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Cravings - Friend or Foe... How do you see yours?

Looking at cravings... They really can be quite funny things, do we see them as the enemy and get all negative about them because of the way they make us feel? Or do we see them as our friend, and welcome them in when they come visiting?

At the end of the day, they wouldn't be here if we didn't stop smoking. So surely seeing them from time to time is a positive thing.... Like some people we may know though... The ones who are okay in small doses eh?!

What to do...

Read through some tips on JillyGirl's blog -'Stop the urge' and maybe even share some of your own helpful hints and tips there too;


Breathing exercises - Depending on how you breathe can determine how you are left feeling; more energised, more relaxed, happier, sometimes you can even be left feeling quite anxious if you are not breathing properly. So have a practice in learning the best technique for yourself. Click on the following link to get you started;


Notice the time that you have the craving, has much time passed since the last one? Is it as intense? Over time you should be able to notice the longer breaks between each one.

What were you doing at the time you got the craving, is there a trigger point?

Remember, whether you smoke or not, cravings will go away. You never really notice them going, however you can be sure to know when they return.... Therefore, for them to return.... They must have gone away in the first place! Hope that makes sense :0)

Sooooo, Friend or Foe... How do you see yours?

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EmJay I dont know if there enemy or foe as I dont tend to crave ciggys at all since I stopped,I realise I am very lucky. I use my E-Cig now and again but dont crave it, I just enjoy it. I am going to start reducing the amount of nicotine in it to very low and see if I need a higher dose then I,ll understand the word crave. What puzzle,s me is if nicotine is produced naturally by the tobacco plant to stop the insects eating it then why is it surposed to be so addictive, I know that mixed with tobacco smoke it reinforces the properties of the nicotine so mybe thats were the addiction comes in from the combination of all the chemicals coming together. I have heard of people being addicted to the smoke itself but not nicotine, the mind boggles, I do know that smoking is a filthy habit and it causes a lot of people problems but not everyone so thats another mystery.I am beginning to wonder if I smoked because I was addicted or was it just a bad habit I had gotten into as I can honestly say I have not wanted one since I stopped.



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