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Daily chat: Monday 10th December 2012

Daily chat: Monday 10th December 2012

Good morning everyone.

Another bright crisp one.

Our thoughts are with Jilly today as she has her operation and trust that all goes well.

Even if you haven't taken the next step and managed to quit yet but are seriously considering it, why don't you come along and check some of our old blogs. That way you'd have more of an idea of what to expect as you go along the quit journey and we all like to tell it like it really is.

As Emjay always says "No-one said it would be easy, but everyone says it's worth it".

Have a good day. :)

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Good Morning Andi, we have a bright crisp morning as well, the kind of day i like :)

I'm glad to say i have the house to myself now, although hubby is still off, he isn't back to work till Thursday :o, oh well, i can't have everything :D :D, no doubt he'll nick the laptop later, when he eventually surfaces, he sat here and drank 10 tinnies last night, he's not half suffering now, serves him right :D :D

My thoughts are with Jillygirl as well, I hope she sails through this :)

I hope you have a great day, whatever your doing :), I'm off to have breakfast now, will be back later :) xx


Good morning Andi and Sue xxx

It's a lovely sunny day here today.

That is a lovely Monday picture Andi and so true :)

Sorry I haven't been able to get online for a few days, my computer crashed on Friday, it started crackling then stated that there was a hardware problem then shut down and I haven't been able to get back on. I haven't read the daily blog since then but I did just notice that Pete was asking where I was and sent me a chocolate cake with a great big piece missing again. :D

10 tinnies? I hope you are going round doing the hoovering and banging things around to aggravate him Sue :D Not that I would do anything like that of course :|

My thoughts are also with Jillygirl, I wanted to wish her luck yesterday before she went in but couldn't do with the computer problem.

I will read through the daily blogs I have missed now. I did miss you all over the weekend so it's good to be back today, you all make me laugh so much :)

Did you manage to get a tree Sue? I put my tree up on Saturday, had to buy some new lights as I couldn't get any replacement bulbs for my old lights, it's all LED now. I tested the lights before I put them on the tree then put them on, decorated it and the next day the lights stopped working so now I've got to strip the tree, swap the lights and redecorate it. To be honest I can't be bothered but I do love my tree so it has to be done.

I hope you are all keeping strong and not suffering with those pesky cravings.

Speak to you later xxx :)


Hi Kazz, sorry your computer crashed, we all missed you on here, I'm glad it was that, wouldn't have wanted you to be ill

Oh I'm hoovering all right :D :D, well it has to be done :D:D

images.clipartof.com/small/... :D

you'll see from the blogs, i got my tree up, so I'm happy, glad you got your lights fixed :) I love Christmas trees as well, I don't think it's Christmas without them :)

I'm away for a cuppa, again :o, I can't live without them :D :D, will chat later :) xx


Happy Monday!

Many people say they don't like Mondays, however they always seem to be our favourite day to turn over a new leaf and to start afresh - whether it's taking up exercise, trying a new diet r even to stop smoking. If we didn't ave Mondasm I wonder what other day we'd choose :-/

Positive thoughts and plenty of love being sent to Jillygirl today. As soon as I hear anything over the next couple of days, I'll let you all know xx

Lovely to see you back Kaz, I hope all is good in the hood for you :-)

Andi, I shall have a nose through some of our old blogs / questions and maybe re-post them to the first page - just so it's easier to find for new members. Any particular ones spring to mind?

Hey Sue, glad to hear you have your tree up, I'm hoping to get mine out the loft today :D

Has anybody heard from John lately? Hope he's okay and his kitchen project is coming along nicely :-)

Big waves to everyone else :-)

I'm off work today but will pop back in a couple of hours.

