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Hope Jillygirl doesn't mind me doing this,thought maybe as it's Sunday you'd all like a lie in. : )

I was woken up by one of my moggies,Misty,this morning,she wanted her cuddle to start the day.It made me think about how harsh and critical we can be of yourselves when we are trying to beat this smoking thing.All too often we criticise ourselves because we desperately need a cig or as in my case 5 months on & I still miss it.So, today be kind to yourselves, think of how far you've got in your journey wether it's 1 day, 1 year or anything in between & give yourself a hug, because we're ALL winners.

Enjoy your Sunday



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God morning yellowsnowdrop, really miss it myself but we continue to fight the cravings almost four months in now doesn't really feel much easier but it is I am sure, not craving all the time but when it comes boy does it come with a bang. Hope you are feeling much better


Good afternoon Ysd, Thanks for opening up, its a nice change for someone else to do it.Saves my 1 brain cell having to work.Anyone can open the daily chat its nice to have a variety of people and their ideas. As for wanting a ciggy I think I have only fancied one about twice in 21 months , then it was more something to do , rather than the smoking itself. Anyway I have learnt the hard way and no way am I losing my one and only lung.

Off to do my washing now so sees ya later. :) :)


Afternoon Everyone :-)

Lovely to see so much activity on here and everyone at different parts of their stopping smoking journey. The advice and support offered between you all is absolutely fantastic :-)

Stopping smoking isn't just a case of putting out your last cigarette and never smoking again. As you all know there's a lot of stuff that goes on in between - do I choose to use NRT or go cold turkey? Shall i have a drink or not? Shall i just have the one smoke? Maybe i'll buy 10 and not a pack of 20... It's the psychological part that tends to sway how our journey goes and which turning we make.

The best thing to do is set your quit date, stick to it, remember the 'not a puff' rule or as Jonathan says NOPE;





If something does get in the way, readjust your steering and get back on track.

Everyone is here to help each other out and as many are at different stops within their journey, there's plenty of advice to suit.

Right, the kettle is on as a cup of tea is needed. I've also had to have an alkaseltzer this morning as I might have had a tad too much pop last night... :-) :D


Emjay, I only give advice if I know that you would give it :)

If there is any time that I get it wrong, then please please come jump on me from a great hight eh and tell me :o

Hmmmmmm, saying that, you'd perhaps best not be jumping on me, cos I would like it eh :) :)

Lets just say, give me a good spanking eh, naghhhh, that wouldnt work either, cos I would like that toooooo :)

Ok, just plain tell me offfffff, mind you, I do love a dominating Woman :o :D :D

Rite am out a here, before you get the chance to even try any of the above ;) :| :D :D

See ya soon Emjay, luvs ya gal :) :) xxxxx


Good afternoon all. Hope you are having a happy Sunday.

Be who you can be. Do what you can do.



Aup Ellie, that is so so flippin true gal :) :)


Struggling a bit today but will not give in. I know that it is not a craving as such for nicotine I think maybe it's a bit of boredom, not really keen on Sundays. Still onwards and upwards fellow non smokers.


Hi KC :) hmmmmmm, you say Sundays are boring :o You come to my house and I will soon find you sumut to do gal :D :D

Do a bit of gardening, go for a walk, spring clean your house, now your a non smoker eh :) have you got a hobby ? if not, then flippin get one gal :P :D :D

You stay onwards and upwards on your quit eh, I know you CAN do this :) :)


Good afternoon Hellen and everybody :) :)

I'm sorry I havnt been on earlier, but done the dins and have found out that the newest fridge freezer has packed in :( I only bought it last flippin June :o and it was a good flippin make, mentioning no names eh Hotpiont !! Soooo I've had a rite old day of it so far, sorting and chucking food away :o just what I needed on a lovely sunny Sunday eh :o

Thats my moan done for the day, I hope everybody is having a nice relaxing day :) :)


Sounds stressful. *lollipops*


Pete flower if I were u I'd be on the phone to Hotpoint first thing in the a.m.giving them the sharp end of my tongue.I don't think you're moaning AT ALL,if it was me I'd be bloomin (being polite here!!) steaming.I also think that you're an absolute hero living in a house with smokers,don't know how you do that.O.K.I'll get down off my soapbox now!!! TRY and stay as sane as you ever get (only joking !!) Hugs H


Thank you Helen, I am loving the hugs gal, ooooo just what I needed :) :)

Thank you so so much :) xx


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