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Daily chat: Wednesday 21st November 2012

Good morning everybody.

Weatherwise it's not so good though - I think it's forecast to be daylight at about 3 o'clock!

That won't stop us all being strong and positive on the not smoking front. Just think of all those poor smokers who are having to keep going outside in this naff weather and enjoy the freedom it's given you. :)

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Morning Andi and all, weather here in Liverpool is awful too, wet, windy but not cold, never mind without the bad there wouldnt be good!!!!. Happy day everyone.



Morning Andi, madmad and everyone, managed to beat my computer into submission and get it working again

images.clipartof.com/small/... :D :D

the weather here in Dundee is dull and grey, no rain today though, so that's something

have a great day everyone :)


Morning all - yes I think we can conclude that the weather

is awful where you are today! 15 Days today, got my C O reading this

evening and we are reducing my patches to the 15mg ones so we'll

see how I get on with them! Have a great day everyone - speak later.

Dawn xxx


Good Morning Everyone :D

Lovely wet weather here too, I'm sure I heard it was sunny in Scotland though Sue - following on from the flood warnings yesterday!

Anyway, wherever you are please make sure you are all nice and warm and if you do have to go out then wrap up warm, even more so for those of you that may have COPD.

Dawn, you'll be okay when it comes down to reducing your patches. However, just double check with your stop smoking advisor that it's the right time to start reducing already as you have only been using them for two weeks. You are now into your 3rd week of quitting you'll be at you first full month before you know it :D

Andi, I am having a C25K free night tonight, but I know already that I'm going to feel like I'm missing it. I have started to enjoy it, I'm just wondering whether it would be okay if I do the week 1 days every other day as my little reminder in my ear tells me to start walking, just as I feel I'm getting into it! I hope I can keep this momentum up! I feel like I'm running for an extra special reason now :-)

Sue, love the picture, glad to hear that you've won the battle with the computer :D How is your daughter and bump doing? I'm sure she'll be feeling a lot more into her regnancy now... Exciting :D

Mad, 7 months today... Boom!! Well done to you :D Keep up the motivation and carry on marching ahead :-)

I'm around for most of the day so if there is anything that you need more information on then please give me a shout :D

Please remember to try and stay as positive as possible and if you are feeling a bit on the low side, let us know and we'll do our best to cheer you up.

The cravings will pass whether or not you smoke...


Morning Emjay, I'm glad i got this old computer working again, it was touch and go for a while

some bits of scotland do have the sun, just not where i am, at least we didn't get the awful flooding, even though some of it happened not very far away from here

my daughter is doing great, she's really glad that her morning sickness has stopped, she is getting more excited cause she's got a little bump now :D :)

have a great day :) xx


Aaaaw bless her, I guess there's nothing worse than having that in between bump stage. As the bump gets bigger, granny-to-be's smile gets bigger :D


I know, my smile will get bigger, and she'll get grumpier carrying all that weight around :D :D


morning peeps just wanted to share something, i was at the bus stop this morning and while waiting for the bus this woman offered me a cig (urgh)this is the first time in 5 months i have been in that position as my circle of friends are all aware could have so easily accepted it and just lied to myself and everyone else(like i do about drinking)but no i politely turned down the offer and explained i had given up,pleased with myself about that :)


Hi Kengreen, well done, that's brill that you were able to say no :) don't know if i would have been that strong, at least today anyway, you should be really proud of yourself :) :)


It's really depressing here in Leicestershire, but I have a day off work and will be donning my wellies later to take my sisters dog for a walk,I do enjoy singing and walking in the rain and when it's like this no other nutters are out walking, apart from Daisy the Dog and Me ;)


Hi wonder, I used to like being out in the rain when i was younger

t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn... :D :D

don't know if i could do it now :D :D

have a great walk later :)


Hey Ken, good for you. Did it start a conversation about smoking and giving up? I wonder if the lady at the bust stop wondered whether she might wish she could give up too....? I bet you were well chuffed with yourself :D

Morning Wonder :-) You enjoy your singing and walking in the rain, why not even splash about in a few puddles too? I think that there are lots of people who love doing this but think they are 'too grown up' now... You may even brighten up a few people's day in Leicestershire if they see you :-/


Grown up at 41, think not :)


Good afternoon all!

By eck it's weather for ducks! I do quite like the rain actually, but I'm a tad strange (according to my daughter) ha!

