Good afternoon everybody :) :)

    Kaz where did you get that picy of me noddin :o :D :D

    I have an apology to make to you young Ladies on this site, I think you know why !! erm I must have had 1 too many cups of tea last night :o :| Sue I will put that decaf on my shopping list for next week :D :D

  • Afternoon Pete, you don't need to apologise to me, it was all good fun :D :) you may feel better on decaf tea though, especially if you drink a lot of erm tea :D :) x

  • Yes Sue, I've got to do something about this erm tea :o :D :D

  • Where have you been hiding all day? in your spear proof garage :D :D

  • Hi everyone

    I got that picture off your wife Peetie Weeie :) No need to apologise, you explained last night that it was just a typo and I believed you :D As Sue said it was fun and I was laughing out loud :D

    Hi Fraz, sorry to hear about the way you are feeling, you say you are crying without any warning, are you feeling down? There were a couple of times I cried, I just felt like life wasn't as good any more and I wasn't enjoying anything without my cigarettes. If that is how you are feeling, then it does pass and coming on here really did help to cheer me up. You really wont feel the way you do now for ever I promise :)

    Wonder, did you have your bacon butty and frothy coffee that sounds lovely.

    Hi Sue, it wont be long before you will be able to put your hand on your daughter's tummy and feel your little grandson move, it is exciting :) How are you feeling today?

    Is it lumpy gravy day today Pete or are you having something different?

    xxx :)

  • Hi Kazz, I'm feeling fine today hope you are as well :)

    I'm off the feed the hungry hoards :D will be back on later :) xx

  • Managed a pint and a sunday roast in a pub without running for the nearest smoking area!! Now that is an achievement I didn't think I'd be able to do.

    Thanks for the breathing tips Pete. Have been doing something similar and it works really well to relax and diffuse anger and frustration but isn't helping with the crying lol.

  • So have you got a plan for when you are in work tomorrow Fraz? What you will do on your breaks and at lunchtime?

    If not them maybe we can help with some suggestions. xx

  • I'll probably make tea - lots of tea and actually get on top of my emails. That should fill all the gaps tomorrow. And if that doesn't work I'll go for a walk. Tuesday will be hard though as lessons start when the students return. Not sure how I'll deal with that.

  • Aup Fraz, its lovely to see you on the chat, and talking about your problems :) :)

    Rite your obviously a teacher of some kind :) do your fellow teachers know that you quit ?? tell them :) and tell them how you are feeling, maybe some of them have quit the smokes, ''or '' want to :o :| talk to them :) :)

    The same on Tuesday, with your students, cos am sure a lot of them will be smokers, just put an half an hour to one side, and ask them what they think of smoking !!

    Try to make a joke of it, like cos you've quit, your feeling a bit on the funny side :o so while your teaching them, and they have got their heads in their books, have a bit of a floopy dooo, hey but dont go to far eh cos them blokes in the white coats will come and take you away :D :D

    Tell them !! let them know how hard it is to quit !!

    I myself have full confidence in you, cos I know you have got what it takes :) :)

  • Thanks Pete. Yep will definitely tell staff - most likely to back off as any crap will make me pretty annoyed. I teach in FE so it's fine to talk to the kids. Loads of them smoke so maybe I can persuade some of them to quit too!!

  • Hi ya John, there's no harm in having a lay in, :) :) and if it was 5.30 this Morning before you nodded off, well i'm not surprised :o :o

    you say that you dont feel like eating :( perhaps you've got a bit of a bug, cos there are lots going around at the moment, you just keep your mind on that new kitchen of your's, focus on what more homely bits and bobs you want to have in it :) :)

    Your doing fantasticly well pal, you keep it up now :) do you hear me boy :) :)

  • Hi Fraz

    What will make it harder because the children are returning? I am presuming you will still get your breaks. Do you mean that them being back will put more pressure on you and therefore you may want to smoke?

  • Absolutely. The breaks are one thing. The kids quite another!

