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DAILY CHAT / FRIDAY/ 21/09/2012

DAILY CHAT / FRIDAY/ 21/09/2012

Good Morning everyone,

Like Andi said the other day Autumn is upon us. Into another season of the year. Another reason to quit smoking. Colder days and nights, no more opening doors and windows or standing outside while you have a smoke. Now you can stay in comfort, without feeling guilty or frustrated. Easier to get your breath when the air turns chilly. Just a few reasons why it`s healthier when your not a smoker.

Enjoy your day, and keep focused and happy. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

Nice autumnal morning but overcast. Had to put the heating on to take the edge off so more comfortable indoors. My legs are aching today so I must have been worked hard yesterday. :o Got some exercises to do whilst away - we'll see if I can manage them sometimes - he doesn't reckon I will! :D :D

Onwards with the prep - see you later. :)


morning everyone :)

I'm determined to have a lazy day today, still haven't managed one, was at my daughters all day yesterday helping her with her house, she's decorating her living room, by the time i got home i was exhausted and sore so had a shower and went to bed

It's autumn here all right, bright and sunny but cold, just the weather i like :D


Morning girls. Pouring down here. grey and miserable( bit like hubby ha ha ) sent him shopping whilst i pack suitcases , and tidy round.

Sue its time your daughter started to help you, get her told you need a rest. :)

Andi hope your aching goes away. leave you to your packing. :)


Hi Jillygirl, i have told her enough is enough now, she's young and fit and i'm not :D :D

Hope you both have wonderful holidays, soooo jealous :D :D


thanks love. :)


love your picture Jillygirl i could just walk right into it, reminds me of the holidays my family used to go on when i was a child :)


Good morning Ladies, yep miserable here too :( just stopped raining so might brighten up in a bit :) :)


Morning Pete, hope your ok love. busy at the mo. will call back to chat later on. :)


Morning everyone, Autumn is here but it seems as though the North never quite got to meet the Summer this year...

You two holiday going girls... when are you setting off? I so want to be planning a holiday, jetting off to Nepal like Andi would suit me down to the ground.

Looks like, we'll stay here and be jealous together Sue :X

For those of you who are getting wrapped up and ready for not so warmer weather... As the weather takes a turn and starts to feel a lot colder, there are some of you whose health may be affected, for example for those of you living with respiratory (breathing) problems such as COPD. Stopping smoking can and will make such a difference to your life.

If you are still thinking about quitting, then now is the time to start setting and planning towards a quit date. Why not brave it and think about joining in with many others who have already signed up for the Stoptober campaign?

More details to be found at;


If you get support from a service such as Quit Support or your local stop smoking service, then you are 4 times more likely to stay quit at 4 weeks. If you stop smoking for at least 28 days, then you are more likely to stay quit for good :-)

Try and get as much help and support as possible and strengthen your quit plan.


"If it's to be, then it's up to me!"

Today is a good day :-)


Morning Emjay, you can always come and see me at Blackpool next week. :) Wont be as nice if its cold. brrrrrrrrrr. but its a break. :)


Morning Emjay, yes i'm jealous like you and Sue are :(

Just wondering about opening the Daily chat, cus i'm working 6am to 6pm next week, so wont have much time :( but will open the weekend chat if you like :)

Speak in a bit :)


morning peeps,back hurts but i got to go to the shops so one more cup of coffee and im off .this is the 7th day of week 11 smoke free(it feels longer than that) positive thoughts i was asked ,well i think you got to do it one day at a time.the long term goal being not to smoke again,i find the best way to do it is one day at a time,everyday being today i wont smoke,hope that helps its my way of thinking about it.you all have a good day :)


Hi Ken, sorry to hear your backs still playing up :( yes i think i'm like you just take one day at a time and deal with that :)

Have a good smoke free day pal, speak soon :)


Hi ken , hope your back eases soon. get your shopping then sit with your feet up. :) Well done on reaching 11 weeks brill.!


Hey Ken, that's 3 whole months isn't it? You've done ever so well. Stopping smoking for a whole quarter of a year already! Brilliant :-) Taking one day at a time is a good way, and if things get tough at all, then just go with the half days and if you really need to.. hour by hour. Keep up the good positive vibes :-)

Pete, let's hire a couple of donkeys and go trekking around Blackpool, visiting Jillygirl :-) You are doing amazingly well, you just have to think that you are only giving up that one cigarette... That's all it takes, just by not smoking the very next one that you think you want. Remembering that you don't really want it, you just think you do :-/


Hi Emjay, won't actually be doing much trekking but will be doing lots of sitting I think in mini buses or cars or something so will be expecting a well-dodgy back along the way. :o :D Just realised my hand luggage allowance on 2nd flight is only small so change of plan. Has to be a rucksack now so don't want that to be too heavy. :|


