Daily chat: Wednesday 16th January 2013

Daily chat:  Wednesday 16th January 2013

Good morning

It's pretty cold out there this morning, but the sun is shining.

I hope you are all keeping warm, no more having to stand shivering outside in the freezing cold to have a cigarette :)

I hope you slept well and are having a good morning so far. Can't think of anything else to say right now so I will be back later when I have woken up properly. I just feel like going back to bed :)

Bye for now xx :)

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  • Good Morning Kazz, i've not wakened up properly either, i'm just up and want to go back to bed, it's freezing cold here as well, we've not got any snow though.

    I hope you had a good time last night :), i was meant to go out but i stayed in, i wasn't in a very good mood, which is also why i didn't come on here, it's good to see lots of new people on though :), hope there all staying strong, i remember how hard it was in the early days of the quit journey, i would never have got through it without all you lovely people on here :)

    I'm away to get a cuppa, need to warm myself up :D :D will chat later :) xx

  • Did you have a cob on yesterday, thats what we say in Liverpool if your in a bad mood, Ha. We all get days like that Sue and in this cold weather more of them. Hope you ok today.

  • Good morning girls,

    Yes very cold and icy here in Yorkshire. The sun is out at the moment and looks nice outside. I wont be going out today yet as the cold air might be a bit too much for me.

    Went to see surgeon yesterday progress very good. Next week start of the last hurdle to recovery.

    Will catch up later have a lovely day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • Morning Jillygirl,

    i'm glad things were good yesterday :) i will be thinking of you next week, you'll clear this hurdle easy :)

    Have a nice relaxing warm day, love and ((((hugs)))) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Sue, hows the grand baby developing? Hope your daughter is feeling well. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl,

    my daughter is fine, she has sore joints sometimes, and feels like she's 86 :D :D but that soon passes, i think she's about 23 weeks now, last scan showed everything was fine, did i tell you she is having a boy, i'm sorry if i didn't; i can't remember :D :)

    I'm just in from shopping, so thawing out, hope your in the warm :) xxxxxxx

  • Hi again!! I did start a message and pressed the return button by accident ooppps! don't know where its gone haha :-). Just wanted to say that I can't actually call myself a non-smoker. Official quit day was the 1st although I had been trying since middle of november. I have lapsed.........had 2 on friday!! Anyway if I get through today it will be my 5th smoke free day Yayyyyy :-)

  • Well done Ihope, that's brilliant :)

    Don't think about the 2 on Friday, think about all the cigs you haven't smoked, and all the money you'll save, you'll get there, you can do this :)

    Your kitchen is looking great John, are you leaving that white then or adding a colour, it will look good either way :)

  • Its very very cold here in Liverpool John but its lovely for a walk if your wrapped up, I have just spent an Hour walking in the park and it was beautiful and crisp.I love it when you breathe in and the cold air hits the back of your throat, it makes me feel good. You must get your patches as you dont want any slip up,s again, so wrap up and get your legs moving to the Clinic, like a good boy.

  • Dont be so bloomin cheeky just do as your told and get the patches.

  • Your kitchen sounds like it's gonna be lovely John :)

    you better wrap up warm for your walk to the quit smoking clinic or you'll freeze, glad Vida didn't when she had her bath, she's certainly brave :D :D

    I"m away to brave the outside, need milk, then gonna start the tea, if i'm not back on i've frozen :D :D :D will chat later :)

  • Hi all!

    By eck tis a tad chilly, hasn't got above -3 here all day, and it's forecast -10 tonight! I have a later start at work tomorrow, so hopefully the roads will by okay. It was okay driving today actually.

    Having Roast Chicken for tea tonight. As per am proper starving!

    That's brill news that the Specialist is pleased with your progress Jilly! You were so right staying in today! Had I not been at work, I'd have been in all day too!

    I had a dental appointment yesterday for over an hour, so mouth was a bit tender. Temporary crown is on, and new crown fitted in a couple of weeks. Have to be careful eating with the temp crown as it's a front toof!

    John, you need to invest in some earplugs so the birdies don't keep you awake! Mindst with earplugs, you wouldn't hear any would be cake 'pinchers'! Not me, I'm not eating sweeties, cake or puddings at the mo!

    Well done Hope...keep up the good work!

    Hope that your okay with this cold weather Sue...