  • Hi John

    No wonder you didn't get up until 13:00 if you didn't get to sleep until 5:30, it is Sunday though so lie ins are allowed :)

    I hope you get a better night's sleep tonight and maybe you will feel hungry later on so you can have something nice for tea. I'm just about to have chicken, mash, sprouts and gravy, I don't usually eat much in the day so I'm feeling hungry now. :)

  • Hey Peetie Weetie, what's a floopy dooo :D I think I've got an idea but it would have to be a silent floopy dooo :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup Jazzy Kazzy,

    A floopy dooo is a mad minute, erm you just let everythink out of your mind, and s__ erm dont bother what anybody else thinks :) :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Evening all, all this talk about disrupted sleep! Kazz posting the daily chat at 2 in the morning, John not going to sleep til 5.30, myself, I was awake from 4 a.m. :o John, I hope you're not going down with one of those nasty lurgies going around.

    Sue, amazingly enough, it looke like you're the only normal one on here today! :D :D

  • Andi welcome to our lovely community, and when do you plan on quitting then :o :D :D

    You saying am not all there gal :o :|

  • :D :D

  • Sleep wise i am Andi, don't know what happened there :o :D hope i've not passed the sleepless bug to you all :D :D

  • Hi Sue, no you didnt pass the sleepless bug onto me, cos i went to bed about 11, and didnt wake up until about 11 :D :D

  • Hiya Pete, Am not sure if you are all there or not after your earlier post. :)

    Surprised you had time to make your lumpy gravy - or did you make it last night - I bet the longer they've got, to develop, the bigger they get (lumps :o )

    :D :D

  • :D Floopy doooooooooooooooo

  • So you had the opposite Pete :D :) i went to sleep about midnight answer got up about 8am, good for me :D :)

  • A massive well done Sue :) :)

    My Granddad, on my Dads side lived until he was 90 :) and only then cos my Grandma died a couple of months before, as in he just gave in :( but he tort me a lot of things, erm some bad, but mostly good, but he always told me that rest and sleep was very important in life, to recharge our bodies, ready for the next day, and what it throws at us :) :)

  • Hi Andi

    I hope you've had a good day, ignore old sarky knickers, he's just missed you today :D You must be feeling tired now if you have been awake since 4am, unless you've had a nice Sunday doze :)

    Yes it looks like you may have passed your sleepless bug on to some of us but it's good that you got a good night's sleep for a change Sue. Just don't do it tonight because it's my first day back at work tomorrow after the Christmas break and I know I wont be on the ball tomorrow anyway :) No comments thank you Peetie Weetie :D

    I think floopy dooooooooooooooooooooooooo must be a Derbyshire saying but I guessed what it might be. I don't think Fraz would get away with it in the classroom, someone is bound to see him and you know what kids are like, he would never live it down.... ever :D

  • Hi Kazz, i'll try not to pass that on to you tonight, but it is outside my control :D :D, i'm sure you'll find nobody at your work will be on the ball tomorrow, hope you get a good sleep Kazz:)

    Hi Andi hope you got a sleep earlier :) if i go a few days without enough sleep i end up feeling tipsy :D :D :)

  • Well I lay listening to the radio from 4 then got up just before 8. :o Day off exercise today but invited out to a friend's 70th birthday lunch in a restaurant. Lovely 3 courses then left at 3.45 to go back to theirs for coffee and birthday cake. (YES CAKE!!!) Daughter-in-law had made one with a ball of wool and knitting needles - very clever. Also lots of nibbly things we were being told to eat so now stuffed! Am I ever going to drop this excess tyre round my middle? Have got to try and be really good next week before I go away again. :| :D :D

  • Might have known :D Too late it's gone JC :D

  • Hi Sue, I actually had a couple or 3 reasonably good nights on the trot so it was bound to happen - usually does when I don't put the alarm on. :D :D

  • Andi how do you make cake with a ball of wool and knitting needles :o :D

  • Yes Sue :) I was wondering that toooooooooooo :o

  • I could see knitting icing, but where does the wool come in :D :D :D

  • Sue i think iv'e found it :o :D :D


  • I thought Andi meant she had actually knitted a cake out of wool :D Good for diets that type of cake :P

