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Good morning everyone, yes its me opening the daily chat first time for a while, and last time for a while. As you all know go into hospital tomorrow afternoon.

Anyway another weekend , my weekend is planned out for me, so what are you all planning. anybody doing anything exciting or different. ?

whatever your plans are keep focused and positive. Dont let those nasty cravings interupt your wonderful non smoking weekend.

Have a lovely day. :) xxx

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Good morning Jillygirl :) :)

Its lovely to have you open the Daily chat gal, seems ages ago since you opened it last :(

Hmmmmmmm am i doing anything exiting today, :o yeah, have don shopping and got to put the outdoor Chrimbo lights up, wash my van, strip my computer down and clean it :( :( as you can see i've got a really exiting day to look forwards tooooo :D :D


done my lights already otherwise would never get them up if I waited for hubby to do it. have to put a piccy up of your lights. You enjoy your day. xxx :)



I aint got that many to put up gal :o :D I would have to start in June to put that lot up :D :D


Good morning Jilly. :)

Nice to see you about on this bright and frosty morning. :)

I didn't open as Pete said he was going to do it but he was obviously being lazy - no Pete, you have a lie-in cos you deserve it mate if anyone does. :) Please take care up that ladder doing the lights won't you cos we don't want another one in hospital at this time of year! :( :o

I'm just writing my cards out now and friend's coming to walk the dog in a mo. She's not feeling too brill so will have to keep a wide berth as I don't want any lurgies now. They were going to have a party tonight but have cancelled - never mind.

See you later. :)


morning andi , thats sounds like our house, everyone trying to keep away from me in case theyv`e go cold. Only trouble with this time of year. Thought I might get a nask etc just for me to make life easier. :D



Good morning Andi :)

Yes its a lovely frosty - sunny morning here too 8-)

I assure you i will be carefull up the ladder :) anyway dont you bother about me, get them flippin cards wrote out :D :D and i agree with you, give your friend a wide berth, cos dont want you going down with something do we :o not now your getting on with your exercising :) :)

Enjoy your walk :) :)


Good morning everyone, just popped in to say have a nice weekend, not doing much myself today :) might go to the German market in town tomorrow just to get me into the Christmas spirit :) and they do some lovely food :) and nice German beer :) so looking forward to that.


Good morning Delina :)

You have a lazy day today gal, and those German markets are great, all the different smells of cooking, love their sausages and hey dont you go getting toooooo much of that beer down you gal :o :| :D :D

Speak soon :)


Well we went up to the woods and after not much investigating I found the actual tree root that put me out of action for a month! :)


If you go down to the woods today,your sure of a big surprise, ha ha. Did you take Teddy with you?


No, I took Alfie and his mum. This pic is very much like Alfie but he's now 15 and very grey around the edges. :)



Happy Saturday everyone :D

Hey Jillygirl, that's a nice surprise to see you opening up this morning :D We'll have you back in tip top condition pretty soon. This time next week we'll be hearing how much better you'll be feeling each day. just take everything in your usual positive stride :D Don't forget to take Patch with you too xx

Pete, I've taken Monday off so I'm hoping to put my tree up then. You be careful f your going up any ladders to put lights up mister....


Andi, I've not even moved yet to walk my dog. I've started the day off really lazy! Going to make the most of it before I'm on Grandbaby duties this evening! Have you any back up plans for tonight? X Factor finals maybe... How exciting is that then ?! ha ha :-/

Hey Delina, I love the a German Market... Yum yum, I'm quite hungry now actually :D

I shall send Sue a message, not heard from her in a couple of days. Hope she's okay and has just got caught up in Christmas running round :-/

Remember to be prepared for any unexpected visits from those cravings, see them as a positive sign that your body is recovering. If they come knocking, open the door, welcome them in and see what they have to say for themselves... When they've finished 'telling you' how it is, don't succumb to them, or feel sorry for them.... Let them finish their cuppa then show them the door :D

Show them that you can face up to them and that they don't bother you as much anymore.

