Daily chat: Wednesday 5th December 2012

Daily chat: Wednesday 5th December 2012

Good morning everyone.

I suppose quite a few of you had a surprise when you opened your curtains or front door this morning. Yes, that white stuff has arrived to put the spanner in the works for all your Christmas preparations. We haven't got it this far south though just grey and falling damp.

Have a good day and just remember, you haven't got to wrap up and put your gloves on just to get your fix! :)

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  • Good morning andi, Hope you are well. Not too bad here in Yorkshire just a slight dusting of snow. I dont mind the snow its when it gets slushy and slide everywhere that its a pain.

    Enjoy your day . xxxxx :)

  • Good morning Jilly, hope you're staying in and keeping warm. I love the snow too but when the roads turn to ice and/or slush I hate it. I bought myself some cramp-ons in Lidl a couple of weeks ago so I'm prepared for it this year - if it happens down here! :D :D


  • Good idea, although I dont know if I will be going out if its too icy. It will be nice to go for a walk though. :)


  • Good morning Andi and Jillygirl, We just have a slight dusting of snow here and bright sunny sky, I hate when it turns to ice or goes slushy, i don't leave the house then cause i usually fall and break something

    etc.usf.edu/clipart/81400/8... :D :D

    hope you both have a great day :) xx

  • Good morning Sue, Seems we are all a bit dodgy walking in the snow and ice,

    May be we should get Pete to pull us around. :D


  • :D :D brill idea

  • Good Morning :D

    I've finally made it back into the office for the day :-) In Birmingham on Monday and Manchester yesterday so apart from checking in on my phone, I didn't quite make it to posting on the daily chat :-/

    The car was all frosted up this morning, shall have to remember to top up my water with de-icer tonight (the cars water, not mine obviously, as that wouldn't be good would it?! Saying that, there are just as bad poisonous chemicals in tobacco products as well, so glad I no longer smoke!

    Lovely to see you popping on and being as positive as ever Jillygirl. As Andi says, remember your to keep warm as we don't want you catching a cold before your op now do we?! :D

    Andi, one has pulled ones muscle in ones neck and so one hasn't run since Thursday - it's made one go all posh too! I'm now behind schedule, although I did manage to complete my W2 R3. I can only do right turns at the moment so have to take it easy as I am walking around like quasimodo :-/

    Sue, I heard on the news that lots of areas around Sunny Scotland have snow. So you be careful on them there Scottish pins of your and watch you don't go for any unplanned skating trips!

    Shall make my way through all my e-mail notifications and check to see if I've missed any posts :D

    I hope everyone else is okay, you have all been supporting each other amazingly well still. I'm proud of each and everyone of you for being at the individual stages that you are at. Whether you have stopped, stayed stopped, cut down, cutting down or are heading towards your nearing quit date. Just by reading through the posts and taking everything on board will hopefully move you on to the next stage of your quit attempt.

    Together we can do this :-D

    This has taken me forever trying to post!!! :-X

  • Hello all, anyone help Juliekkay, on questions.

  • Hi everyone xx

    It's a gorgeous day here today, cold but sunny. It was icy this morning and I had a bit of trouble trying to get the car door open :) I love the snow but only when I don't have to go out in it, I hate walking and driving in it. I have a friend who lives in Sweden, yesterday it was -15 in the day and they already have 0.5 metres of snow.

    Well today is 9 weeks for me, and so I will be waiting for my treaty from Peetie Weetie which he promised me when I got to 9 weeks :) It's the only thing that has kept me going :D I wonder if I am going to get a kiss off him like Sue did when he hasn't had a shave and is covered in tomato ketchup.... that's something to look forward to I don't think :D I still think that was a chimpanzee :)

    I hope you are all having a good day. I love the idea of Pete pulling us around on a sleigh :)

    Sorry to hear about your neck EmJay and I hope you feel better soon. Put a hot water bottle against in when you get home if you have one, I find that it tends to ease sore muscles a little, that and some painkillers.