  • Well she made a normal cake then a spherical cake and put it on top. The icing on the round one was piped to look like wool then she stuck a pair of knitting needles through round cake so it looked like a ball of wool with knitting needles. :o (Maybe you need more than one brain cell to picture it.) :D :D :D

  • :D :D very clever, my brain cell sees it now :D :D :D

  • Well done that woman! I think your good night's sleep must have increased your brain cell capacity! :D :D :D

    I tried to find a pic but only one anything like is blocked. The cake was iced in yellow. :)

  • John, it sounds as if your getting it sorted ready for the final, last touches to you new kitchen, that is magic pal :) :)

  • Yeeeehhhhh i've got 2 brain cells now :D :D now if i can keep this up i might manage to get my whole brain back :o :D :D :D

    it sounds like a beautiful cake, it sounds like you had a great time as well :)

  • Yeah, it was nice, just family and a few close friends (about 19 of us). :)

  • Hey Pee Wee, where are you hiding? Did you have a play with that mapometer last night? It's very good - and user-friendly - isn't it and with your 12 hour kip last night you must have millions of brain cells today. :) :)

  • Aaaaaaaa whats brain cell then :o :| :D :D

  • I'm having computer trouble again :( if i disappear that's the reason, i just hope this works

  • Sue dont you worry about computer problems gal, cos i've got problems of the 4 legged ver___ erm sort :o :D

    As she is sitting on my lap, and thinks its so amusing when i type :D :D

  • Does she hit your fingers with her little paws when you type? :)

  • Good pic earlier but it's a big ball with needles going through it as in about 5" in diameter with no. 5 needles. :o

  • Ha ha ha how the flippin eck do I know whether there No5 needles or flippin not :o :P :P :D :D

  • Well I know! :P :D :D

  • Hope you enjoyed your cake Andi, I've not had cake for 5 whole days :o

    I don't do anything on a Sunday if I can help it, I like to wake up on a Sunday and not have any plans and I can get up when I want to and do what I want to. I will make the odd exception such as Mother's day or birthdays.


  • That sounds like an excellent plan Kazz. :) Had to ask for a smaller piece - only down-side was it had that horrid shop-bought icing on it (we ate the main cake not the ball of wool) :( :)

  • love it Kaz, just ace gal, and i cant fault you one little bit :) :) :D :D :D

  • That's orrible :D

  • Pe-ete, when you working this week please? :)

  • Aup Andi :) :)

    I'm working 7am -------------- 7pm

  • My eyes are getting a bit droopy now so I'm going to sign off. I hope all you workers have a good day tomorrow - getting back to normal and nose to the grindstone! :o :(

    Nite nite all and sleep well, love you all and see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, speak tomorrow if your still up then :) :) luv ya gal xxxxxx :) :)

  • Night night Andi, sleep well and sweet dreams. Speak to you tomorrow xxx :)

  • Nite nite Kaz, a luvs ya gal, you get to bed early tonight do you hear me erm young Lady you :) :D :D

    Speak soon Kaz you take care gal :) xxxx :)

  • Nite nite Sue, you must be having trouble with your computer :( :P speak tomorrow gal and luvs ya xxx :)

    Good nite Jillygirl, love and huggs going to you xxxxxx :) :)

  • Night night Pete, luvs ya. Don't work too hard tomorrow. Sleep well and sweet dreams :) xxx

  • Night night Sue, hope to speak to you tomorrow and I hope you have another decent night's sleep. Sweet dreams xxx luvs ya :)

    Night night everyone, sleep well. xx

    Fraz, good luck for tomorrow, come on here tomorrow if you can and let us know how you got on and take it one day at a time. You can do it Fraz and getting through tomorrow will show you that you can get through a day with the kids. It does get easier with time and it's about reprogramming your mind. A few weeks ago I got stuck in a bad traffic jam and that was one time I would have normally smoked and I was thinking about it a lot. I just told myself that it was just one more situation where I would normally have smoked but I didn't so I was reprogramming my mind not to smoke in those situations. Be stong Fraz xx

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