Daily chat: Wednesday 12th December 2012

Daily chat: Wednesday 12th December 2012

Good morning everybody.

Today is the 12th of the 12th of the 12th. We won't ever see that again.

Thanks for the Jilly update on the Jillygirl blog last night Emjay, let's hope she recovers enough to move to the HDU later today and gets a little strength back each day.

Another cold one this morning with minus temperatures. Make the most of it cos the rain's coming back again soon. Oh how fickle the British weather is - no wonder we're always talking about it, and isn't it nice that we don't have to stand around freezing to get the fix any more?

Have a good day. :)

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  • Hi Andi, It's a cold, crisp, sunny morning here, such lovely weather ;o ;D well it would be if it wasn't so cold Brrrrrr ;D It's brill we don't need that daily fix, as you say, especially in this weather ;)

    I hope you have a great day, whatever you do, I might be going over to my daughters this afternoon, not sure yet though, depends what else is happening, and if i can get my creaky bones to move :D :D

    Have a good day everyone :) xx

  • Hi Sue, been spinning this morning for the last time for a while and have now suspended my gym membership so everything fitness-wise from now on is all down to me. :o Shame you didn't get your jaunt out but I'm sure you'll have a nice time with your daughter. I've got to do some shopping today and try and work out a few Christmas pressies before I go again so I can save time when I go to buy them. :)

  • Good Morning Andi,

    a frosty day all over again today, but everywhere looks so lovely first thing this morning :-)

    Hopefully our lovely Jillygirl will have had a well rested night and we'll hear about her being moved onto the HDU later. Obviously I shall keep you all posted and let you know as soon as I hear :-)

    Have a lovely time visiting your daughter Sue, I bet she has a cute little bump now :-) Anytime you feel a craving trying to sneak it's crafty way in, you can just think of your little Grandbaby to be and I'm sure that will keep any temptations at bay :-)

    I'm sure you will work some sort of exercise into your daily routine over the Christmas period whilst you are away Andi. You are so motivated! :D

    There is an interesting article in the news today about women who smoke only a few cigarettes each day. I shall pop it in a blog in a mo for those of you who may be interested.

    Off to pop the kettle on if anybody fancies a cuppa :-)

  • Hi Emjay,

    I hope Jillygirl gets moved to HDU today, thank you for keeping us posted :)

    Sam does have a cute bump now, she's 19 weeks now, so nearly 5 months :) my grandbaba certainly keeps me focused and away from the piggies, I wouldn't want those disgusting things anywhere near my grandbaba :)

    have a fab day Emjay :) I'll see you in a bit for a cuppa :) :D

  • Hi Andi, I'm sure you'll be able to keep exercising on your own, your always so motivated, at least once Xmas and new year has passed :D I wasn't to bothered about the trip yesterday, hubby had to do overtime, work phoned him up, so i got rid of him all day, he didn't finish till midnight :D :D :D

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas shopping today, and that your town center isn't too busy, or maybe you shop on line, either way have a great day :) x

  • Good morning ladies and Andi Pandi & Suzie Boozie :D :D :P

    Spinning already Andi, well I suppose it will keep you warm. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I got up and there was no deicing my car to do. It's been dull here this morning but the sun is just trying to come out now.

    The thought of you yesterday, running along the beach with your handbag under your arm and with your everyday clothes on, made me laugh Andi. You never miss an opportunity to do a bit of leaping and bounding, wish I had your energy.

    Now, Suzie Boozie and Peetie Weetie, I was just reading last night's chat hmmmmm

    Yes I think you are very wise to pack some books down the back of your pants....


    I wouldn't advise hiding in the fridge at this time of year brrrrr. If you remember there wasn't room in the fridge for all three of you, so you moved to the oven then Andi kicked Pete out :D There isn't room in the fridge with all that booze in it anyway.