Have been working this morning, having a quick cuppa, catching up on emails etc, then am preparing tea. Tonight we're have roast chicken, roast paprika potatoes, which are delish, swede and carrot crush ( a favourite in this house), honey roast parsnips and peas, with yorky puds for my daughter (I don't like them). Am collecting my daughter from school seeing as it's raining, kind mummy :)

Am going to wrap some pressies up later, first pressie exchange is Sunday, got friends from near Manchester here for lunch with their children.

I am putting my tree up the following weekend, between visiting friends and having guests for dinner again!

Just had a twirl in my computer chair, and am zipping in to action, woosh!

Have a great day everyone! Well done to everybody on another smoke free day!

I am pleased to say I am now feeling tickerty boo, 'cept for the occasional twinge with a dodgy tooth!

Hopefully catch up later



Hi Chuckles,

you've not half been busy today, wish i had your enrgy :D :D

your tea sound yummy, think i'll come to yours tonight :D :D :) i'm glad that your feeling better :) hope you get your tooth sorted soon :) mines is still sitting there, crumbling away, awe well at least i'm not in pain :o :D

have a great day :) x


Hi John, I'm with you there, i'm hoping for a good summer as well, think we deserve it after the horrid year :D i hope it gets better for Amor and Vida :)

Hope you have a great day :)


I just use a mildish Schwartz one for the potatoes to go with the chicken, I don't 'blend' my own. I do have some hot paprika, but it's too hot for my roast dinner. I put a very small amount of olive oil in to a bowl, add a 'good' dollop of paprika to it, with a couple of garlic cloves done in the garlic press. Then I wash and dice the potatoes (small), dry them off and toss them in the mixture and pop them in the oven, gas mark 6 for about 30 minutes.

The potatoes can be done with mixed herbs, curry powder, cayenne pepper, chilli powder, anything that appeals. There is very little oil used and they taste lovely!

I have been know to add diced peppers, red onion, carrots and parsnips to the mixture as well. I love oven roasted veggies.

That's what I love about winter, the 'winter warmers', one of my faves is home made butternut squash and sweet potato soup and of course home made veg soup with crusty bread. My mouth is watering now, and I've had lunch, no snacking, so nowt for my tum til tea time!

Happy cooking!


Hi John - I buy the smoky paprika from Sainsburys,

it's their own brand and very good!



Yoo hoo Sue!

I do seem to have lots of energy at the moment. A healthy diet, and plenty of exercise at work helps, together with my meditations. My daughter likens it to me having eaten a boat load of E numbers, ha!

The tooth has been dodgy for some time, it comes and goes. Have just had 2 lots of anti biotics, so it does feel lots better. I refuse to have the tooth taken out until I've saved up for an implant, the tooth is already crowned you see, and it's a front one, and no way am I having a false front toof!

Good luck with your tooth Sue, am so pleased that you've not got toothache, there's nothing worse (except for labour pains).

You are all more than welcome to come for tea, but it'll all be gone if you're not here for 5pm :)



Hiya Chickles, i'd want an implant as well, think there a bit expensive though, actually i'd like a whole mouthful of them :D :D

i'll make sure i'm at yours for 4.30pm, don't want to miss the yummy tea :D :) hopefully it will kick start my appetite

I'm off to get a cuppa, will chat later :)


Hi John,

The hot paprika I have isn't a Schwartz one, it's one I got from an Indian supermarket of all places and it's proper hot :)

I just use the mild one with the potatoes, sometimes I add a bit of cayenne. It's a case of what suits your palate and what compliments the meat/veg you're cooking. I'd use a more spicy mix if I was making a strogonoff or a lamb tagine.

The secret is not to have the potatoes too big, and make sure they all have a coating of oil, oh and the skins are left on. You can make 'wedges' the same way.

I'm sure that you'll find a balance of spices etc to suit.

Sue, the implant is £1,800! My not smoking money can pay for it :)

cheerio for now



For one tooth Chickles =-O won't be getting them then :D :D


Good afternoon everyone,

I see you're having a bit of a cook-in today with all your hints and tips. :)

John, other places you may not have thought of looking in is a Polish or asian supermarket if you have any near you. :)

Sue, when are you going to the dentist to get that tooth fixed? You don't want another weekend like last week do you? :o Funny how Chickles is having a problem tooth too. :D

Dawn, start of week 3 - onwards and upwards! :)

Emjay, glad you're enjoying the run - knew you would. :) R3 tomorrow then week2 at the weekend already! What's the extra special reason that your running for? :)

Kazz, hope you're enjoying your running today round that ping pong table. :)

Wonder, new picture of you? You look like you've lost a bit of weight. :)

Off for a cuppa and start making my dinner - leek and ham lasagne.