Hi everyone

got the housework and done and had something to eat

Jillygirl, Andi you both got your packing done, bet you can't wait to get going now :) i always hated packing, but unpacking was worse, i never want to come home

Ken well done on three months, that's brill, it's good thinking about not smoking one day at a time, i think it makes it easier to deal with :) hope your back is better soon, i know how painful that can be

Pete what you up to today, cleaning your van :D

I was wondering about the daily chat as well, i sleep in a lot because i can't sleep at night,i'm sometimes awake till 4am :( i will try to start one, just can't guarantee when i'll get up

nice to see you Emjay hope your having a nice day :)

i can't join stoptober it's for England only, might go down to my local chemst i'm sure they have help for this, i have started waiting longer before my first pig, today it was 12, so getting there slowly but surely :)


Hi Sue, no not packed yet, still collecting stuff together. :o I think it might have been easier if I'd booked Blackpool! : D It's just complicated cos have to be prepared for anything (yes I was a Girl Guide!) :| At least I won't have to do any housework for a month. ;-) :)


No Housework, in my dreams i don't have any ;-) :)


Sue, there's no reason why you still can't do your own Stoptober, with us :D In fact, if you message me your postcode, I'll see where your local service is and make sure there is somebody who'll take care of you. On top of any support that we can give you here, you're bound to be onto a winner :-)

I can open daily chat for everyone next week if it hasn't been opened by anybody else :D


Thanks Emjay i'll message you that shortly :)


Right that's that done

I phoned up the number Emjay gave me and i go to a local stop smoking group on Monday afternoon, and it goes all year, even better as some only last 12 weeks

so between that and all you lovely people on here i will succeed this time :)


Of course you will Sue. You`ve got the right attitude. you can do it. :) :) :)


Thank you Jillygirl

I was gonna wait till october to stop, then i thought why? that's just putting it off, so monday is D-Day :)


Sue i think your right gal, cus the sooner you can get off them piggies the better, i think of it as riding a horse, if you fall off it, the sooner you get back on it the better :) :)

And hey as well young Lady, i hope you will be gentle with me next week :) cus am hoping to have a rest from them two b____s erm Ladies :D :D


Hi Pete

your right, should stop as soon as possible :)

we can have a party when they're away :D :D :D


TOOOOOOOO rite gal :D :D :D :D :D


Jilly, what a pretty stamp. :)

Sue, good for you! :) There, you've said it in public now! :o Hopefully all's started settling down a bit now for you in your life and health. Are you going to use nrt or anything this time? You and Pete can take it in turns sitting on each other's shoulders next week! :D :D Sorry I won't be here for you but I will look forward to the good news when I get back. :)


Hey i want a post card :P :P


Hi Andi

I thought i'd use the inhalators this time, just for some extra help, then if anything does happen i'll use them instead

Things are a lot better now which is why i thought i'd start now

Yeh me and Pete will keep each other right :) we're not gonna start again :) i won't let him :D :)

you have a great holiday , sooo jealous lol, and when you get back we'll be smoke free :)


You and me tooooooo Sue :) :)

I wont get home until 7pm - 7.30pm and by the time i've had my shower and got changed and things, probs about 8pm when i finally appear, but will be here :) :) i promise you :) :)


so will i Pete, couldn't start the party without you :D :D :)


Sue, I'm sure you know from Pete's past experiences that you don't actually suck them but kinda 'kiss' them. If you have any problems with it I'm sure he'll zoom up after work to demonstrate his technique for you. ;-) (Unless 'her indoors' gets wind of his plans.) :D :D


Jillygirl I just looooove your new pic gal :) :)

Makes me want to float away somewhere nice :) :) :o


Thanks Pete, Was going to post this in the morning , then I thought andi wouldnt see it so here you are :- :)

Sorry Pete but its time to go,

No Jilly , no Andi to run the show.

We shall miss you I`m sure you know,

But you keep focused hold on and dont let go.

We know you can struggle , but " well!" (your a man :D )

But you CAN do it we know you can.

Working those shifts doesn`t help you at all,

But if piggys around , give Emjay a call.

I shall see you in a weeks time,

So you look after that cafe of mine.

Andi and I really love you,

And your other admirer is faithful Sue.