    Let me just point out Suzie Boozie, you were up for scoffing as much chocolate as me yesterday, in fact I think it was all your idea, I didn't want any but you forced me :D :D

    Pete thinks he is safe now, coming on here at night when I can't get on and then leaving you to take the flak the next day :D He's not stupid is he :D Well my spears are armed and ready to go at a moments notice ==========> ==========> ============>

    Thanks for the update on Jillygirl, EmJay. What a massive operation it was, and hoping she has a speedy recovery, my thoughts and prayers are with her :)

    Enjoy your shopping Andi and if you go to your daughters Sue, have a good time. Speak to you later. xxx :)

  • Morning Kazz,

    I don't think you'll catch me, i'm well hidden this time, and i'm not saying where :P :D

    Pete will have to find his own hiding place :D :D


    he's nearly got it :D :D

    Hope you have a great day Kazz, don't work to hard :D :) x

  • Hi John, Your the same as me then, a fair weather walker, i don;t like walking in the rain or cold :)

    I'm sure you'll get your kitchen done, and like you say, there's no rush, It's lovely that you were able to read your wife's note without tears, it's lovely to think back on happy memories :), although i've not lost my partner, i still have happy memories of my parents, and a few funny ones as well :)

    Happy decorating :)

  • Hi John, that was good that you managed last night without crying. What a lovely passage about the sunrise - I've been witnessing quite a few pretty spectacular sunrises recently and the one last Thursday was one of the most amazing ones - so much that when my pt was on his way in to the gym, he had to divert to the cliff top to watch it and take a photo. :)

    Enjoy your walk this afternoon. :)

  • What a lovely poem John :), and a wonderful thing you did for Linda :)

    I wasn't with my dad when he passed in May, i'd been with him an hour before, at least that last meeting was full of jokes and laughs, i take some comfort from that :)

  • That's so true John, it is a cruel twist, my dad didn't have cancer, he was a sudden death so that meant an autopsy, which i hated, but that's life sometimes. I recently lost an uncle to cancer so i know what a horrible disease this is, but our memories can help us, i know mine do, so i hope yours do as well :)

  • Hi Kazz and Emjay, done the shopping - just a supermarket shop - oh how I hate shopping! :( :D My local Sainsburys and Asda are in a big shopping centre only 5 minutes walk away but I'm too lazy to walk and too much to carry so the traffic's always crazy round here and even more so at this time of year! :o

    Now if you're worried about me exercising then don't cos I'm planning on going skiing most days while I'm away. The snow report is loads and they're now posting avalanche warnings as it just keeps on snowing! :)

  • Ha! You too lazy to walk??? Never !! It might be too heavy to carry but no way are you too lazy to walk, maybe you just don't have the energy after all the other stuff you do :D

    I think skiing looks like a lot of fun, I would imagine it doesn't feel like exercise at all. I felt like that when I played tennis, just laughed a lot and had great fun which I suppose is the best type of exercise when it doesn't feel like hard work :)

    Hmmm wonder where you are Sue :D not wearing white pants by any chance are you! :D


    Beautiful poem John.


  • :D :D :D no Kazz i'm not, can't leave you a picture clue either cause hubby's on the laptop, so i'm on my phone again :( ah well i might be able to do that later, you never know :) :D

  • Well Suzie Boozie you leave me a clue at your own risk because you know what will happen when I find you :D


    Spears are loaded!

    You and Peewee could always surrender and bring me peace offerings so that me and my troops will stand down :P

  • Don't think i'll give you a clue now :o

    I'm outta here whooooooosh :D :D

  • You don't have to give me a clue Sue, you can give me some peace offerings. Do you want me to give you a clue what sort of peace offerings? :D

  • Well if i ever get back on my computer, i think you might know what that might be :D :D

    i think Pete has to give you one tooooo :D :D

  • Hi Kazz, what did they say about your computer - any news yet?

  • Ps do you actually do any work there? :o

  • :D Cheeky, I do some work but the boss is off at the moment so I can come on here without being found out :) I am multitasking Andi :D

    No news about my computer yet, I was hoping to hear something today.

    Oh I have no idea what that will be Sue, but I'm sure it will be a lovely surprise and yes Pete does have to give me one..... well more than one in fact to get round me and get back in my good books :D

  • Well now I have finished multitasking for the day I am off home.


    I hope to come in the morning to some peace offerings and to see that you have all been behaving and not getting up to your usual mischief :)

    Have a great evening everyone and enjoy your tea.

