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Have you tried the cost calculator to see how much money you spend or could save?

Although health should be the number one reason for wanting to stop smoking, quite often it is the financial gains that are more attractive.

As you know, cigarette smoking is becoming more and more expensive, but do you actually realise how much you spend on cigarettes?

Have a look at the cost calculator on the following link and see how it stands for you;


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I am going to save £2,624.00 in a year.... wow :) Best get planning what I can spend all that money on :D


That's at the cost they are now and they will go up again so I will actually save quite a lot more than that.


I calculated that my fags were £6.60 per packet and smoked say 20 a day so that's £46.20 per week, £184.80 per month and £2402.40 per year


I have used the calculator, gosh, seeing all that money going up in smoke, plus poisoning me in to the bargain! I am so, so pleased that I found this site, or perhaps it found me, fate works in mysterious ways! Everybody on here has helped me so much, thank you!


It is better to work out how much you have already spent and also how much you would smoke over say 50 years. A life time cost really makes you think


I'd rather not know how much I've spent over the years on the dreaded ciggies...I'd cry lol

I'm quite happy knowing that I am not wasting my money anymore and am now putting it to good use!


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