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DAILY CHAT  /THURSDAY/  23/08/2012

Good morning,

Hope everyone has slept well , and feeling good. Apart from those on the night shift hope the night didnt drag too much.

Just looked at pics of cereals for our brekkys, one was very appropiate for andi and Sue, . The name was Fruity pebbles. they were from america.

The weather looks a bit dismal today , big grey clouds rolling by. never mind do some ironing, then going out for a meal with friends later on.

Whatever your doing today enjoy, and keep focused.

see you in a while. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

I seem to be sleeping a little bit better lately - still waking up at least twice in the night but usually managing to get back off to sleep again quite quickly. Had to put the radio on at 4 this morning though and drifted in and out and just caught that aussie bloke again a 4.30 going on about how Tasmania is behind the rest of Australia on the smoking front. :o Isn't it weird how I manage to catch him most weeks? It must mean something subliminally. :o :D (That will be a good one for Pete. heheh)

On the cereal front I've just had my weetabix and Jilly, much as I love Fred Flintstone, there's no way that I would allow such rubbish in my house!!! Imagine feeding that to kids - it would send them hyper never mind going down the obesity route and their teeth dropping out!!! :o :D :D

Off to see PT now so see you all later. :)


Morning Andi, My goodness your certainly testing Pete this week. :D

As for fred flintstone I agree with you. The americans have loads of rubbish for adults and kids alike. No wonder obesity seems the norm over there.

Forgot it was thursday , and your pt day. Enjoy! see you later. :)


Good morning Jillygirl & Andi,

Gosh Jillygirl you've got some cereals to choose from, havnt you !! :D :D where do you keep them all ??

Andi - of course i know what subliminally means, - huh you think that i'm thick dont you :P anyway i think that the fruity pebbles look quite tasty not like some of the rabbit food you get for cereals these days :P :o maybe speak after your training if i havnt gone to nodd land.


Morning Pete, How are you this morning. Hope you didnt work too hard. Anyway hows that motor you got not said much about it.

Oh well looks like rain. so going to do my ironing. (rather be scootering) :D

See you in a bit. xx :)


Aup Jillygirl, havnt got a motor yet :( i rang the bloke back to say i would have it and he said that he had changed his mind, and was going to keep it !! so thats that :( :(

Just bin for a test drive in a Astra estate, it dont half shift, but its a bit small and its black-go fast wing mirrors-alloys the lot, perhaps a bit too trendy for me eh !!!! :D see ya soon. xxxx



you enjoyyyyyyy that ironing, gal :D :D


Wow Pete your excelling yourself with the poetry. If I were you I`d go for the car . You work hard enough you deserfve something trendy.

Sweet dreams see you later. xx :)


Jillygirl, i reckon your idea about having a recipe day is spot on gal :) :) only healthy ones of course :D :D and snacks & nibbles.

We could have it in your cafe each week gal :) i think we should vote on it before Emjay & Claire wake up :D :D


Yeah I`m in favour. :D


Whooooooooops i think its too late :o :|


Yeah what the hek, thats 2 of us Jillygirl :D


Post your vote Pete. new post arrived.


Andi subliminally ---- its in ya ed, huh brainy s__ erm so & so, you sure your not eating dictionaries for your breakfast ?! :D :D


Morning, well it was a bit early for a word like that to pop out wasn't it? :o :D


Morning Andi, whats PT had you doing this morning then, and did you enjoy it :o dont forget to vote !!

Speak soon gal, just off to nodd land now :) :) have a good day


Good morning Emjay, nice to see you gal, hmmmmm if your awake that tells me that Claire is

having a nodd then :D :o

Do you like the old VW's then ?? :) my youngest sister has got a vw camper, they go all over the place in it :) :) speak soon gal, hope you have a good day :)


So I'm back now and feeling a bit knackered. :o We went for a run along the prom and it was gorgeous there. Was hoping to try the beach again today but I think that was the best part of the day - there's more grey in the sky now than blue. :(

Hey Pete, did you see that Emjay's gonna start running by the end of the week? (Oh no, what's that flying past my window?) :D :D


Andi know just what you meen, it reminds me of a song, by the Everly Brothers -- ''That'll be the day'' :D :D

Best scarper :)


Sleep well. :)


Good Morning Everybody :D

Looks like you've all been having a good chin wag again :D Good to see :-)

Jillygirl, count my vote in with regards to a 'healthy eating place' blog... I've found a couple of ideas already, healthy recipes and 'recipes on a budget'. Give me an hour and I'll pop a blog up and we'll make sure it's a place that can be on the front page all the time as I think other folks would find it useful :D

I thought that you had got your car sorted Pete, hope it's not too long now. VW's are the way forward :D Claire is off now until Tuesday, that's some sleeping that isn't it...? Maybe it's a short form of hibernation:D

Which radio station do you listen to Andi? It's funny how the talks always seem to be about smoking.

Weemikec, I noticed you popped on earlier, :D How are you doing? Come on over and join in the chat. I'm sure Pete would welcome somebody else on his side ha ha :D Hope you are doing okay.

Speak in a bit :D


Ha Ha you're funny Pete and Andi... :D

Right, that's it... you have spurred me on to thinking about actually 'setting a running date' I shall have to build myself up for it....

By the end of today, I will have given it some more thought and shall make a decision....Watch this space :D


Was that Emjay! running by.


As if! More like this.....




That is Brilliant !


Hi all just came across this calculator have a go it tells you how much money we were wasting!! or how much we are saving :)


silly me forgot the link



Hi Sure 2, hope your ok. nice to see you back on site. will have a look at the link later. Off out for a meal now. so see you later. :)


How funny, sure2 I have this open on my screen to copy and paste!

It's really useful isn't it? :D


Good evening, nice to see sure2 earlier - nearly 2 months now - excellent, well done! :)

Jilly, hope you had a nice meal out this evening, did you go to a pub or a restaurant? I wonder if Emjay's made her decision yet. I wanted to put a picture or link up earlier but haven't got a clue how you do it. :o :(

See you later. :|


Hi andi back from the pub. Yes I was waiting for Emjay to start us off. Hopefully will start tomorrow. May be Emjay will explain how to do it. I can put pics on but not always in the comment boxes, thats why I have to write a new blog most of the time. I did manage to put one link on today but how I did it I dont know. just guessed. :O

anyway have a good night and see you in the morning. going to sign off now . :) nite nite. xx


Nit nite, hope you have a good sleep. :)


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