So here`s a pressie from the terrible two :) :) :D :D :P P :O :O :) :)



Jilly I think this is one of your best ones yet! :D :D :|


Jillygirl, that is so so lovely, its just took me 10 mins to write this, cus i cant stop my eyes watering, so cant see the flipppppinkeybord , need specks with windowipers on the inside :) :o

Jillygirl - you are one hell of a gorgeous, gorgeous Lady, and i hope your Hubby knows that :) :)


I think I'm going to be floating at some time - down a river in Nepal on some kind of raft - hope I don't fall in! :o Not sure I fancy falling in the Ganges though. :P :D


ugh! they use that river for everything dont they. Sure you`ll enjoy it.

p.s. got msg. :)


Yes i think it may be a bit iffffffy going in for a dip in the Ganges gal, one way to find out, is to push someone in first, if they come up blue ;o then give it a miss :D :D


Huh you havnt sent me a message :( :(


We decided last thing last night to put comments in the large comment box at the bottom of the page, to save us scrolling up and down. what do you think. ? Just when we are all on line. Not bad when its quiet. ( there nosey you`ve not missed owt, ;P )


Got to finish packing now, be back later. :)


good idea Jillygirl, that will be easier,

I always miss comments when there put everywhere :)


Glad you understood that. :)


yes my brain works sometimes, not a lot though :D :D :D


Now you sound lik Pete. :D :D

going to get my bath now. call back in a while. ;)


just noticed that :D it's funny how that sometimes happens if you speak to someone a lot :D

be back later myself, away to have a shower :)


Oy Sue, thank you very much for that comment, flippin luv ya too :P


I'm with you Girlies on that one, cus as Andi said last night, going dizzy mannnnn :o :o

Thank you so much for that ditto Jillygirl, I have saved it and printed it off and putting it with all the others :) :)


Bless you Pete. Dont work too hard next week, do you hear me. ?

will bob back about 9.30. so see you in a bit. :)


I will be in bed by then Jillygirl, so you enjoy your hols gal and dont you nagg too much at hubby and his driving - or bad driving :o :D

luv ya xx you get a good nights sleep :) :) I hope you have the most beautiful dream ever :) :)

Take care :) :)

Pete :) :) xxxxx


luv ya too Pete :D :)


I need to go now everyone, my old hands are getting too sore now, need a tablet and a cuppa

Jillygirl and Andi you both have lovely holidays and will see you when you get back :)

see you later Pete for our party :D :D :)

sweet dreams everyone :) x


Hiya Pete, I'm sure I've spoken to you today, if I haven't I'm truly sorry and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. :( :D I posted to Sue earlier cos I think she might be needing help with the inhalator next week - you must have missed that one. :o

Anyway, I did all my ablutions this morning cos us girls have to do lots of extra things when we go on our hols, don't we girls?! hehe :o Now finished my packing, just got to sort out my handbag, make a sandwich and book a taxi for the morning and then that'll be it. Will have to go to bed then as my bus leaves at 5a.m. :o

In the old days I would probably have got through about 30 or more fags on a day like today - I think I must have eaten about a dozen mints so not bad going methinks! :|


Ace Andi, as i've said before :) cant fault you gal, i have see your post to Sue, and i assure you i will do my very best to help her, well you know i will :)

I aint half going to miss you and your big words Andi, please come back to us eh :)

Luv ya gal xxxxx Pete :)


Andi, am not sure when your departing, but if i miss you !! YOU FLIPPIN ENJOY GAL do you hear me :X got a sore throat now with shouting :( :o

Andi my cat Monkey has just jumped onto my lap, dont know why, cus have fed her, and pampered her, ha ha she's trying to get on the keyboard :D :) maybe she wants to send you a message, as in enjoy-begood-behave-dont do anythink i wouldnt do- be safe !! and take care, cus she wants you back here in one piece :) :) and so do I :) :)

Enjoy your sleep Andi, - sweet dreams xxxxx Pete :)


Right that's me done. :)

I hope you all sleep well and behave yourselves! ;-)

Jilly, have a lovely time in St Anne's/Blackpool. x :)

Sue, good luck with your quit and I hope your health improves while I'm away - why don't you book yourself into a health farm with your savings? x :)

Pete don't overdo it on the work front and I hope you'll have broken in those gelly lycra pants by the time I get back! x :o :D :)

Emjay, I will expect you to have signed up for a 5K or maybe a triathlon by the time I get back! Have fun keeping you-know-who in toe! hehe x :|

Lenne, give all those kittys a cuddle from me. :)

Everyone else, hope you manage to stay strong and keep going, especially if you're going to be a Stoptober person. :)

Will miss you all, see you when I get back! :) :) :)


I'll be waiting for ya :D :)


What super people on here. Andi enjoy your hol. Sue and Pete you two take care of each other. luv ya all. See you next weekend. nite nite gd bless. :)



You are all so, so fab.... You have almost (not quite, but very close!) had me in tears tonight xx

Have a lovely holiday Jillygirl and Andi. We'll be here and waiting to hear about your adventures when you get back.

It's the Lverpool Marathon in a couple of weeks Andi, so you never know ha ha...

Good night everybody. See you tomorrow :D


morning Emjay, just had to pop on and see you before setting off. Take care and thanks for all your help. see you next week. :)

You tell Pete he isnt getting a kiss me quick hat if he doesnt behave, :D


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