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Another Positive

Another Positive

It was my last day of work before Christmas yesterday and as we all walked back to the car, my colleagues gave one another a kiss and a hug. Now last year I'd of been so embarrassed to hug a non smoker cos I'd of been walking back to my car with a fag in my chops. I'd of reeked of smoke and now I don't. So pecks on the cheeks and hugs were much more comfortable and natural.

Only 2 months left and I will have cracked a year ciggy free. Still have to pinch myself because smoking was a big part of me, I thought that I'd always be addicted.

I really am so pleased that I don't miss smoking or nicotine and am trying to take more care with my appearance, especially my teeth.

With the horrible weather we've been having it makes a lovely change to spend your whole evening in doors and not outside in the cold. There is no need to take a warm coat on nights out. I can also take just a small clutch bag out as don't need room for fags and lighter.

Just thought I'd share with you a positive side of stopping, I know it's only small but every little reason makes me smile more.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Hi ya Wonder :) :) its great to see you gal and so so positive with it, ooooo i bet that felt lovely didnt it, being able to peck somebody on the cheek without them turning their noses up at you :) :) :)

A massive massive well done to you Wonder for getting to 10 whole months smoke free :) :)

Thank you for sharing this with us Wonder :) although you say it is only small, all the small positives add up to a biggggggg one :) :) :)

I wish you and your lovely family a very merry Christmas and a happy '' smokefree '' New Year :) :) :) :)

Pete :) xx


Well done to you, 10 months is fantastic. You should be proud of yourself. I must admit the smell of ciggys is horrible but when you smoke yourself you can,t smell the smoke on your own hair and clothes, its only when you stop yourself and stand next to others in a queue that you think Oh my God I was like that for years and its quite embarrassing. After a few days of not smoking I could smell a smoker a hundred miles away, Yuk.


Cheers Pete and Madmad,



Well done to you Wonder, nearly a year, that's fantastic, can't wait until I can say that but it's a while off yet for me.

It's not always about the big things that make you proud to be a non-smoker it's the little things as well, as you say like not smelling of smoke or not having to stand outside in the cold. One of the things for me is that my finger nails on my right hand are white now instead of pale yellow which they have been for years. I like looking at them now :)

I actually like the smell of smoke when I'm walking passed someone with a cigarette but I don't like the smell of stale smoke on people's breath and on their clothes and I also think that I used to smell like that and it's so obvious when you don't smoke.

Keep up the great job your are doing over Christmas and the new year Wonder but I know you will reach your full year as a no smoker, that's something great to aim for. xxx :)


Here's to bright teeth and beautiful nails and of course hair that smells or hairspray and not fags Xxx


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