Hi Andi i will get my tooth fixed eventually, when i get the money, it'll have to be cut out my gum, will probably need stitches :o :D

not having tea yet, not really hungry at the mo, i hope you all enjoy your meals :) xx


Hi Andi - yes the start of week 3, it will be one month before we

know it - very happy! Going to my stop smoking pharmacy for

my CO reading and reduced patches after work. Will let you know how I

get on tomorrow!

Have a good evening everyone - I'm dreading walking home - the wind

is howling and it's p.....g down...lol!

Dawn xxx


Poor you it cleared up here about 1 o'clock so I'd have thought it would have cleared there by now. :( Even the wind seems to have died down a bit now and the sky's clear as a bell. Good luck with tonight, see you tomorrow. :)


It has got a bit calmer now..Thank Goodness!

Have a good evening Andi and everybody else.

See you tomorrow!



Hey Dawn, don't forget to query about whether or not it might be a bit early for you to go on to the next patch down yet will you, wouldn't like to think you are putting yourself at risk of relapse. Maybe make sure you get another oral product to use as and when you need it :-)

Andi, I done R3 last night... stop tutting, I can hear you.... :-/ I'm staying in tonight and already wishing I could go out... I'm hoping to be able to build up my fitness and then dare to book in a run for our place and raise some money and awareness to help those affected by lung cancer. So if you fancy jogging along... :D

Sue, I'm loving your new photie :-) I hadn't realised that your poor peggy is still giving you stick. You really need to get it sorted. It's a good job that you've stopped smoking as I'm sure that by smoking would make it worse. I really am a mouse when it comes to going to the dentist.

Hey Chickles, you really are organised with preparing your eveing meal early and also getting your Christmas prezzies sorted. With regards to dentists, last month, Claire and I trained up a couple of dentists and dental nurses in smoking cessation and they said that they would never perform implant treatments on smokers as it just won't work and is a complete waste of money. Again, it's a good job you've stopped :D

John, you seem to have such a lovely connection with Spain, food, decor, guitar music. It's lovely to hear :-)

I have had so much trouble trying to post on here the past hour or so... Never mind, keep smiling!


Hiya Emjay, after reading on "the other side" all the time they stress how important it is to have the rest days (I'm sure that for people like us on week 1 it's not quite so bad. :o ) cos that's when your muscles repair themselves and get stronger. I'm sure that's what my problem was partly in the summer - using the muscles in a way they'd never been used before (although you say you used to run) and possibly too much too soon. :( If I ever get that far it would be great to do some charity runs. :) My ankle is going quite well but I've made an appointment with the doc tomorrow so I can get a physio referral and hope that it's pretty soon. At the moment I'm not planning to start up the running again until February as I don't want to risk any more injuries at the moment. Enjoy your run tomorrow. :) :)


Well, tea was delish, if I do say so myself :)

Emjay, I am an organised person, honest :) Re the implants, over the past few years I've had a few consultations, some dentists aren't bothered whether you smoke or not! Most do like you to be stopped for 6 months, as the success rate is higher. The success rate is in the high 90's now, which is great! No way would I risk the lack of success due to me smoking! That would be a rather expensive faux pas :)

I have an easy day workwise tomorrow so I can crack on with some jobs at home. I 'retired' from my career job 4 years ago, after 6 months I had to get a job, so I now work parttime, and I have no stress at all, which is brilliant!

Fortunately I don't meet a lot of smokers during the course of my working day which has really helped. My last part-time job, everybody smoked like chimneys!

Good luck with the running Emjay! Hope your ankle is a lot easier now Andi, you're doing the right thing resting it and you'll definitely benefit from physio.

Am off to potter about on the internet, am looking for an orange lamp!


Hi Everyone, thought I would bob in and see what your all up to. Toothy day today , I hate anything to do with teeth. If any of us win the lottery I think we should all go and get a job lot of implants. Might get discount.


Sounds like your all busy cooking today. Must be the weather.. I have just made a big tray of flap jack. (not good for teeth) and we had a beef stew and dumplings for tea. Trying to keep my strength up.