Everyday you are all becoming stronger :D


Hi Mad, I posted before I noticed you were about :D Hope you're having a nice day :D

Andi, is Alfie a handsome dog, a Hungarian Vizsla. Their colour is so vibrant :-)


Hi Emjay, yes he's a vizsla - I always describe him to people as the same colour as my handbag. :D We met another one but with long hair whilst out - didn't know they did a long haired version now. :o

As for alternatives for tonight, the X Factor is certainly not one of them - I've never ever watched it. The party was supposed to be a Strictly party so will just be the usual at home evening probably. :)


Andi, that dog looks like a red setter to me gal, or do i have to go find my specs :o :)

Hmmmmm a red hand bag eh erm best keep mi gob shut :o


Specs! :P


Re your other comment - I always thought that was something to with red hats! :D :D



Andi, if i was you i would nip out and get a box of your fave thorntons chocs for tonight gal :) :) treat yourself gal :) :)


Hiya Emjay :)

You have a nice lazy day gal and rest that poooooooorly neck of your's, love the pics but as for me landing on all fours, perhaps my head eh :D :D


Enjoy looking after your Grandbaby tonight :) :)


Good morning all!

Jilly- all the best for tomorrow! Have a feet up day today!

My daughter, bless her is full of cold. I so hope that I don't catch it, am too busy to have a cold!

Hope you manage to escape catching the 'lurgy' Andi...if you're going to catch a cold, best to get it before Xmas I suppose...

Oi oi Pete, I saw your comment on yesterdays thread, cheeky gnu :) I must have been up too early for you today!

Hope that you have a lovely 'festive' day at the German Market Delina. I'm going next Thursday evening to the one in Leeds, plus it's late night shopping night too, so can just get a few stocking fillers for my daughter. She's already had her main pressie, so when I got to day 50 of not smoking I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said she didn't know, It was day 50 of my not smoking, and foolishly said that she could have 50 pressies to open. She took me up on it....grrrrr, ha! Teach me. Anyway, I just need to get some little things. She's got all sorts of daft pressies to open. I got some when I went shopping in York on Thursday.

It's 14 weeks for me today, woo hoo!

Well, I'd best make some lunch, cheese on toast today. Tis a treat for me as I have reduced my cheese intake!

Emjay...you're so right about 'cravings'...yesterday I just fancied smoking! I don't know why! I have been off the lozengers all week, and I thought to myself, no way am I crumbling! So I kept myself busy yesterday evening and had a couple of Voddies as a treat! The urge to smoke wore off and I didn't have a lozenger. I don't want to be reliant on the lozengers forever!

Have a great day all! I shall be ironing, I might even wear mi Santy hat whilst doing it!




Chickie Chickie, 14 weeks quit yippi dippi doooooooooooo to you gal :) :) just magic gal, you flippin stick with, do ya hear me :) :)

I apologise for the comment on yesterdays thread :P :P :D :D

You've got your Daughter 50 pressies :o wow, that tells me you love her very much, or you've lost the plot gal :D :D

Perhaps speak when i come out of hiding :) :)

Ps enjoy your ironing in your santa hat :D :D



Hi Chickles, my eldest daughter is full of cold too, bless her she is really upset as she cant come with me tomorrow. She has got a mask so she can give me a quick cuddle before I go. :)



Ooooooo Jillygirl a missed ya, am sorry gal, as for your eldest Daughter being full of cold, i think there is a lot going about at the moment, you should keep that space suit on :D :D

I havnt got a cold but i'm upset cos i still cant give you a hug & cuddle tomorrow :( but i also know that you will get more than enough from your lovely family :) :) :) :) :) :)

Luvs ya :) :)



Just found the solution to your problem gal :D :D



pete thats fantastic. ! :D


Hey Pete,

That baby santy is proper cute! Made me smile!

I do love my daughter lots, and yup, she has got 50 pressies, but she's worth it and some are just silly ones, I have lost the plot :). I haven't sat down and done a running total of what I've spent, but it's not a vast amount. (gets pen and does some sums).

