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Daily Chat: Sunday 9th December 2012

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Lovely weather here.... For ducks :-/

A day out to Sunny Skipton for me with a few of our work folks, including Claire :0) theres Christmas market there so we'll see what sorts of things we'll buy that we'll probably wonder why we bought it :-/

Any whose, shall be bobbing in and out as I can today :0)

Big loves and positive vibes to our lovely Jillygirl as she goes into hospital today ready for her big op tomorrow. We'll have her on the mend in no time :0)

Have a lovely chillaxing day everyone :-)

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Good Morning Emjay, and everyone, I'm back in the land of the living after a bout of flu, at least it struck before Christmas :D :D so i might actually be able to celebrate this year :D :D

It's sunny here too, so might go for a walk later, hope you enjoy the Christmas market Emjay, I love them as well, my hubby doesn't, or at least his wallet doesn't :D :D :D

Positive vibes and love coming your way Jillygirl :)

Thank you all for your messages yesterday, your such a kind, caring, wonderful bunch of people, true friends :) :)

I'm away to have breakfast will chat later :) xx


Good morning Emjay, Sue and everyone else.

Sue, I was getting worried about you, glad that you're on the way back up now. :)

Emjay - Christmas shopping in the Christmas market - I know where you'll all end up! Enjoy the gluhwein. ;-) :|

Pete, where have you got to? Have you gone out to do your Christmas shopping too? Perhaps you're meeting up with Kazz cos she seems to have disappeared too. (I won't tell her indoors though. :o ) :D :D

Weather's just cloudy here today, no rain forecast and quite warm so probably the ideal day for Christmas shopping. See you later. :)


Morning Andi, suzie boozie here :D :D :D :D, I love it :D :D

Are you doing any exercise today, or having a day off, or maybe Christmas shopping :D :D

I'm having a lazy day today :D :D, I wondered about Kazz as well, think you might be right, she's off with Pete :D :D

Away for a cuppa, see you later :)


Hi Boozie, had my day off yesterday and have now got the rest of today off after a run and spinning this morning. :o You have a lazy day cos you need to recharge your batteries for the next few weeks. :)



Hi Andi Pandi, :D where do you get all the energy from

e-forwards.com/wp-content/u... :D

The extent of my energy is trying to stay awake :D :D, so I'm gonna sit here and watch Christmas films, I love them :D :)


Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss, got my Christmas tree up, I'm a happy bunny now :D :D :D :)


Aup Sue, its lovely to see you back gal,:) :)

Am sorry you had a does of the flew :(

But am glad you got your tree sorted out gal, and your now a happy bunny



Hi Pete, where you been hiding, have you been making your lumpy gravy :D :D

I'm not having much for tea, I'm not really hungry, just as well i could do with losing weight

dreamstime.com/bathing-beau... :D :D


Ha ha ha nice one gal, love the pic :D :D

No lumpy gravy today, cos i cooked a barbaque chicken today, so we got lumpy sauce instead :D :D

You keep warm and cosy gal, you will soon be back on form :) :)


I love barbecue chicken, i'll need to come to yours for tea :D :D I brought pudding


sorry i got hungry on the journey :D :D



I dont mind you havin a bite out of it at all gal :) :)

Got to do a bit more outside now before it getts dark, so will speak soon :) :)


Good afternoon Emjay :)

I hope your necks a bit easier today gal :) :)

Hmmmm so your off out to Skipton then, with Claire, gosh there will be some flippin gassin goin off then :D :D

Hey I dont want you and Claire to spend tooooooo much on my Christmas pressie eh :D :D and hey flippin Claire, before you say it :o I do not want a dummy :P :P

You enjoy Ladies, enjoy :) :)


I've got visitors. so will be back on later :)


Well I'm flab______ erm asto____ erm worn out now just thinking about it :o where are you all ??

