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Do you ever stop craving nicotine?

Really weird thing happened yesterday. Although it's coming up for 14 weeks since I've had a cig and about 2 since I stopped taking the mini lozenges, yesterday I had a craving, not for a cig but for a lozenge! I had to rush to Boots in my lunch hour and buy some! I know the lozenges are better than the cigs but I don't want to be taking them for ever! Does the nicotine craving ever go away? :)

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Hi andi, not an expert but my hubby stopped over 10 yrs ago. He said he got the odd craving and used a inhalator. this wasnt regular about 3 times over 2 years. dont know if this helps you . Emjay may be best person for advice. Take care.


Aup Andi1965, i've not had any experience with the mini lozenges, just wondering what strength they are?? and is there something with less nicotine in them ?? erm Emjay wrote a blog about this, i'm sure she did, i will go a hunting and try and find it for you, see you in a bit.

Pete :)


Hi Andi1965, yeah its me again sorry, i've found it, this is what Emjay put about mini lozenges,


Treatment period:

At least 12 weeks then reduce gradually


4mg for heavy smokers (20+ cigarettes daily)

1.5mg for light smokers (up to 20 cigarettes daily)


Discreet and easy to use

Sugar free

Can help reduce weight gain


May cause initial throat irritation

May cause indigestion

May cause hiccups

You say you have been quit for 14 weeks, so perhaps it will take a bit longer to cut them down to zero, if you see what i mean :) i dont know whether i have helped you or not, but i'm sure Emjay will be awake soon :D :D and get in touch with you, she's the best !!

Pete :)


Thanks for digging this out Pete, you're a star xx


Cheers for that monkey! Am impressed you know about everything on this site. I only used the lower strength ones. Maybe I came off them too soon! Andi xx


Hey Andi1965

You've done brilliant in getting this far so don't panic about anything. How you are thinking and feeling is quite normal :-)

Nicotine only takes around two days to leave your system, whether or not you are getting it through smoking or any form of NRT. After that it's really your mind that you have to work with and this is where you have to work with yourself really well :-)

I think that you may have felt more of a 'longing', and rather than relate it to a cigarette as most other people would, you have related it to the lozenge... Popping out to buy a box of lozenges is far, far better and safer than buying ciggies, obviously! :D

I would recommend that you keep a box with you and use the lozenge as and when you feel the need. As you've already found, you have gone for 2 whole weeks without using them, so you have already started to reduce your use of them considerably.

It's still early days in terms of using and coming off your NRT, and when you think about how many you used to smoke, and the amount of years you have smoked for, 14 weeks is amazing!

Have a look at how many cigarettes you haven't had on the following link;


Also, work out how much you would have spent if you continued to smoke in 14 weeks;


You have done absolutely marvellous :-)


Wow emjay! I havn't smoked around 1500 cigs in the last 14 weeks! That's amazing! And I don't think I've missed them as such! I think you're right it was probably a longing rather than a craving. Thanks so much for your advice! :)


You're very welcome :-)


Think I'm hooked on the patches Andi- you're certainly not alone. I'm going back to see my nurse tomorrow and she's going to get me to go back to step 2 on the patches, even if the addiction is all mental it's been a habit for so long that it's going to take a long time to establish a new comfortable routine in our heads. I sat and had a really good think yesterday about having a cigarette- if I lit one up, I'd probably feel good for about a second then I'd start coughing, then the guilt would kick in so I've decided that I am forever a quitter. Teetering on the edge yesterday has won me over- not sure it's something I'd recommend but once you've come to terms with the "loss" it will probably get easier. Did I go a bit off tandem there... lol I am so dopey! Big hugs xx


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