Day 4!!

Had a terrible night up and down like a yo yo. . Hours sleep here hours sleep there. On a plus side didn't need nebuliser as soon as I got up. The improvement in my breathing at this short stage is astounding. It only makes me more determined. I have 2 ecig and looking at liquid I've used about a 10th of each small tank. I'm trying not to use it so much. Exercise and mucus clearance are so much better. It's taken me a long time to get to stopping smoking but this is for good.

Thanks all for your support


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  • Well done!! Day 3 for me...its so tough., this site is def helping me and feels good to come on and chat to others going through the same feelings!! Stay strong!

  • I too have had 2 nights of terrible sleep!!

  • Well done to both of you, your sleeping patterns will settle down eventually. Mine took about 2 weeks. when I first quit. :) :)

  • Hey well done both, you are doing so brilliantly, Dale i bet you are so pleased now you can see results in your health :)

    How are you getting on with the ecig? x

  • YIPPEE,YIPPEE,Dave,you're really doing this.Only day 4 & a huge improvement in things already.How good are you? Just keep it up my friend and just think how good you'll feel by day. 14 and beyond.Just do very very pleased for you,that new life is looking more achievable by the day.Hugs H

  • Mindermummy,Well done on 3 days,that's pretty terrific.I also had some pretty bad nights when I first quit but it will settle I promise.Be very very proud of what you've achieved,you're a superstar.Hugs H

  • Hi dalesbub

    Hope it's all going well for you. I wondered if you have also taken a look on the British Lung Foundation community on here. If you have that's great. If you haven't, then you might find that community helpful also. Best of luck with the quit.

  • Rozi I have looked and have found it very informative and helpful

  • Day 5

    Nightmare back to docs. Lower lung infection. Back on ciprofloxacin and 40mg prednisolone for next 7 days. Plus nystatin for the mouth thrush. Stopped ecig but no tobacco either. Feeling bit better now Abs have kicked in. Is this normal when stopping smoking?

    I know my body is going haywire 30 years of tobacco and then none for 5 days.. Even with infection I'm coughing up the nasty stuff a lot easier. Luckily I have a brilliant doctors practice. She's prescribed a anti histamine as a night time sedative to stop me using the lozarapam!!.

    Thanks all for your continued support


  • I had 2 chest infections in the first 10 weeks of my quit.What you describe is normal Dave,scary but normal.Your lungs have had one hell of a bashing from all those years of smoking,it's going to take a while for the gunk to start clearing properly.Just take the antibiotics & steroids and get well very soon.Shout out if you need help.Hugs Helen

  • Hi Dave PIPP!

    What a bummer - but I have to say, in spite of it all you are sounding very upbeat and strong! You rock!!!

    Now are you going to be okay?

    Remember, we are all here to support you and encourage you to continue your stop smoking journey and I think we are all amazed to hear what a difference it has made to your life in such a short time - incredible! So use this fantastic improvement already to motivate you and to help you stay positive, whilst you are recovering from the infection.

    And if you get to feeling you need to let off some steam in the next few days - you know exactly where to come!

    Stay strong......stay strong......stay strong!!!!

    love Chrissie xx

  • The infections are an ongoing thing pseudomonas is a bugger to get rid of. Even with that my 02 was 92% it's been a long time since it hit last LFT was 0.69l 14% predicted. This is why still smoking isn't an option. I'm still disgusted with myself for carrying on for so long. I have under a year if I don't stop. And who knows how long when I have stopped. But in 5 days my quality of life has improved so much it can only get better as time moves on. Still going to need the transplant but I'll be fitter and stronger when that time comes.

    Thank you all for your thoughts


  • And hopefully I'll put some of the 4st I've lost back on

  • Hi Dalesbub

    Blimey hun you are getting it all chucked at you at the moment, but like Chrissie says fair play you seem so upbeat :)

    Hoping you are sleeping better, and so pleased you are seeing improvements.

    Stay strong, and keep us up to date....oh and you can have the 4 extra stone off me if you like, what do you say? xx

  • Do you have a peak flow it could be a good tool so you can measure yr pulmonary improvement

  • Day 10.

    The nightmare continues. Still off cigs. And off ecig too finding it more abrasive on my lungs than tobacco. Lower infection is about to be come a full blown exacerbation I think. Cipro up to 750mg TD. Prednisolone up to 40mg. No more cigs ever cold turkey it will be. I am not going to carry on feeling like this. I'm back at doctors today and I think it will be a couple of weeks on Iv antibiotics on the resp ward again. 2 weeks of rest and 2 weeks with no temptation to smoke either.

    Thanks all for your support.

  • Well Dave, I have just got to take my hat off to you pal, 10 whole days quit, that is just fantastic :) :)

    I am so so sorry that you are having all these troubles Dave, I just wished that I could help you in some way pal, I really do :o :)

    Good luck at the Docs pal, and if you have to go into the resp ward, like you say, there wont be any temptation to have a , ermmmm, you know what eh :)

    Hope to speak soon Dave, you take care now :) Pete :)

  • Hi Dave, you are doing absolutely brilliantly and as you are already finding out - stopping smoking will stop your COPD from progressing.

    You will have your moments of ups followed by downs, but this is all pretty normal within the stopping smoking process :-/

    Let us know how you get on at your Dr's today and if we don't hear from you, we'll assume that you are in hospital. Unless of course you are able to pop on here and let us know how you are doing.

    Big hugz and get well soon vibes being sent to you xx

  • Hi Dave PIPP!

    It is so brilliant to hear from you again, I was worried because I know you were poorly again.

    Congratulations on reaching Day 10 smoke free - I know you simply have to do this, but it's a fantastic achievement anyway sp well done you. :)

    It sounds like you are heading for some extended respiratory therapy - that sounds like a good thing because it would make you feel better and it also extends your non smoking, so when you do recover you will hopefully be back to where you were before this latest infection took hold, as I recall you were doing so well and really seeing the benefits.

    so take care of yourself and don't give the nurses a hard time and let us know how you feel when you come back.

    Best wishes

    Chrissie xx

  • Best of luck hope everything is going ok for you x

  • Sorry no contact 33 days in hospital. Just got home yesterday. Drug resistant pneumonia and drug resistant pseudomonas not been a happy time. Finally off IV tacocin. Been sent home with coly-mycin antibiotics nebuliser which makes me feel ill . but breathing better by the day. But better at home. Plus Diazepam 10mg a day lozarapam 4 mg a day zormorph 20mg TV . and a couple of bottles of oramorph but touch wood no panic attacks since back home. Not to mention all other copd drugs. On good news nicotine free. And will continue to stay so. Never want to feel like last month again for a long long time

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