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Daily Chat - Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Daily Chat - Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Good morning everyone

Well that's another smoke free day under our belts, well done everyone and another day of fresh air ahead.

I have double checked today, to make sure there is not another blog going on, as I don't want to start a second one off again :)

I hope you are all having a good day and feeling strong and calm and those cravings are staying away.

It's quite a nice day here today, not sunny but it's mild and not raining.

Speak to you soon.

Kaz xx

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Good Morning Everybody,

Thanks for starting today's chat off Kaz, Love the picture... you are a star

I made a start but then was doing a few other things at the same time. I kept on checking also before I actually posted

As I was typing in the date for todays daily chat and I couldn't believe that we are almost near the end of October!

23 days into Stoptober, I hope it's going well for you all :-) Remember that if you access a service offering support to help you stay stopped - such as here at Quit Support or your local stop smoking service (or both!) then you are 4 times more likely to stay stopped for at least 4 weeks. Following the idea behind the Stoptober campaign, if you stay stopped for at least 28 days, then you are 5 times more likely to stay stopped.

JillyGirl, it's a big day for you so we are sending lots of positive vibes your way. Love your photies at the end of yesterday's daily chat xx

Pete, you were up late last night :-) Glad to see that everything is going well though. You make sure you are using that inhalator properly and are not inhaling on it as a lot of people tend to think you are supposed to do. Remember that you kind of 'tut tut' or 'kiss' on it :-/

Kazz, hope you have an easy day at work today and don't find yourself having to walk around the ping pong table too much :-) Remember to practise any breathing exercises too so that you have them ready to pull out of the hat when you need to use them most.

JohnUK, are you actually putting the money that you have saved or have you spent it as you go along? Maybe you could treat yourself to something nice, maybe something to do with your music or those lovebirds you have :-)

Kengreen, how did the curtain hanging go? I'm also thinking about swapping the duvet over too. I hope that you find that everything smells much nicer and fresher now that you have quit. I remember that Pete mentioned a while ago that when he last quit he noticed that all his clean clothes in his wardrobe still smelt of smoke. So if you're looking for something to do, there's another job!

There are a few peeps that we haven't spoken to for a while, I hope you are all okay and doing well.. you know where we are if you need us :-)

Remember that the more days that you get under your belt as a non-smoker, the easier it will become :-)


Good morning everyone,

that's me just up, was gonna start the blog today, but i can rarely get up early, i struggle to sleep most nights

the weather is not to bad, a bit chilly

love your pic Kazz :) so true

thinking of you Jillygirl, and like Emjay, I'm sending positive vibes to you :)

I'm away to have my tablets before i forget :D :D

keep strong and stay positive everyone :) xx


Hello me again :)

Thanks Emjay, today isn't going too badly, I've had two lozenges, currently eating a sweet though , well it's a blackcurrant Opal Fruit (Starburst for you youngsters) so I class it as one of my 5 a day :)

I went to the supermarket earlier and had to go to the cigarette kiosk to get some stamps and it was fine, I wasn't in the slightest bit tempted to get anything else from there :)

I was also trying to get hold of a 2012 diary as I thought I could have a no smoking diary and do a bit of a Brigitte Jones, putting all the information I have on my spreadsheet, plus how many niQUITin minis I have had, as John suggested and also how many sweets I am eating and maybe my weight once a week just to keep everything in check. Well as you would expect they didn't have any 2012 diaries but I suppose it is a bit late in the day. Also I forgot to get a crossword book. I am sure my memory is going :) the other day I forgot to get the flowers, today the crossword book .. durrr !

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't sleep well again Sue, I hope you are not feeling too tired. It's horrible when you can't sleep and the night seems to drag. I hope you wake your husband up so that you have some company :)

Thinking of Jilygirl and wishing her well, I wonder if she's has had her pet scan yet.

Until later xxx


Hi Kazz,

I love the idea of a diary, might pinch that and start one next year :) I'm not to bad sleep wise, just get annoyed when i can't get up till late

I know what you mean about your memory, maybe your brain has gone on holiday with Andi, like mines has :D :D :D, well at least they'll be home soon :D :D

Chat later :) xxx


Afternoon Everybody,

Kaz, you can buy a half-yearly diary, or an academic diary that starts halfway through the year. There is also a shop called The Works, they usually sell of this year's diaries at a later date at more than half the price :D

Sue, I think diary keeping is great, especially when you can reflect back over it at a later date and think "was I really feeling or thinking that". It also helps with those lapses of memory ;-)

I have tried to post a couple of times earlier but everything seems to be really slow!

I hope those cravings are having a difficult time accessing you no-smokers :D


Hi Emjay,

I'm finding the site slow as well today, bit like me then :D :D

I don't know why i didn't think of a diary sooner, cause i keep one for my symptoms, it's easier when visiting the doc, will def start one soon :)

Cravings aren't getting me yet today, but i am vigilant, got my spear ready :D :D

Off to have a cuppa, don't think i'd survive without my tea :D :) xx


I didn't even know academic diaries existed EmJay and that is a great idea for what I need so that I can carry on into next year with it. I have ordered one off Amazon. I did find a cheap 2012 one on there as well but the academic one is much better.

I find writing things down and doing lists keeps me more focussed.

I have been finding the site slow today, but it seems to be improving a bit now, I thought it was my computer :)

I'm glad you have not been attacked by the cravings today Sue. It's good looking at it like they are the enemy, good idea and I do have my purple heat seeking spear to hand :) They haven't dared to bother me too much today either, the last couple of days have been much better for me.

Only 35 minutes to go then time to go home for some tea, I'm feeling hungry today.

