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Daily Chat: Friday 27th September 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 27th September 2013

Good morning everyone.

Last Friday of the month and autumn rolling in now.

The weekend starts here and with it comes all those temptations when you're out and about, especially when alcohol's involved. :o Stay strong now, you can have a drink without a cigarette, and it's even better when you don't have to stand outside in the wind and rain. ;-)

Have a good day, see you later. :)

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Happy Friday Everybody!

Another weekend upon us already and what a nice way to start it :D

Remembering that any cravings you do have are a positive sign of recovery.

If you find yourself struggling at all, give us a shout :D

Breath in through your nose slowly,

feel both your chest and your tummy expanding,

hold for the count of two,

breath out through your nose...

Repeat this two or three times.

How does that make you feel?

I've just done it whilst typing and feel all nice now :D


Happy Friday! Feels amazing to do that : ) thanks for the tip and have a great wkend x


Good morning Andi, Emjay and


Just back from the hospital and it was a waste if time, the lip biopsy wasn't done cause the consultant wasn't in, Grrrrr, 2 hours wasted, aw well cuppa time if anyone wants one, see you in a bit :)


Oh dear Sue, how annoying. Grrrr! If we didn't show up or were late ......... :( Perhaps someone should do a time and motion study the other way round on the NHS - how much would it cost if everyone could charge for all their wasted time. ;-)


Very good day to you all

Thanks Andi and I hear your Autumn warnings !!

Sue looks like we were having a similar morning - I spent from about 9am-11:30am trying to get Adobe Flash back / downloaded onto my computer and by 2 hours I nearly went flipping mad / crazy, it was like being stuck in a maze and I couldn't get out !!! Oh well good test of my non existent patience ... in the end Adobe came on line to fix the problem !!

Emjay - I thought with your EXCELLENT breathing exercise you breath out through your mouth (NOT nose) ?? - sorry if I have got it wrong usually do !!!

Looks like everyone is staying in good quit mode - well done.

Dont let the Cravings get you down - they do pass and the more POSITIVE you are the quicker they pass.

Best wishes


NOPE ....ever, ever again.


That's a good idea Andi, maybe i should send them a bill for my time and bus fares :D :D

Glad you got your computer sorted eventually Jonathan, you did better than me though, i'd probably have thrown it out the window :D :D

Hope everyone is having a great NOPE day :)


Hi ya Sue :)

Erm I bet you were relieved really, when the doc didnt turn up :) mind you, it means that you have to go again to have it done sometime :o

Anyway, how are you feeling today erm, Grannysuequitforayear :) hmmmm I will have to shorten that down a bit, ''SupaSue'' :) :)


Hi ya late shift has finally arrived :o :)

Am off to read the posts now, speak soooooon :)

Pete :)


Hiya Pete,

Hope your day has been a good one, at least as good as it can when your at work :)


Hi Pete, I'm not to bad today, thank you, just annoyed at doctors.

I'm babysitting tomorrow so that will cheer me up :)


Hi there late. The weekend starts here. Get your dancing shoes on - Strictly's about to start. :) ;-)


Just really glad it's Friday. :) Have a happy weekend all.


Aup 'H'

I bet your not more gladererererer than I am that its Friday :o :D :D and I wish you a very happy and smoke free weekend tooooooo :)

Pete :) x


Pete, Thanks for all the encouragement and for making me smile.Happy Weekend my friend : ) H x


Enjoy strictly Andi :) hope you all have a brill night, i'm off to bed now, been up since 4.30am and i have a busy day tomorrow.

Nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, love and hugs, :) xx


Nite nite Sue, sweet dreams to you too gal, and you enjoyyyyyyyy looking after Nairn tomorrow :) :) xx


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