I feel I'm about to crack 😱

Hello everyone I need some help I quit smoking about a week ago and have these constant headaches and muscle aches it feels like I'm dying. I'm also very tired all the time, super lazy don't wanna do anything and just lay down. But when I was smoking I felt that I could do anything. (I smoked for a year) so right now I'm kinda stuck cause I'm on the urge to just smoke again and get rid of this pain! I try the patches I used 14mg/hr they only relived my head for a good moment. Help!!! I don't want to but I can't take the pain anymore

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  • Hi hang on in there . Promise will get better. I too had all the symptons you had in the first week. It does getting better. You are doing fab, don't give in, it's not easy , but you will come through it . I too don't seem to have as much energy, good days and bad. Stay strong you have made a great achievement getting through a week . Lots of us to support you here x

  • How long will it last? I can't focus on school work 😭 I hate it.

  • Everyone one is different, it's impossible to say . I would say the first 2 weeks is hard , but it does get better. Have a look at some of the pinned posts on right, they are helpful. Please stay strong, you can do this , a week already x

  • Hi bird and welcome to quit support.

    Congratulations on quitting smoking👍👍

    It is very common to experience flu like symptoms when first quitting.

    Drink lots of water as this help flush out the toxins

    Try and stay strong, it will get easier😀😀

    Let us know your quit date and we will add you to the wall of winners😀😀

  • February 17th 2016 was my start date

  • Hi glolin my quit date was the 24th/02 how do I add that to my profile 😌

  • Hi Bevie, I have added you to our wall of winners and added your badge..this gets updated daily for the first week then weekly to 12 weeks then monthly :) :)

    If you want to edit your profile, you can do this by clciking on the little arrow beside your name ( up the top of the screen) on the drop down arrow, click on profile and then you can edit it :) :)

    If you have any questions - just ask away :) :)

  • Hi jbird,


    You sound like me in my first month ..... It was awful. I was sick!

    If it wasn't for the people on this site supporting me , I would have lit up.... This all passes after a month..

    We say on this site: Not One Puff Ever ( no matter how we feel or what happens)

    Hang in there🌷


  • I'm at the same stage as you I smoked for 18 years don't give in to your temptations now you have come this far if U smoke again u will only want to quit again and have to go through all these symptoms again stay strong💪🏻 everything will pass and make sure u pop on here and talk to one of us this site has saved my life 😊 Good luck stay strong u can do this 🍀 Msg me any time if u need to talk 💯

  • I thought I was alone with the muscle ache and pains im on my third week quitting iv been were you are but please don't give in!you've come 2 far to just give up now just think one puff and for what?your body is repairing itself from thousands of toxics I definitely haven't come this far to pick up a cig I'm not putting my body through BIG CHANGE for no reason I promise you will beat this best of luck x

  • Hi JBird well done on getting to a week make sure you're drinking enough water as lack of causes headaches.

    Use some pain killers if u need to. If it carries on see ur GP.

    You will get through it. I don't think going back to smoking will stop pain. You've done it for a year get rid now before it ruins ur life. 😀👀🚭

  • Hiya bird and welcome to quit support😊

    Be very proud you're a 1 week winner and it will honestly get better, so hang in there coz it really is worth it🚭

  • I just read your post--it is a day old now--How are you doing today?/ I kno it is awful--I had the headaches too--and I slept a lot--went through not sleeping good and just a bunch weird stuff--Do your best to gut it out--I used an e-cig--which helped some --but it was still painful--I ate myself silly and am still hungry a lot--It is harder then people think--much more than just making up your mind--quitting and a week later you are fine--We do understand here and though we sympathize--we cannot and will not encourage you to smoke--That would be so counterproductive to you and your good health--which Im assuming you are trying to restore-If you have fallen get back up--and try again--sooner or later your brain will get the msg-and it will get tired of these withdrawals and you can get on the path towards recovery--You will be ok--A lot of it is fear--you feel like you are free falling and dont feel well and no end in sight--Addiction is like an entity that wants to live--and it is fighting for its life--Trouble is it is trying to end your life--Please don't give up--I smoked over half a century--If I can do this so can you--We all care--and understand==Give it hell--you are worth it--Hugs MmeT

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