Laters xxx


hi Kazz,

bet you can't wait to get home and kick your shoes off :)

If we both have our spears then i'll think we'll be okay today :), and if we need it we can always pinch one of Pete's :D

I decided to use the back of my notebook for my diary, then buy a 2013 one, might as well put the notebook to good use

enjoy your tea, bet it's yummy :) xx

Hope your having a good Emjay and not being worked too hard :) xx


Today is a busy day but nothing out of the ordinary for me. I'm just tying a few loose ends up here Sue as I'm off for a couple of days. My friend is getting married up in Dumfries. That's not as far up as you is it? I'll still be about on here though and Claire will be around on Friday :D

Writing things down is a great way to stay focussed Kaz, you could also keep a note of how much you've saved by not smoking that day and hopefully that will spur you on to treat yourself to that lovely bunch of flowers :D


Hi Emjay,

glad your having an easier day :)

I'm 98 miles away from Dumfries, it's a lovely place i used to go there a lot when i visited my aunt and uncle in a small village close to the

I'm in Dundee which is further north

It's lovely going to weddings, hope you have a great time :), I'm sure you will :) xx


Hi Emjay i was gonna do the new poll but i can''t remember when i stopped, could you tell me please :D :D :) xx


Unfortunately Sue, tea isn't that yummy tonight, it's chicken salad as I'm trying to lose the few pounds I've put on since I stopped smoking, but I am having stew, dumplings and mashed potato tomorrow night so if you want to come round you are welcome :) A girl can't live by salad alone :D

Well I am going out soon so I will say good night to you all and speak to you tomorrow. Have a good evening and keep those spears at the ready.

I hope you have had a good day Pete and not struggled with those pesky cravings.

Until tomorrow xx :)


Hi Kazz,

I'll be round tomorrow for that yummy tea :D :)

have a great night out,I'll see you tomorrow

night night :) xx


Evening All,

Sue, I've updated our Wall of Winners... Tuesday 25th September!!!!! 4 whole weeks today! Yaye! That's absolutely fantastic, how have we missed that?! It seems like it's flown over! Congratulations Missus!

Kazzachoc, have a fantabulous night whatever you're doing :-)

Pete, I'm sure you'll be around soon to welcome Andi back from her jollies and give her some stick... Careful though as I'm sure she'll be looking to get back into exercise again and may be a dab hand at using the spears that JillyGirl sent us :D

JillyGirl, hope you're resting and today went okay xx

Andi, ease yourself back into our climate and wrap up warm! When are you thinking of exercising again then? Welcome back to our nutty online family ;-)

Nice to hear from Lenne, hope all is good in the hood with you :-)

Have a nice evening everybody :-)


Hi Emjay,

can't believe it's 4 weeks already, it has flown by, hopefully the next 4 will do the same :)

and hopefully I'll remember now that my brain is back from it's holidays :D :D

Have a wonderful Emjay :) xx


I think maybe Andi took a little bt of each of us away with her :D


:D :D :D just wish she'd taken the rest of us :D :)


I just noticed that there hahahahah should have said a wonderful night :)


Hi Jillygirl,

I hope you've recovered from your scan, i'm sending positive vibes and ((((hugs)))) to you

night night, sweet dreams Jillygirl luv ya :) xxxx


Aup Sue you still awake gal, :)

Yeah had to work late again :X :P


Hi Pete,

that's terrible that they keep doing that to you, i might just have to come down there and spear them :D :D, at least your in now :)


Yeah am home now just having a quick look through the blogs

Its nice to see Andi back safe and well :) :)


Emjay, you say that i've got to tut or kiss the inhalator, well thats what am doing, i think :o hmmmmmmm i think you had best come down here and give me some kissing lessons :D :D


It's lovely to have her back :)

how have you been today, managing to get past those cravings? :)


So far so good Sue,

It's been harder today though, especially at work :( but got through it, but this morning was easier, when i got up, i didnt feel like one, so went into the bathroom for a wash, and to put my patch on, ha ha then i found yesterdays patch still stuck to my arm, i forgot to take it off when i went to bed :D :D might just try that again tonight and see what i feel like tomorrow ??!!


How have you been today, sorry you didnt have a good nights sleep gal, you will just have to make up for it tonight :) :) and have a nice lay in :) :)


Good i'm glad, if these pesky cravings come back tomorrow just let me know and i'll throw my spear at them, that'll get rid of them :D :D

you'll do this Pete, i know you will :)

I'm off to bed now, my hands are getting to sore to type

nite nite, sweet dreams Pete luv ya :) xx


Sue thank you so so much gal for having a chat with me, cus i get fed up with talking to myself :D :D

You get a good nights rest gal, so that your fighting fit for tomorrow, and keep them spears handy :) :)

Nite nite Sue God bless ya gal and luvs ya too xxx :)


Hi Dollydi, its nice to see you here, i see you quit on the 21st, huh a day before i did, so that means i'm still last on the wall of winners then :( :)

A big big well done for a start to you, :) :) you've made the first positive move to become an ex smoker, and good luck to you :) if you want to know anything just ask, there is loads of help and support on here, maybe speak soon eh :)

I just wondered if you are using any nrt, or if you are going cold turkey, thats all gal :) :)

Pete :)


Aup Kaz, i've left you till last tonight, just to make sure your in bed and dont get that heat seeking spear out to me :o :D or it might have been cus it sounds as if your a good cook :) stew and dumplings eh, might try that at the weekend, huh i bet my dumplings will turn out flat with no lumps :( :( your's sound much better :P :P yummy.

I hope you enjoyed your night out, and nite nite gal :) xx


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