Daily chat: Friday 23rd November 2012

Daily chat: Friday 23rd November 2012

Good morning everybody.

Well I couldn't get back to sleep so thought I'd better get up after all. A survey round the estate now it's nearly daylight shows no mishaps from the dreadful weather last night. Hope all's well where you are. They say there's another load like that coming in tomorrow or tonight. That's the joy of living in the UK. :)

Have a good day whatever you're doing. :)

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  • Good morning Andi, sorry you couldn't have a lie in, there's nothing worse than not being able to sleep

    It sounds like you had a good time last night :) just what's needed on these horrible autumn days :) I'm glad you weren't affected by the awful weather, unfortunately there is more coming over the weekend, i think the weather is going mental :o :D

    love your picture, it's so cute :) :)

    I'm away to have a cuppa will chat later :) xx

  • Morning andi, and Sue, weather seems good at the moment, Might potter in the garden later. enjoy your day. Off for my museli. xx :)

  • Morning Sue and Jilly, nice to see you up and about - sun's coming out now. 8-) :)

    Just been on to this physio line to be told that doc should have done a straight referral and not given their details! Grrrr! He spoke to his boss and they'll see me on Monday - result! :) Keep you posted on this next week.

    Off for cuppa and do some chores. xx :)

  • Morning Jillygirl and Andi, we have the sun coming out as well :)

    hope you have a nice time in your garden Jillygirl

    clipartreview.com/_images_3... :) xx

    I thought your doctor had to do the referral Andi, he/she is a numpty


    but hopefully you'll get it sorted now :) xx

  • Andi, at last your getting somewhere. What a carry on. Thats like me my specialist nurse had to lie to get me in for my heart scan. He could only manage it by saying I was an in patient. So now I have to pretend on Monday that I am already in the ward. Hubby will have to hide or pretend he isnt with me. :)

    Have a lovely day. xx :)

  • Dont forget Jillygirl to go in your jim jams, cos your an inpatient dont forget. Good luck


  • Thanks Mad , Better go in the car then, get some funny looks on the bus wouldn`t I.


  • I have seen some sights on the bus, these youngs girls get on in jim jams and there hair in gigantic rollers, I know my local Tescos wont allow anyone in in pj,s now as it was getting really bad, can you imagine what our Grandparents would say if they seen them, OMG

    You take care,


  • Good Morning Everybody :D

    Friday already, another weekend upon us. We'll all be welcoming in the New Year before we know it!

    Jillygirl, lovely to see your lovely photie up again :D Make sure you wrap up warm if you are going out in the garden won't you. Don't want any sniffles heading your way before next week. Also, don't forget to pop your slippers on when you go in on Monday :-)

    Andi, I love the photie, it's fab! Good to hear that you have your appointment sorted for Monday. Weatherwise, it looks like it's about 3.00pm here and the rain is starting to break through. Good old English weather :D

    Sue, you seem to be really happy and in good spirits today. Always good to see :-)

    I'm going to refresh some of the old blogs today, just in case there is anything that might help different members at different stages of quitting.

    Together we can do this, it's all about just making a choice....

    Happy Friday Everybody :-)

  • Happy Friday Emjay, i am more positive today, i think the black fog has lifted :) hope i don't see it again

    hope you have a fantastic day :) xx

  • Just found Pete's Xmas pressie

    d15bx2axpp9a1x.cloudfront.n... :D :D

  • Sue thats brilliant.

  • :D :D wish i could buy him that, how do you wrap up a picture Jillygirl :o :D :D

  • Difficult one that. could try this first


  • brill idea :D :)

  • Love it Sue :D

    Sometimes we have to have the 'black fog' in our lives as it can quite often help us to recognise the 'sunshine' times. It's all part and parcel of life and helps us to put things back into perspective and re-evaluate where we are heading :-)

    Keep smiling :D

  • Hi Emjay, looking at it that way doesn't make it seem that bad now, thanks for that :) :)

  • Yes Sue, without the good there wouldnt be the bad, there,d just be!!!! Nice to hear your feeling better.