Keep smiling everyone, and remember that "if it's to be, then it's up to me" :-)


Hi Emjay, sorry i didn't see you there, don't think i'm awake yet

2.bp.blogspot.com/-xca3jKLm... :D :D

I hope your neck is better today :)

hope you get your tree out of the loft okay, and don't end up like me

3.bp.blogspot.com/-KpSMEFEO... :D :D



Sue, perhaps you can get hubby to take you to St Andrews on one of these beautiful days so you can blow away those cobwebs before Christmas. :)

Kazz, we really missed your wit and fun over the weekend - so what's happening about your computer now - have you got to buy a new one (out of all your smokes savings :o :) ) If your tree lights also packed up, I'm wondering what your 3rd thing will be! :o

Emjay, how's the neck doing? Did yesterday's lubrication help? - Maybe you should have rubbed it on the outside! :o :D :D So, I did W3R1 plus a couple of minutes yesterday. :) The boot's back on the other foot for a few days then you can overtake me again over Christmas. :) Does your office close down for the duration? cos if it does then you've got all those extra hours of daylight to take advantage of! :D :D


Hiya Andi, this is getting too spooky :o i was thinking about going there, I love to visit the Christmas shop, how are you getting inside my head :D :D

media.economist.com/sites/d... :D :D


Thanks Andi Pandi and Boozie Suzie.

Yes I was wondering the same thing as well Andi :) they do say they come in threes. I seem to be having a lot of things go wrong at the moment especially things to do with Christmas, but I am trying to keep calm about it :)

I have phone a couple of computer repairers and they have told me to take it in so they can have a look but they wont know the cost of what it is until I have taken it in. As it is now 4 years old one of them said I will probably need a new computer. I think it's a bit late to ask Father Christmas now as I sent my list off to him ages ago :)

Hi Emjay, yes everything is good with me, as Andi and Sue said, I hope you're neck is on the mend so you can start running again :) I'd love to join you but I still have a bone in my elbow :( Apparently the best cure for that is to sit down and eat cake so I should be on the mend in a year or so :D

Hi Chickles, Mad, Dawn, John and Peetie Weetie I hope you are all ok, and sorry if I have missed anyone there, just saying hello while I have chance to be online. I hope you are keeping strong and finding the cravings are bothering you too much.

I will be back again before I go home.

xxx :)


Hi Kazz, my computer conked out on me last year, took it to the shop and the part took 5 weeks to come in from Hong Kong! :o Everyone told me to buy a new computer but it is a good computer (now 4 years old) with a 17 inch screen so it ended up in the long run cheaper to get it fixed. Am currently considering getting a tablet cos of course some of the software is now getting a bit old. :(


Hi Kazz and Andi, hope you both had a good day :)

My computer was the same Andi so updated my software cause that was cheaper, it might be different now though, there such a pain when they don't work :(

I'm away to have tea, will chat later :)


Hi Sue, hope you enjoyed your tea.

My current problem is I've bought some kit recently and I'm told to activate a plugin but it's not in the list, then I try to download something that I think might have something to do with it and I'm told it may corrupt my computer so I'll have to try phoning up the company tomorrow.


Hi Andi, computers are so annoying aren't they, so's my hubby, i have a brilliant pic i could add here except he's stolen the laptop so i can't, i'm on my phone now :D :D

I'll just have to keep these in mind for tomorrow :D :D

tea was not bad, chicken casserole and veg, i'm trying to be good so i can pig out on Xmas day :D

Have you heard from John, he's not been on for a while, maybe he has computer problems too :)

I hope Jillygirl is recovering well from her surgery with good pain relief :)


Hi Sue,

Yes I keep thinking about Jilly and hope her op went ok and that she's hopefully comfortably snoozing as we speak. :)

John was about yesterday as he replied to terrzy on nicette's blog so all ok on that front. He's probably having fun with Amor and Vidor - hope they don't make to much mess for him when they're out of their cage - I've seen what Kim and Aggie had to clean up sometimes in some of the places they had to tackle! :o :D


:D :D :D good one, i can just here Kim and Aggie :D :D i must have missed his post, not sure how i did that :o :D

Pete should be on soon, i hope they don't keep him late tonight they should remember how far away he lives :( at least we can cheer him up :D