    Speak to you tomorrow, when I will be multitasking again :D

    Luv yas xxx byeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Bye Kazz hope you have a great night, whatever you do :) as for behaving, can't promise that :o :D :D

    see you tomorrow, luv ya :) xx

  • Aup, anybody out there? :)


  • Hi Andi, just got my dishes done :o you done anything exciting :)

  • Nope. Cut my finger nails ready for my hols. Also, if I have to put boxing gloves on tomorrow it's much better if my nails are short. :o I hate it when they're too long and couldn't imagine having them done at one of those nail places. I went in one once and couldn't believe how much it smelt! :o :D :D

  • I thought these places had a nice smell, maybe you went into the wrong one :o :)

    You must be getting excited about your holiday, i'd love to go away at Xmas :) i might do it one year, who knows what one though, probably when we have tigers roaming about here :D :D

  • I have been away a couple of times before at Christmas but it just isn't the same. No-one seems to do Christmas like the english do with all of our traditions but like I said before, I had such a bad one last year that I said never again like that. I am looking forward to it and it will be lovely seeing my sister and her family and having something to do for a change instead of getting stuffed and veggying in front of the box. :) :)

  • I know what you mean but it will be lovely seeing your sister :) I'm sorry you had such a bad time last year :( I hope you have a brill one this year :)

  • yeeessss I got the computer back

    web.cerritos.edu/sfuschetto... :D :D :D

  • Sorry I disappeared then. First the computer died on me so I put it down for a rest before switching it back on then I seem to have dropped off to sleep! :o Must be a sign of old age. :D :D

  • I do that all the time, as for the computer, when it plays up i usually end up kicking it :D :D

    wonder where Peetie Weetie is hiding, or is it peewee :D :D :D

  • Hi everyone, I hope your all well :) :)

    Aup Sue i dig your red lippy gal :) :D

    Andi was that a finger nail place or a toe nail place you went too :o :D :D

  • Why, have you been in one then? :o

  • Nope !!

    I can manage to do my own thankyou very much :) :)

  • What? Fingers or toes? :D :D :D


  • Hey Andi you can always take your own lumpy gravy you know :D :D

    If you cant find any I will make you some :o ;D

  • Aup Suzie flippin boozie, av read Kazzes posts, hmmmmmmm i think maybe i'd best find something nice for her eh :o :)

    What do you think ???????

  • Grrr! computer went off again - it hasn't done that for ages! :(

    Now Pete, why would I want to take lumpy gravy with me? I'm quite capable of making granules lumpy but we won't be needing any gravy. :o :|

  • I'll try again :X

    Arnt you having Christmas dins then :o :( :(

    I think them gremlins are back, where's flippin Kaz and her spears when you want her :P :D

  • Course but not English-style. We'll be eating fondue on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day is almost like any other and as for Boxing Day, well that's very much a British thing. :)

  • Hi Pete, sorry I nodded off there :D

    well we know she likes chocolate, so the biggest chocolate cake you can find, or a big bucket of maltesers, don't think i spelt that right :o :D :D

  • Do you think that will be enough for greedy-guts? :o :D :D :D

  • Hi you two, i'm sitting here nodding, think i'll have to go to bed, didn't get a good sleep last night :(

    Sweet dreams to you both, luv yas :) xxxx

  • Ah Sue, you and me both! :o I couldn't sleep after 5 this morning. :o

    Nite nite and I hope you sleep well, xx :)

  • Hey Sue I do hope you have a better nights sleep to night gal, you get tucked in to bed now gal, and see's ya tomorrow xxxx :)

  • Sue what about this :) :)


    I think its part of Willie Wonkers choc factory :D :D she can just slurrrrrrrrp it when she wants :D :D

  • I think that looks brill Pete and just perfect for her. :) Now don't forget, you mustn't supply fruit for dipping in it, It will have to be marshmallows and more chocolates! :o :D :D :D

  • Was going to put some strawbs with it, but had second thoughts, cos just thinking how sharp them spears are :o :|

  • Just went into my emails to clear a few and the whole screen's changed since firing up earlier! Maybe that's why my machine died on me a couple of times tonight. :o :|

  • Maybe you had a virus in one of your Emails :o :(

  • Right, I think that's me done for the night so will sign off now.

    Nite nite Pete, sleep well and see you tomorrow. xx :)

  • Yep i thinks your right Andi :) :)

    Nite nite gal, luvs ya and i dooooo hope you have a better nights sleep tonight :) :)

    Seesya tomorrow if your about :) :)

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