    How are you feeling today Jillygirl? I hope you are recovering well from you op. xx

    Speak to you soon xxx

  • Jillygirl, congratulations on 8 months today as a non-smoker. That is fantastic and you set such a great example to us all with your support and positive attitude. Thank you. xx

  • Thank you Kazz , I can`t believe its 8 months. However well done you 9 weeks isnt to be sneezed at. Cant wait to see what Petes treat is. :P

    I wont be on site for a while after Saturday night, I feel as if I am just coming round from the op when I start again. However this is the last one. Yeah!

    You can always give Pete a kiss back. :D


  • Oooops sorry I said julie was on questions. but she opened a new blog. :) its mi age. :D

  • Thanks Jillygirl.

    I can't wait either because he has had a few weeks to think about it so I'm sure it will be something great. No pressure there then Pete :D :D :P

    Yes if he does send me a sloppy, tomato ketchuppy kiss I will send that kiss right back to him . :D That is briliant :)

    I bet you feel like you are living at the hospital at the moment. As you say, this one will be the last one then you will be back home for Christmas and you know we will be thinking of you and sending prayers and loads of love and hugs, not forgetting spears your way. xxx

  • Thanks Kazz, going for my stitches out tomorrow, I feel like saying to them might as well leave it till monday. Anyway my specialist nurse phoned today and said the lymph nodes showed up negative, which is brill news as this means it wont have spread to the other lung. well 99% sure it hasnt.

    So as they say onwards and upwards. :)


  • Sorry Jillygirl I've only just seen your message. Yes you would think they would leave the stitches until Monday and let you have a break from the place. That is brilliant news about the lymph nodes and if that means it's 99% certain that it hasn't spread to the other lung then I'm sure all our get well wishes, prayers, love & hugs will more than make up the other 1% :)

    You take care of yourself, you amazing flippin woman you (as Pete would say) :)

  • Hi every one, chilly but bright here in Birmingham :) just made some nice oat biscuits :) well I made two lots really but I burnt the first lot while I was busy playing games on the internet lol second time I got an online alarm and set it, Still the birds and squirrels are loving them :). So nice not having to stand outside for a ciggy, starting to notice my skin and nails are looking better and its so nice not smelling like an ashtray. Hope your all having a nice day, going to do a bit of painting in my daughters room so you all take care :)

  • Hey delina , you can borrow my daughters budgie, he thinks he`s an oven timer.

    Drove me silly when I looked after him. :D

    Oat biscuits sound lovely. Enjoy your painting. :)

  • Hi all, sorry to hear about your neck Emjay, hope it gets better soon :)

    I'm sure you'll get a lovely pressie from Pete Kazz :D :D congratulations on reaching 9 weeks, that's brilliant :)

    That made me laugh delina, it's just the kind of thing i do :D :D, at least the birds enjoyed them :D :) have fun painting your daughters room,I've just finished mine, thank goodness

    I'm off to do more housework, take care everyone :) xx

  • Hi John thanks for your comment yesterday. I bet your reading is a good one tonight. Just take it steady love you can do it. :) xx

  • Hello All,

    Just to let you know that I LOVE my new job and am still smoke free...1 Month

    tomorrow. Hope you are all OK, I haven't had a chance to read through everything

    on here as am so busy but loving it!

    Love and hugs to all!

    Dawn xxx

  • Hello Dawn, sorry not been on site but I am so pleased you are enjoying your new job. and 1 month smoke-free is great news. well done love. :) xx

  • Hi Dawn, I;m glad your loving your new job :) and smoke free for 1 month, that awesome, your a star :)


    Love and hugs

    Susan :) xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS Jillygirl on 8 months smoke free, you are an amazing women, so kind and helpful, even through all your own worries :)

    It's great to hear your test came back negative :) just surgery to go then you'll be back hula hooping with your granddaughter :)

    something to use before Monday


    :) xxxx

  • Hi Dawn

    It's great to hear from you. So glad you are loving your job, you did say it was your dream job so I'm glad it's living up to your expectations. I don't think many can say they are in their dream job so well done you. xx :) I wasn't expecting to hear from you so soon so it's a lovely surprise and congratulations on your 1 month smoke free. Hopefully being busy in your new job will keep your mind off smoking and keep any cravings at bay.