Hubby wanted to know what I was doing this aft as I was running up and downstairs.

I told him because the surgeon told me to stay in so I dont catch a cold or flu off anyone, I thougtht I would try and exercise in the house. Bit out of puff but at least I know its not with just having a ciggy.


Sue how is that grand child/bump getting on? bet you cant wait. :)

Andi I see you and Emjay are keeping fit. hope the ankle is ok now.

Chickles, Hope you find your orange lamp.


Dawn hope the co reading is good . I am sure it will be.

John you will have to have a dish of nibbles next to the pc, then perhaps you wont get the cravings.

Wonder grown up at 41 wait till you get to 63 Start getting dafter then. :D

Madmad, love that saying about bad and good. :)

Pete hope you are keeping ok and not working to hard.

catch up later. :)


Hi Jillygirl, ooooooo its sooooo good to see you back gal, aint half missed ya :( :(

So your doing exercises then, just wondered if you had a big ball :D :D



Hiya Jilly, nice to see you. :)

Say, that first pic of yours, are you sure they haven't all gone outside to have a fag? :o :D

So you've got to keep away from people - that's a bit tough but you don't want to have any delays in your treatment cos that would be even worse! Just keep coming on here then and act your age! :D :D :D



Andi, that is brilliant. I am going to have to copy that one. :D


I found something really good yesterday but haven't a clue today where I found it (if you know what I mean :o ) :D


Yeah I do know what you mean. thats whats stupid about it. :D

off to watch masterchef. back soon. :)


Aup Andi, just looooove the pic gal, like Jillygirl, i've just copied it too :D :D

Hows your ankle getting on ?! :o


Hi everybody,

Its been busy again, sounds like everybody is cooking today hmmmmm smells yummy :P too :) :) off to do some more reading , see you in a bit :)


Aup Pete, how was your day? I think you've been having a better week of it this week? Bosses behaving themselves? If you read this out loud, do you sound Australian? :D :D


Good day Andi, you keeping alright Sheila :D :D


Ankle. Improving a bit each day but still quite swollen and full range of motion not possible yet and still hurting in places.Went spinning this morning but couldn't stand up on the pedals. Am seeing doc tomorrow to hopefully get a physio referral. Hope this will be quick or I'll have to go private again but that's a bit costly. :o :)


I think i should come down there and give it a massage gal :) :)


Oooooooo! Yes pleeeeeeeeeease! :D :D :D


I cant remember shaving my tash off :o :| perhaps i slipped when i was shaving your legs :D :D


I don't shave my legs - I go sugaring! :D :D


What the flippin ecks sugaring ?? :o


Hay Jilly, hope you enjoyed Masterchef, I'm off to catch up with I'm a celeb so will sign off now. Sleep well and see you tomorrow. xx :)

Pete, I'm off now, sleep well. xx :)

Nite nite everyone. :)


Nite nite Andi, you enjoy watching celeb, sweet dreams and luvs ya xx :) :)


Hi Jilly, you're very wise staying away from people with colds and flu, you don't want any setbacks. A big well done to you running up and down stairs!

Have found a lovely orange lamp, but no way am I paying £280! Ha! I've seen a nice one, that's more affordable but I'll have a mooch about when I next go in to Leeds.

Coooee Pete, hope that you're having a great day!

Tooth is feeling lots better, it just twinges every so often, I have got some anti-biotics in my medicine cupboard, just incase it gets bad again.

Am back at the dentist next Wednesday morning.

The pics that you put up really make me smile!

I think that a bubble bath is on my agenda for later, a relaxing soak with candles lit and some incense burning...bliss...

Hope everyone is having a super evening, without cravings, or with manageable cravings!



Hi Chickles, sorry to hear about your poor tooth gal, hmmmmm i reckon you've deserved a nice relaxing bubble bath :-


Sorryyyyyyyyy not sure where the candles went tooooo :D :D


Forgot celeb was on back later. :) sorry Pete. :O


You neednt be sorry Jillygirl, speak to you tomorrow :) :)

You enjoy celeb gal and nite nite to ya, luvs ya too xxxx :) :)


Have a good nights sleep gal :) :)


Certain to sleep well in that . nite nite.

love ya toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

:) :) :)


The bed looks wonderful!

The bubble bath looks bliss, imagine all those bubbles!

Nighty night and sweet dreams



Nite andi . sweet dreams. xx :)


Nite nite chickles . sweet dreams :) :)


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