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Morning folks, I don't know where everyone is this morning so I've opened up.

Sorry there's not a lovely picture but I'm c..p with things like that.

Well I hope everybody had a good nights rest. It's a beautiful autumnal day here

in London and it's day 2 for me. My OH is still smoking but I didn't give in to

temptation. I was so tired and in bed by 9 o'clock last night which is way to early

for me but I think my body needed the rest after my hectic weekend. I'm feeling

OK today but very chesty but I know that's my lungs getting rid of all the nasty stuff,

apart from that all is good and am still feeling positive.

Anyway hope you all have a good smoke free day!

Dawn xxx

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Good morning Dawn :)

Day 2 thats just great gal, i see your like me, my partner is still smoking, so i know how hard it is for you, her brother who also lives with us smokes as well :P :(

You stay focused Dawn ans show your OH that temptation dosnt bother you :) :)

Pete xx


OOOOOOOOOOOOh! where did you come from. The man of my dreams :D

you just bet me chatting to Dawn. well its mid week Pete I hope your staying strong.

Have a good day and dont work too hard. :) xxxxx


Hmmmmm Jillygirl you say that i am your man of your dreams, erm are these the nightmares you've been having :o ;| :( :(


Hi Dawn, Good morning to you. Glad your staying positive. I think feeling tired at first is pretty normal, besides it will do you good. I think you are doing great.

Not too bad here in yorkshire keeps looking like rain then it brightens up.

keedp up the good work . xxxxxx :)



Hi John, I fell asleep about 2.00am had radio on listening to election. Glad your doing really well and the cravings have just about gone. Your a winner!

By the way there are 2 blogs today and most of them on Petes. If you wonder where everyone is. :)

take care. xx


Aup John, thats great to hear, the less you think about ciggies the easier it should become for you :) :) as for watching the USA election results, erm its just not my thing, i'm afraid :(

I hope the rest of the day goes well for you :)


Hi John

How long have you been quit for now? As you know I'm on day 2 again and not

finding it too difficult apart from OH still smoking! I'm using the patches and find it really

easy with them. I don't put one on till after my shower in the morning and then I have my

first coffee because I think if I had a coffee before putting on the patch I would crave for

a ciggie lol! Anyway I'm feeling positive and determined not to be tempted again! We all

know that having 'just that one' send us back on the road to smoking. So onwards and upwards.

Have a good day.



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