    Hope to hear from you again soon Dawn xxx :)

    Sue that was such a lovely gift for Jillygirl, you are very thoughtful and kind xx

    John I hope your meeting goes well tonight.

  • Hi Kazz, how you doin today, hope you're having a good one :)

    Here's a pressie for getting to 9 weeks smoke free, enjoy :) :D


  • Ah thanks Sue that is absolutely gorgeous. I thought it was a box of chocolates at first and was wondering if the box was made out of chocolate as well, then realised it was a scrummy cake and they look like Thorntons chocs on the top, my favourite. :D Not sure how Peetie Weetie will beat that :P Plus it didn't have a huge slice missing out of it like his usually do :D

    I am ok thanks Sue, still in work at the moment but I will be leaving around 6ish. Can't wait to get home I'm hungry, so that cake might be gone soon :)

    How are things with you? Did you get your new tree yet? I'm putting my tree up on Saturday and I'm getting a bit excited, I know I need to grown up but I just love Christmas, it's my favourite time of year. :)


  • Hi Kazz,I'm glad you liked your cake :)

    I've not got my tree yet, dont know if i can afford to get one now, it's the only bit of Christmas i enjoy as :(, maybe i can sweet talk my son into getting me one, it could be his christmas pressie to me :)

    You don't need to grow up, it's good to not be an adult sometimes, I'm the same as you, i get excited as well, so enjoy :) xx

  • Hi Sue , thanks for the pressie just what I need. You know how I like to relax in the bath. Your so lovely. :)

    Youv`e got a heart of gold.


  • Hi Jillygirl,

    Thank you for that, your sooooo kind :)

    Here's you hula hooping once you've recovered


    and that's me trying to

    images.clipartof.com/small/... :D :D

  • Spooky time again :o guess what I was doing last night?


    :D :D

  • there's too many spooky times on here :D :D :D

  • hey sue, if i get a figure like that i will come up there and thank you in person. :)

  • and I'll come down to you to get one :D :D

  • Message for Jilly,

    Congratulations on 8 months today. Can you believe that this is what outside might have looked like at that time? :)


  • Guess who else is hoola hooping. :)


  • He certainly will be the day you come out of hospital after your next op! :)


    He'll probably be hop, skip & jumping too - oh, and hula hooping!!! :D :D :D

  • Oh no, just remembered I was doing that last night too! :o :D :D


  • Hi John, great news there - I bet your pleased with that! :) Maybe you should have walked a bit quicker! (hehe) I say to you now - sod it! turn up the heating! who wants to be cold? :) :D :D

  • Message for Kazz, congratulations on getting to 9 weeks (is that 2 months? :o ) - don't eat it all at once! :) :D


  • :D Yes it was 2 months yesterday but 9 weeks today. You certainly are the cold turkey and exercise I was talking about on the other blog :D I really need to put Google Chrome on my computer because I want to put a pic of a cold turkey doing some exercise now :D :P

    Thanks for the dessert Andi, I've never seen one like that before but it looks gorgeous and very chocolately. I wont eat it all at once, in one sitting yes but not in one bite :D

    Hula hooping sounds like great fun Andi, did you enjoy it? You will have a nice small waist if you keep that up. I think Sue is either psychic or she's been spying on you : )

    Sue I hope you can get a tree this year :( just like you, I love my tree, it shouldn't be your Christmas present, make it your hubbies Christmas present then you can still have your present :) I'm sure he wouldn't mind the sacrifice for your happiness :) Don't tell him I said that :)

    Well done on your CO reading John, and that is such a typical Andi answer and made me laugh, if you are feeling cold while out walking, walk a bit faster :D :D I would have driven both ways.