    I slept well thanks Kazz, I didn't want to get up when the alarm went off at 6am! Hope that you've had a good day!

    20 weeks for me on Saturday this week, I may have 20 twirls in my computer chair, to make me dizzier than usual!

    Sat warm and smoke free everyone!

    I might pop back later, but I'm in my jim jams already, and after tea my sofa will be beckoning me...


  • Hi everyone, i didn't freeze on my way to the shops, don't know why though :D :D

    mad, you must be mad to go out a walk in this weather :D but i'm glad you found it invigorating and enjoyable, i didn't want to get out of bed this morning :D :D

    John you'll need to train Amor and Vida to sleep all night, instead of cake guarding :D hope you get a sleep tonight :)

    Big well done Chickles on getting to 20 weeks, your a star :) you'll need to treat yourself now, hope it goes okay with your temporary crown, they can be a pain

    have a good night everyone :) xx

  • Mad is Mad, hence the name, my Mum had an idea I would be Mad when she named me, ha ha. Hope your well Sue and no brain aches,

  • Hi Mad, yeh i'm fine today, thank you, couldn't have taken much more of these headaches.

    It's funny how mums always know these things isn't it :D :D

  • Hi John, your tea sounds yummy, i can smell it down here, Mmmm, better than cake :o :D never thought i'd say that :D :D

  • Sometimes i think some things are better than cake, depends what mood i'm in :)

  • JC you enjoy them roast peppers now :) I wont fight you for them cos i'm not to keen on them myself :(

  • I would John, i have to say though that i've just had banofee pie and ice cream, it must be a cake day :D :D

  • Hi everybody, its only little old me :) :D :D

    Sue i do hope your head ache has gone gal :) :)

    Jazzy Kazzy where you gone toooooo then :o :| hey I love your opening pic gal :D :D

  • Hi Pete, how's you doin, i'm feeling fine now thank you :) don't know where everybody else has gone though, do you think they know something we don't D D:o :D :D

  • Hey Pete you don't think they've gone to raid Johns fridge without us do you :o :D :D

  • Aup Sue, ha ha perhaps JCs court Kaz sneaking into his fridge, and put her in the bird cage :D :D

  • :D :D :D hope she's got fingers left :D :D

  • Sue, I hope you dont think am thick :o :| but whats a banofee pie ??

  • It's yummy Pete, the filling is creamy banana and toffee, and you can put a drizzle of chocolate on the top if you want, you can make them but i bought mine in Asda :)

  • Hmmmm that does sound yummy in my tummy :D :D I wonder if JCs had one :o I bet Kaz wouldnt like it cos its got banana in it :D :D but I think she would like the toffee and choc though :) :)

  • Well that's all the more for us then :D :D, i'll get us one tomorrow, when i get the computer back :)

  • Ooooo hubbies keeping computer warm tonight then :(

    It takes me ages to text on my phone, just dont know how you do it gal, chatting on here on your phone :o

  • I,d rather have Tesco,s Burgers, ha

  • Nahhhhhh you wouldnt :D :D

    Hey how you doing gal, you putting some weight on then :) :)

  • I am good Pete, no still need a few more Pounds to make 1 stone since quitting.

  • You get used to it, i do it a lot when i'm out, you'd manage it no problem after a while :) i'm glad i can otherwise i couldn't come on here as much and i'd miss chatting to all my friends :)

  • Where did you come from Mad, i got a fright there :D :D

  • yeah she scared me too, jumpin on us like that :D :D

  • Did you get my message Pete?, its funny someone, sent it to me in a text

  • I been watching, My Polar Bear Family, then Winter Watch and My Mother The Hoarder, had enough of TV and thought I would torment you lot for half an hour before bo bo,s

  • I forgot that was on, again........really must get another brain cell :o :D :D

  • She should wear hob nail boots so we can hear her coming :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Dont you be running to Tesco,s to buy them, I bet John would like some.

  • With my little legs I wouldnt be able to walk in them,

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Rite am off up that wooden hill now cos am noddin, speak to you all tomorrow :)

    Nite nite Sue & Mad, take care and luvs ya xxxxxxx :) :)

  • Nite Pete, sleep well

  • Nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, luv ya tooooo :) xx

    i'm away to bed to Mad, nite nite, sweet dreams luv ya :) xx

  • Nite Sue, hope you have a good painfree sleep xx

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