  • Thanks mad, it's nice to be back in the land of the living :o :D :D

    hope you had a good day today :)

  • Well Sue you were in the land of the living all the time otherwise you wouldnt have had any feeling,s or emotions, ha ha.


  • :D :D :D good one, never thought of that :)

  • At least your laughing now!!!! thats a good sign.


  • Yes I'm trying to think what daft pressie to get you tomorrow when i'm back on the computer :D :D

    I'm on my phone just now so can't post pics :)

  • Chanel No5 please, i,m running out of perfume and cant afford it myself,

    thanks in advance. I,ll enjoy it soooooooooooo much cos I can smell better now.


  • Chanel No5 it is :D :D

  • Muchas gracias y Buenas Noches, Hasta Manana.


  • Got Emjay's pressie now

    24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_... :D :D

  • Hey Andi got you a pressie you can use when your ankle is sore

    tonecolors.com/wp-content/u... ::D

  • Jillygirl here's something to put in your garden

    i3.squidoocdn.com/resize/sq... :D :D

  • Wow Sue , magical fairy garden. Need something since I`ve pulled up all the dead flowers etc. looks a bit bare now. thank you. :) xx

  • I thought it looked really cute :D :) and if you plant the right flowers the fairies will come and live there :D :D :D

  • I love fairies, not keen on the slugs that seem to have taken residence at the moment.


  • get the beer out, i've heard that kills them, not sure how though. :o :D :D

  • Hey Everyone, thanks for the dancing flower Sue :D

    It looks like it's about 9pm here already, it's pitch black.

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening planned to ease you all nicely into the weekend :D

  • Hi Emjay, i couldn't resist sending you that :D :D

    Hope you have a nice relaxing evening :)

  • I'm planning on having a little bit of that 'falling down water', not too much mind :-/ and am going to start my Saturday with my Week 2 Day 1 run :D

    Are you up to anything nice Sue?

  • I;ll be joining you on the "falling down water" :D can't run though,

    going to see my daughter tomorrow, poor thing is still feeling sick, i'll need to give her some TLC :)

  • Big hugs from us all on here. Tell her it does get better. :)


  • I will do, thanks Jillygirl :) :) xx

  • Dont know if I will be on site later as my family are coming over tonight. Only chance of seeing my grandchild before Monday as she has a dance competition. so catch up later or tomorrow. xxxxxxx :) :) :) :)

  • see you later Jillygirl, have a great time with your family :) :)

    in case i don't see you later, sweet dreams

    luv ya :) xx

  • Sweet dreams to you too. xxx :)

  • Hi all,

    Some lovely presents there Sue. Andi I'm glad you are getting your ankle sorted and Jillygirl that you are a step closer to your treatment even if you do have to walk throught the hospital in your pj's and slippers :)

    It's been a lovely day here today, cold but sunny and I've got quite a lot of my Christmas shopping done today and had a day of work :D

    I hope you all have a lovely evening xx

  • Hi Kazz, it's lovely to see you back on here, we've missed you :)

    I'm just thinking of presents to get the rest of you when i get back on my computer, hubby has it now :D :D

    hope you have a nice relaxing evening, join me and Emjay on the "falling down water" :D :D x

  • Hi Susan, thanks.

    I was going to send you a prezzie but it will have to wait until next week when I'm back in work. Pictures don't seem to work as well if you haven't got Google Chrome you get the whole page :)

    Yes I might join you and have my favourite, Southern Comfort & diet coke, it would be fun if we were all on here chatting and sending pics when we were drunk :D : D What are you drinking? xxx

  • :D :D :D :D that would be sooooo funny, don't know if i could take pics when i'm drunk though :o :D

    I'm gonna have a Grouse and Irn Bru later, hoping it will help me sleep :) xx

  • Evening all. :)

    Firstly I'd like to say thank-you very much for all your kind pressies and words about my ankle. :) Sorry I missed Jilly this evening but nice that her family's coming to visit. Sue, I think you were making up for lost time in the piccie department. :)