And bless you for your encouragement. I shall stick with it, I daren't slide and have you being cross with me ;) plus my daughterwould be very, very disappointed.

I thought I'd got over the wanting to smoke phase! Yikes, how long will this last?

On a more positive note, my achy chest seems to be lots better today, sods law when I'm going for an x-ray on Monday!

Back to the ironing....have ditched the santy hat for tinsel :)

No need to hide Peter Piper, I am too busy ironing to find you :)


Hi Chicks,

As for you buying your Daughter some silly pressies, dont worry about it gal cos Christmas is for having fun toooooo :D :D as well as love :) :)

Lifes tooooo short gal :o so have fun :) :)

I'm glad your chest is better today :) like you say though ha ha sods law :o

Just wondering how much ironing you got gal :o :| mind you have found a pic of you with tinsel, hmmmm found another one, but a bit naughty,



I.m off out for my tea, great, no cooking. Going to out local bar where the food is great and free tonight as my Son in laws paying, thats even better, when I come home i,m putting my fleece jim jams on and watching the X FACTOR, I have never watched it before until I heard little Jahmane singing he,s such a lovely kid and had an awful life. He,s proven to other youngsters out there that you can still follow your dreams whatever life throws at you. Even if he doesn,t win he,ll still go far, he,s fantastic and I wish him all the best in the future. Enjoy your night everyone.



Erm...I meant more of a tinsel tiara, ha! But, hey I can go with the long hair, looks like me when I wake up with rats tails :)

Ironing done, Indian takeaway for tea...then X-Factor final. I agree with you Mad, re Jahmane. I would like to see him or James Arthur win...sorry, but Christopher is not for me.


Am I getting closer :o



Aww Jilly, I hope that your daughter gets better soon! I can imagine that she is upset that she can't go with you tomorrow, but I'm sure she'll be fighting fit before long and able to visit you, plus you'll be back home before you know it! Am smiling re the mask pic!


Hiya Chick, now we know where to send all the ironing to - you must have had a load if it took all afternoon to do! :o :D



Hey Pete, you didn't take long putting up your lights then - hope they all work! :D :D



Ha Andi! I am sad I like ironing, tis therapeutic...alas your piccie didn't work...

I did have a lot to do...didn't get any done last weekend due to socialising. Busy again starting from tomoz, so I thought I'd best get it done, or else I'd have been struggling to see over the top of it :)

Hope that you've had a great day!


Hi everyone, going to sign off now , going for a bath and check I have got everything for tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for you thoughts wishes and poitive vibes. I will miss you all so much. :(

I will keep in touch over the next couple of weeks . So all of you take care of each other and

enjoy being smoke free.

Love you. xxxxxxx :)



Jillygirl av just missed ya gal :( so sorry :(

Just love love the pic gal, that is so so true :) :)

I will miss you loads morererererererer, hmmmm why is there a red line under that word then :o please make sure your hubby lets Emjay know how you are doing eh :)

My positive vibes, thoughts and love are heading your way right now gal :) :) enjoy your bath and try to get some sleep, I know it will be hard for you gal, just wondering if you have got any sheep around your way to count :o :|

Nite nite Jillygirl, I hope you have the sweetest dreams ever :) :) luvs ya xxxxxxx :)


WOW it is quiet tonight, well theres a possible 2 reasons that is !!!!

1, your all out buying my Christmas present :) :) :D :D

2, your all watching the Z factor :P :P

Am not bothered cos i will just talk to myself then :( :(


Hey Pete,

You're getting closer with the tinsel tiara! Am loving the wings!

Jilly, big hugs for you and positive thoughts and vibes and prayers and Angels and anything else that gives you extra special strength to help you through this most difficult journey. We'll miss you too, but you'll be back fighting fit before you know it!Love and light xx

Back to the X factor for me....


Rite Guys and Gals, am off up the wooden hill, so I will say a good night to you all, and you all take care eh, luvs ya xx :) :)


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