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Cant see the point in cutting down

Im sorry but many may disagree with me but i cannot see the point in cutting down the amount you smoke its either you are going to quit or you are not.

Ive tried it myself and the more i tried the worse it got, timing it for when your allowed another ciggy grrrrrr.

If you going to quit do it and get help with the NRT they are your virtuall ciggys which are alot more healthier and cheaper, then again i have known a couple of people who just done it with out the NRT i myself couldnt have done it without. I have said to many people if i can do it well that says it all and my smoking days has a lot of stories lol some not nice and some even nasty.

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Hi newromantic, so you're still going strong then as well? We quit on the same day - brill isn't it, having that freedom?

I agree with you on a personal front but it seems that some people can manage to cut down before they quit - my view was always that you either do it or you don't. Like you say, for me, the more you tried to smoke less the more you wanted to smoke so ended up smoking even more on that day! Well, we're well past that now and will hopefully stay like that.

Just keep telling ourselves that we choose not to smoke now. :)


Hi Andi22

Yep still going with the help of a occasional spray and well done to you 2.

Thank you for your comment but i do think that cutting down is just as bad as quitting you may as well get it over and done with lol.

Ok ive had my rant lol oh my god i started to sound like a typical none smoker noooo


Aup Newromantic, it's great to see you again :) :)

A big big well done to you for staying off the smokes :) and yes I'm with you on that you cant really cut down, unless you use NRT of some kind :)

You rant and rave as much as you like :o :| and your even starting to sound like a none smoker :D :D

Speak soon and take care :)

Pete :)


Thank you Monky


Hi and well done on your achievement !! as a soon to do it i agree ,i dont think cutting down works..i have tried and for me it was just a road to disaster. As you say you either quit or you dont.Theres enough nrt choices and other methods to help. Cutting down is just an excuse really.

Andi22 I loved your comment about how wonderful it feels to be free ..thats what i want freedom from the hold of old nic..


I think everyone is different and what works for some doesn,t for other,s. Cutting down is better than nothink so if thats the way to deal with it, then so be it.Using NRT seems to help some people but I surpose you are still addicted to Nicotine, as it is Nicotine your are using in your NRT. I admire anyone who tries, even if they slip up, at least the,ve had a go. We are all individuals and we deal with our addictions in whatever way suits us. Good luck to all who try, even if they fail they can say they have tried. I dont think cutting down is anymore of an excuse as using NRT. only difference is there,s no smoke and all the nasty chemicals that goes with it.


madimad,yes sorry ..i meant to say 'Cutting down is just an excuse for me' ..Im one of those that needs to just stop. But whatever gets someone through to stopping is good.:)


Cutting down doesn't work for me either, I just end up clock watching and eventually it crept back up anyway. I think using NRT which I am doing and many others do is good because as you say Mad it means you are not taking in all those chemicals but it is also breaking the habit of smoking which is a big part of it, the psychological side. I am gradually cutting down on NRT and I know when I come to stop it will be much easier for me that stopping smoking cold turkey as some have done. I just haven't got the willpower for that.


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