    Kazz, great to see you back, I was starting o get worried about you. So you're all off to the pub then are you or are you secretly drinking in the comfort of your own armchairs (or sofas)? :D :D



    Finally, me raising my ankle - but I'm not on the alc! :o :D :D


  • Hi Andi, I know i went a bit nuts :D :D, just as well i'm on my phone now or i'd probably be doing more :D :D

    I'm on my sofa, it's much more comfy, besides it's too cold here to go out, :D :)

  • The way you talk all the time I'm sure that you really live in the Arctic not Scotland! :D :D


  • Yes, I'm on my sofa as well, watching Corrie :)

    You are looking very comfy on that sofa Andi with your ankle up, you are missing the drink in your had though, oh yes and the chocolates :)

  • How did you guess :D :D

    i'm on the east coast so we get the cold wind from the north sea and wind from Iceland in the autumn/winter, even my hubby, who comes from Glasgow thinks it's cold here :D :D

  • Just looked at you weather forecast for tomorrow Sue and it looks like you're having a nice day with about 5 degrees, we're forecast more of what we had last night! :o

  • Sorry Kazz, i hope it doesn't get to bad for you, we are better tomorrow think we're getting rain on Sunday though :o

  • Hi everybody, its only me :o :)

    Its been nice here today, but i think the wets on its way back, tomorrow or Sunday :( :(

  • Hi Pete, i'm glad to see you got away from work on time :)

    We're getting rain on Sunday so i'll be hibernating then :D :D

  • AupSue, you started on the booze yet gal :) :)

    Love the pressie just magic :D :D

  • Hi me, :)

    Just thinking about you and wondering if you were home. :)

    I suppose if the others are all drinking then here's one for you. :)


  • Hiya Andi :)

    Hmmmmm cheers gal, just what i needed slurp :P slurp :P burp, oooooops sorryyyyyy

  • Aup Pete, i'm sitting with my first glass of "falling down water now" :D :D

    i thought you might like those :D :D :D

    how have you been today? x

  • Ahhhhhh your sitting down before you fall down :D :D

    yes not a bad day at all thankyou Sue, better now though :D :D

  • And it will get better cause it's the start of the weekend yaaaaaassss :D :D

  • Wish i could see your pic Andi my phone won't let me, i'll look tomorrow :D :)

  • Think I'll have a cup of green tea in a minute! :o :D :D

  • Yeah :D you enjoy it gal :P :D

    I keep trying it :P :P needs something with it i think :o :|

  • Just going to have a read of your post Sue, wont be long :) :)

  • You enjoy Andi, i just can't take it though, i drink decaf tea by the bucket load :D :D

  • I find it best if you drink it quite hot and neat. I can't get on with any other kind of whacky tea - don't even like Earl Grey - too flowery for me. Never tried decaf tea but have decaf coffee quite a bit.

  • I don't think decaf tea tastes any different really, just means i can have a cuppa before bed :D :D i don't like early grey either, or the fruity ones, they don't seem right to me either :D :D

  • Sue Andi's got a bottle of whisky for you, and she has set somebody on to find your irn-bru toooo :D :D

  • I better watch myself tonight with all that whisky post :o :D :D

  • Hey Sue at least your in the right place if you go a bit wobbley gal - on your sofa, if i was you, i would get my jim-jams on, just in case you nodddd off gal :D :D

  • I'm way ahead of you Pete, put my Jim jams on about 2hours ago :D :D

    It won't take me long to get tipsy, about 3 drinks will do it :D :D

  • Sue am not trying to get you tipsy gal :) :)


  • :D :D :D :D :D :D good one Pete

    I'm off to bed now, i'm getting tired, nite nite sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx

  • Luv ya too Sue xxx :) i hope you have a good nights sleep after all that drink gal :) :)

    See you tomorrow :)

  • I'm gonna sign off now as eyes are getting droopy.

    Nite nite everybody, sleep well and see you all tomorrow. xxxx :)

  • Nite nite Andi sweet dreams :) xx

  • Nite nite Andi, you have a good sleep to eh, and keep your foot up gal :) :D

    Speak tomorrow Andi xxxx :) :)

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