    It's lovely that Amor has tried to land on you :) sounds like they are having a nice time.

  • Hiya Kazz, just tried looking up cold turkey exercising but nothing suitable came up. When you get chrome maybe you could find something. Why don't you just load it now? I used to do a circuit class a number of years ago and it took me a whole term to get the hang of hula hooping. Now I think it must be a bit like riding a bike! you never forget. haha :) There were loads there last night that couldn't do it, also there were loads that couldn't even skip! and all much younger than me. I thought it was really funny cos I'd palled up with this 30-ish dumpy woman and then we were joined by two pretty fit, slim slightly younger girls who probably thought they'd shine next to these middle-aged and overweight ladies but I think I mostly did better than all of them - apart from the running! :D :D

  • Aup Andi,

    It took you a term to learn how to hula hoop, its dead easy gal, all you have to do isa swinga thema hipsa your's :D :D

  • Aup Peetie! I'd love to see you doing it and where did you disappear to last night? Think you need to catch up there too and by the time you've done all that it will be time for bed again! :o :|


  • Aup everybody :) :) its bin busy on here today :o

    Its flippin freezing here, no snow yet though thankfully :) :)

    Rite will go and see whats bin goin off

  • Hi Pete, how you doin,

    It's freezing here too, you need a hot cuppa to heat up :)

  • Hi everyone, just made my soup for tea tomorrow, now i can have a lazy day, or i might try to hula hoop again :D :D,

    That was a good guess Kazz, no spying going on :D :D, I don't think :D :o

    I'll get my tree, by hook or by crook, need cheering up

    Good for you Andi, you show them how brill you are


  • Oh yeah, was doing that too. :D :D (not sure I should tell you what I did today :o )

  • so it was more than me then :D :D


  • Should have said i did this in my dreams :D :D

  • No, didn't do that today - maybe tomorrow. :D :D

  • Aup Sue aint you got that flippin tree yet ??

    How about this one Sue


  • Wow, that's amazing Pete, just don't know if it will fit in my house :o :D :D

  • Get a bigger house :D :D

  • You mean "that'll do nicely sir!" :)

  • Hi Jillygirl :) :) its lovely to see you gal, and a woppin 8 months quit, wow thats just fantastic gal, I shall have to think of a special Christmas present for you :o :)

    So if you've bin quit for 8 months then that means I have known you for 8 months :) :) does it :o ??

  • Go on, tell us what you did today , you know you want to :D

  • You'd have to live in a mansion Sue to have that tree :)

  • Pressie for Peet - just sit down and put your feet up first! :)


  • Now your talking Andi, I will forgive you for spelling my name wrong :o cos am just putting it down to your age :D :D

  • Come on then Andi,

    I bet it was hand stands

    Or press ups :D :D

  • No, Wednesday so spinning and deep water aqua - fortunately the really good instructor was back today! :)

  • Sounds like you enjoyed it gal, magic just magic :) :)

  • Is this big enough Pete

    ketszazalek.hu/images/stori... :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Hey Sue that looks just like my house on a Saturday night after i've had a few erm erm cuppas :D :D

  • I know what you mean

    image.shutterstock.com/disp... :D :D

  • Didn't work. :(

  • But doesn't that mean you would have to put your tree upside down as well and then wouldn't all the baubles fall off? :) Don't think it is big enough Sue you need an old stately home.

  • I'd glue them on, that would do it :D :D

    I quite fancy living in an upside down house, it would match my brain :D :D

  • Duh! I do beleive we've been here before! :o :D :D :D


  • Hey you found a bigger one than i did :P :P :D :D

  • That's just perfect Andi :) There you are Sue, tell your son that that is the tree you want but he has to buy you the upside down house to put in as well :D

  • And their balls aren't dropping off either! :D :D :D

  • I could do with some of that this cold weather :D :D

  • Trust you two to lower the tone :D :D

  • Was your ankle ok doing spinning Andi, I know you didn't do it for a while because of that?

