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22 wks no smoke

It is now 22 wks since i stopped smoking and its hard now to stop myself when i see a smoker to not say to them why do you smoke? but i dont ,,,,, ahhhh its like ive turned into a reborn religious follower lol. Dont get me wrong i still get the urge to smoke but its not as bad and i dont need NRT as much sometimes i think they have become more of a habit than smoking but i do still use the inhilator usually out of boredom though because i dont want to start buying bags of sweets.

Its like i have said to people if i can do it they can and thats the reason now my daughter is at the moment trying plus with the help of our housing Cobalt they are running a weekly meet where they are offering insentives to people and there is a rep there from fag ends who perscribe what NRT they need.

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Hi newromantic,

that's brilliant your 22 wks smoke free :) and wonderful that your daughter is stopping, I'm sure with your help, and the rep from fag ends that she will succeed :) it's great that your housing have organised this :)


The insentives makes it better i think as you have something to work for especially when it means you can treat the kids i even actually found out the best way to make soup for the healthy eating, last time i tried myself it turned into cement lol


Hi newromantic, Like Sue says thats Brilliant news reaching 22weeks. Yes I agree its very tempting to have a little dig at people who still smoke. But I know I used to find that very annoying and make me light up straight away. Thank goodness we dont do it now.

Keep up the good work . :)


Thank you Jillygirl and i promise im not going to get the no smoking book out and start preaching, the only thing i did do was to pass in letters into the school to hand out about what my housing where offering so we will have to wait and see tomorrow if any 1 turns up.


Hey hey newromantic, you just remember how hard it is to quit !! so please please give them a chance eh :) :)

As for you, 22 weeks, thats just fab, cus i would love to be 22 weeks, but so far am 6 weeks :)

Please dont push your daughter, because she has to do it on her own, otherwise she will not do it :(

I dont know how old your daughter is, but help her along the way, please :) :)

Pete :)


I would never push any 1 into giving up smoking my daughter is doing this because she wants to and like i said if i can do it thats how she is looking at it and with help with patches she has gone wk now and she is loving it oh and she is 25yrs old, My son has just given up god im such a roll model lol


I had tried 3 times before to stop smoking and after about 4 wks id pick a ciggy up to try what it was like and that was it id start again, before when id try even if i knew a ciggy was near by it was no good but this time it doesnt bother me even if some 1 is smoking by me nothing i mean dnt get me wrong i still want 1 but to actually have 1 no no. 21 wks is very good dnt give up John.


You remind me of me John same thing going on just stick with it this time, and remember the times you started again after so long how hard did you kick yourself lol do you really want that pain again


Hi newromantic, well done on reaching 22 weeks. Thats brilliant news :-)

I think it is really implortant that you reflect back on past quit attempts (as you are already doing) as this will help you put strategies in place to stop you getting caught out and going back to smoking.

Give yourself a well earned pat on the back, you deserve it!

Fab advice given to JohnUK too :-)


Thank you Emjay and all the others for being here for me, I was at the weekly meet today at my housing and i wrote out this site address on little slips of paper and they were handed out to the other people who have just joined and i briefly explained to them what this site is all about and how it helped me so im hoping they will check it out.

As you may have noticed im not really a blogger but i do read what people have put and if i can offer encouragement even better.



You are offering great encouragement, I stopped smoking at the end of Feb this year. I feel so positive and knew straight away that this attempt was going to work.

Sometimes other smokers won't follow you because they think you will go back to smoking because it's so pleasurable. It isn't pleasurable. It's an addiction and costs a packet.

As I smoked since I was 13 years old and only stopped for good at the age of 41, many of my friends and colleagues think I've done well, but don't believe that I'm free of fags forever.

The method I used was reading a book called Allen's Carr Easyway to stop smoking. Yes I read the book 3 times on the trot to ensure it sank in. It did. I feel brainwashed as a non smoker and will not be going back to being a slave to having to waste my and my family's income on smoking.

Keep happy, keep smoke free and stand tall in the knowledge that you've cracked it. It may take your smoker friends years to be serious about stopping. It took me nearly 30 years.

Take care and well done :)


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