Sniff sniff, I dont smell that bad :) and i aint trumped for ages :D :D honest :) :)

Aw well i'll play with mi self then, :( not bothered, am not :P :P


Hey Pete, I'm here :0) just dropped everyone off, well Mr Coach Driver has :0)

Had a fun filled day out in Skipton and Howarth too which was a bit of a surprise! Lots if Christmas spirit flowing :0)

We hope you'll enjoy all the Christmas smiles we've got for you :0)


Hey Emjay! Didn't I say you'd end up on the gluhwein! :D :D


1. If I searched pictures for "man playing with himself" I'm not sure what would come up. :o

2. If I posted one of said pictures I would probably get thrown off the site!!! :(


Gottya a picture Andi, check blogs


Oy flippin mad flippin mad,

Your going the right way to getting me to force feed you so that you can get into a size erm erm 12 ok woman :D :D you flippin woman you :P :D :D


Just love it Andi,

:D :D :D :D :D :D


Hey flippin Andi flippin Pandi :)

1, if i want to play with my skippin rope, I will :P

2, if you dont like watching me skipp :o then dont look :D :D :P :P


Ace Andi, just ace gal, but there is one thing you got wrong,

I skipp in my wellies :D :D just in case its rainin gal :D :D


AW Andi it didnt work, ha ha ah ah, I know it would hav bin funny :D :D

I cant help it gal, am just a sucker, thats all :o :|


:o It works for me - wot's going wrong then? Did the other one work? :(


That one did, but I must say to you, just make sure your erm erm your underarms are shaved :P :D

Love ya gal, am outa here wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz :) :)


I think you'll find that they are!!! :P

Mmmm, now, where's those spears gone? :D :D


This one didnt work for some reason :( :(


Can't you see any of them? Dunno what's going on then I'll have to give up finding pictures then. :(


Hey Andi, it was pnly one that i couldnt see gal :(


Whooooooooooooooooooops I meant only :)


Say Peetie Weetie, what's your shift next week please?


Ok Andi flippinn Pandi, just cos you said please :)

I am workin 7am till 7pm this weeek :o :( :( :( :(

So I probably wont get to talk to you :( as you will all have gone to bed :(

But hey'''''' I will read all your comments

And will post mine :D :D


As they say "Sh*t happens!" :(

I'll probably be saying that a lot while I'm away. :D :D


Just in case it starts raining Pete. :)



Andi, ha ha thats me in the middle ha ha :D :D :D :D

Just ace gal :D :D



When do you go away 4 xmas, if you dont mind me askin gal :o ??


I'm off on the 17th. :) (back on the 30th)


Dont know what am going to do, while Jillygirl is away, and now you tooooo :(

Aint half goin ta miss ya gal

But i will get through it somehow :( :(



I aint half going to miss you next week gal :( :( cos you do help me :) :)

And I thank you for that :) :)


Really sorry about that but I'll miss you and all the others too. :( I think most of you will be busy with the usuals for the time of year and family etc.. etc. You'll probably have a few temptations knowing you, especially once you've hit the tinnies but I'm feeling really positive that you'll get through them somehow without succumbing this time. If it helps, you can think of me sitting on your left shoulder if Emjay usually sits on your right shoulder. :)


I'm gonna call it a night now as I've got to get up early tomorrow, so have you although it will still seem like a lie in for you. :D :D

Nite nite Pete, sleep well and may see you tomorrow. xx :)


Nite nite Andi :) :)

And thank you so so much for those kind words Andi :) :)

So now I just havnt got Emjay on my right shoulder, but got you too on my left shoulder :) :)

Mind you I can feel the difference in the weight :D :D :D :D


Andi if I dont see ya before ya go, luvs ya loads gal, a mean that too :) :)

You enjoy gal , enjoyyyyyyyy :) :)


Hi Andi and Pete, sorry i missed all the fun tonight :( the in laws from Glasgow arrived and there staying all night so i can't stay on :( thank goodness i only see them once a year

i'll miss you on here when you go Andi :( i'm sure you'll have a nice time though :)

Nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, will see you tomorrow, there leaving early :) :) xxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue, a know what you mean with the inlaws gal :o

Nite nite to ya Sue, and luvs ya :) xxxxx


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