Hi everyone :) its only meeeeee, Pee wee :D thought i might as well put it on, cos one of you would come out with it sooner or later :D :D

I too have been thinking of Jillygirl all day, i do hope so much that the op went ok :) :)


Aup Sue, hmmmmmm chicken casserole, now that sounds yummy gal :P :P


Hi Andi,

Your computers only 4 years old then, :o God mines nearly 10 years old, got Windows 1 on it :D :D


Hi Pete, it was gooood, hope your day wasn't too bad :)


Ok who stole my last post :o :D


Now someone's put it on 3 times :D :D


Delete the xs - you probably pressed enter 3 times! :o :D :D


Hiya Pete,

It could be Lathyrus odoratus. :) xxx



Or, ............ instead of Pee Wee it could be Weepie! :(



I just did it once, honest :o :D my phone is playing up :D :D


I'll believe you - thousands wouldn't! :| :D


Dont say you got them gremlins on your phone too Sue :o


They get in everywhere - a bit like the flour I got out this afternoon to make some cheese sauce with - it was full of weevils - running around all over the place they were. I'd kept the bag in a plastic box cos I had them once before and it was murder trying to clean out the cupboard. I think they'd come in a box of semolina then so ever since I always keep any of that kind of dry goods separate in a plastic box. :o


Andi I like the sweet pea's please :) :)


Hi you two, my phone is playing up so i'll say nite nite now in case i don't get on again, i hope this works :D :D

sweet dreams, see you tomorrow, luv yas :) xxx


Hey Sue nite nite to you too gal, sleep well and luvs ya xxx :) :)


Nite nite Sue, sleep well. xx :)


This is spoooooky Andi but i think i can smell them sweet peas gal :o :| cos there one of my fave flowers, after the friesia of course :) :)


Everything's spooky at the moment. I haven't grown sweet peas for a few years now - maybe next year but when I do I only like to have smelly ones. Freesias are pretty but they don't smell. I did try growing them once but with not too much success.


Ooooo Andi, freesias smell gorgeous gal, I grew them in my green house last year, and when i opened the door you could smell them :) :)

But I must admit that they are hard to grow, and keep for the following year :o :(


I don't know if you've tried "Sugar n Spice" sweet peas - they're the hanging basket ones and they smell wonderful and are lovely in those tiny vases. :)


No i havent tried that one, so might try them next year, cos i do like my hanging baskets as well :) :)


You don't need anything else in with them and they last all season. :)


If you want to grow sweet peas next year Andi, i will gladly give you some tips on how to get the most out of them, as my old head gardener used to show them, so i learnt a lot of him :)


He also used to grow Gypsophlia to cut and put with them :) :)


Plan A - create a garden!!! Lots of digging and hard landscaping!!! Maybe next year the weather will be a bit more agreeable!!! :o :D :)


Yes Andi you have to start at the beginning gal,

But you only have to dig a bit along your fence for sweet peas eh, and while you do that they can be growing on your window sill :) :)


Right, "time for bed" said Zebedee. :)

I'm off so I'll say nite nite Pete.

Probably won't see you tomorrow as I'll be out. Sleep well. xx :)


Bong went Zebedee :D :D

Nite nite Andi, thankyou for chatting to me gal, you have a nice night out tomorrow eh :) :) sleep tight and luvs ya gal xxxx :) :)


Jillygirl :) :)

I'm thinking of you gal, and am sending all my love and hugs over to you at this hard time, sleep well gal, and speak to you soon :) :)


Hey Pete, I've just posted up a little update on our Jillygirl :D

I'm loving the idea of growing sweet peas next year too.... Shall be reminding you to give us a lesson on sweet pea growing in April :D

Night night Andi, sorry I've missed you, have a lovely day tomorrow :-/

Sue, I tried to pop on here earlier (whilst i was out) using my phone but my poor hands were freezing and I couldn't type with my gloves on (iPhone!) Hope to catch you tomorrow :-)

Hope you've all had a good day everyone :D


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