  • Just remembered - the last two weeks I had to stay sat down but today I could stand up so result there. In fact so much of a result that I'm going to go for a run soon. :) Maybe it'll be fifth time lucky! :o :D :D

  • You keep outa them flippin woods gal :D :D

  • I will, I promise. :) I plan on going to a flat park with lovely smooth tarmac paths for the time being. :)

  • to be honest I can't tell that you've had a bad ankle, you've never sat still. Most people would be sat down with the foot up on a chair, resting or is that just me :D

    I'm glad you are almost fighting fit again. xx

  • Aup Kaz, whats up with the ping-pong table now days then :o :| or do you just think about now :D :D

  • Yes I just think about it now Pete :D I mainly used to do that because I used to get bad cravings during the afternoon and walking round the ping pong table used to ease it. I am .. and I know you will all probably laugh .. but I am going to start doing some exercise as my New Year's resolution, something on a regular basis. ..... No I really really am :D

  • Yeah, nearly there now. Still some swelling and a bit of pain if put at an angle or under pressure but will just push through that now without going OTT and every time I'm in the gym I try to do some one-legged standing on a Bosu ball. :o :)


  • That pic didn't work but was it a picture of a Bosu ball because I haven't got a clue what one is :|

  • Yeah, try this one - didn't think you'd have a clue! :D :D


    (Sod's law - the one that I didn't check after posting! :o )

  • It's even harder if you turn it over and stand on the flat side. :o :D :D

  • I have never seen one of those before Andi or heard of one. Yes I can imagine it is pretty wobbly if you turn it over. I wobble just standing on one leg on a solid floor :D

  • I thought it was one of these :D :D


  • :D

  • Duh! That's a space hopper! :o :D

  • OOOOOOOOO by they everybody, am sorry for not saying good night last night, i posted a message and the flippin comp went really really slowwwwwwwww, so am sorryyyyyyyy

  • nite nite everyone, i need to go to bed now, my eyes are drooping

    sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well and sweet dreams. xx :)

  • Nite nite Sue xxx :) :) and sweet dreams but dont get dreaming of upside down houses eh :D :D

    Nite nite gal luvs ya

  • Night night Sue, sleep well you deserve it. Speak to you tomorrow xx :)

  • Kaz I havnt forgot you gal, and a BIG BIG well done to you for getting to 9 weeks on the quit rocky road :) :)

    A little pressie for ya :)


    Notice no flippin bits missin gal :P :D :D

  • AAAAAAAgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    It's got fruit on it! :D :D :D

  • Andi !!! I wasn't going to say anything, didn't want to sound ungrateful :D But yet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, I was going to pass the strawberries to you :)

  • Ahh thank you Pete, I was beginning to think you had forgotten and that is what got me through, looking forward to my 9 week treat :D Can't believe I got a whole cake! I've had some lovely 9 weeks treats today, can't move I'm so full of cakes and desserts :D .. bliss :)

    At what stage do I get my next treat or is that being greedy? :D

  • Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very greeeeeeeeeedy!!! :D :D :D

  • :D :D You don't have exaggerate Andi Pandi, maybe very very very greedy but not that many verys :D Well you are very very very very very very very very to much exercisey! :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • *don't half not don't have

  • I keep getting flashes of deja vue tonight. :o :o

  • :D ground hog day

  • I'm getting tired now so I'm going to retire to my bed and sign off.

    Nite nite Kazz, Pete, Jilly and everyone else. Hope you all sleep well. xxxxxxxxxx :) :)

  • Night night Andi, you sleep well. I will be going to bed soon as well and read my book for a while.

    Night night Pete, mad, Jillygirl and anyone else who is still awake.

    Until tomorrow, sweet dreams xxx :)

  • You lot have confused me allllllllllll togeather now :o :o so am off to bed toooooooo nite nite Jillygirl, Andi and not forgetting you Kaz :) luv yas all ta bits a do xxxxxx :) :) have a nice and cosy sleep tonight eh :) :) :) :)


    Speak tomorrow :) :)

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