Good morning, Sunday and the end of a week, or perhaps the start of a week for some.

Another week to continue being quit, or perhaps a day to prepare for being quit.

Lots of people are starting tomorrow , so get thinking what you can do to take your mind off those cigarettes. Like Pete mentioned get yourself some snacks ready.Much better to nibble on those than going for a smoke. It seems that the weather forecast is for a very cold week , just think no more going outside and shivering just for a smoke, :(

much cosier inside.


Well I will call back later, going to get my bowl of museli now. :)

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  • Morning Jillygirl, that's me just p and had my tablets, so that's another hour before i can eat, just as well i'm not hungry :D

    It's raining here, and a bit chilly, so not a day for going out :D :D

    Trying for a lazy day, not managed one yet, but gonna have one today

    going to get my papers now, will chat in a bit :) x

  • morning Sue, Know what you mean about tablets, I have to drink a full glass of water with mine and with food. bit of a pain as always need to be near the bathroom. As for a lazy day you do right. I`m busy washing and ironing today flippin holiday washes you know what its like. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, that's the bit i hate about holidays, that and coming home, i never want to do that

    Andi will be having a great time i bet, in the warm sun, while we shiver :D :D i hope she is anyway :)

    wonder where Pete's got to, hope he's not stuck up his ladder :D :D :D

    Away to get a cuppa, chat in a bit :) x

  • hi Sue, think i might have spotted Pete. :D


  • :D :D :D :D :D :D that's brilliant

  • Good day Ladies and all :) flippin rain and wind again here today, so no work on the guttering today by the looks of it :(

    Jillygirl - ha ha ha - just luv the pic gal :D :D even got my tash !! but erm i'm not quite so rolly-polly as he is :P :P now then get on with your ironing :D :D

    Sue i thought you were going to have a lazy day yesterday !! so you get one today, do you hear me gal :) :)

  • Good afternoon Pete, Hope your ok. May be the weather will make you have a rest today. Your always busy. OK then i will get on with the ironing.


    p.s. your not a roly poly, your just a lovely cuddly person. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, me have a rest :o you must be joking gal, got jobs coming out of my ears, i have :D :D just making a legless table for the conservatory now, but really it is resting for me cus i love working with wood, and it smells gorgeous in my garage :) :) with sawing & planing the wood, so you see i'm enjoying myself :D :D

    Luv the pic gal :D :D i think you've got enough steam without a steamiron :D :D

  • Ah! it`s wood your into. good job your not smoking then what a fire hazzard. :D


  • Hey somebody's pinched mi tash :D :o

  • ooops! think it caught fire. :D

  • A legless table.......is that not called a plank? lol

  • Hi Pete, Yeh i"n gonna have a lazy day, too sore to do anything anyway, what you gonna do with yourself today, you gonna have a lazy one as well after your hard week, or maybe potter about in your shed :D

    me, i'm away to put the kettle on, time for a cuppa :) :)

  • buy an e-cig ( a good quality one ), I smoked for 30 years and tried everything to stop but failed, I am still addicted to nicotine but have now been tobacco free for over 3 years.

  • Hi nomoresmokeforme, Pleased to meet you. I am approaching 6 months of being smokefree, its nice to hear from others and how well they are doing. 3 years is brilliant I bet you feel much healthier now. Thanks for letting others know I am sure this encourages people. :)

  • Thanks Jilly, feel so much healthier now ( 20 years younger ), very angry however that the powers that be will not actively promote e-cigs, they have save 1000's of lives but vested interests are desperately trying to discredit them.

  • Hi nomoresmokeforme, nice to meet you, erm you say a good quality e-cig !! so where would you get one of those from ??

    E-cigs havent been tested in this country yet :o well there no results yet should i say !! but very well done for beeing quit for 3 years, nice one :) :)

    Pete :)

  • I would try try an ego-t model or a vision v3, stay well away from the cig-alikes that you find in garages and supermarkets. I buy from vape-escape in Rochdale ( excellent next day delivery - I have no connection with them other than being a customer )

    There are 1000's of personal testimonies as to their effectiveness on the web and various vaping forums and an increasing number of studies that show they are orders of magnitude safer than the stinkies I used to smoke.



  • Thank you very much for the information, nomoresmokeforme, like you say it's got to be better for you than the actual stinkies :D :)

    Nice one and thank you very much for this information :) :)

  • HEY PETE , which style is yours then ? will post one to you express delivery. :P


  • :D :D :D i think he's style 3 Jillygirl

    just wondering what a legless table looks like, did he take it to the pub :D :D :D

  • yes I think they call it a tray. good for carrying pints of lager. :D

    Style 3 looks like you put it on your head. Mind you never asked him if he was bald!

    Better wait and see. erm ! balding moustache and hazel eyes.

    Found him! :D :D :D


  • Hahahahaha i love it

  • Right that's the shopping ordered, hubby did it yesterday, but typical of him left a load of stuff out that we needed, he should leave it to me :D, he usually overspends as well, just as well i don't need those piggies anymore or i'd be bankrupt :D : D

  • Huh flippin luv you 2 tooooo :P :P Jillygirl i aint half goin to give you a spankin when i get hold of ya, flippin Woman you, and who stuck that flippin pin in the side of my neck :o :|

    As for No 3 thats my hair and tash combined :D :D

  • Think the pin is from andi with the voodoo doll. :)

  • I would not be surprised, huh she hasnt sent me a post card yet :(

  • And for your information Ladies, a legless table is a table that has no legs :D :D :D :D not a flippin tray, nor did i get it from the flippin pub Suesie ousie, cus i aint bin down there today see :P :P

    A legless table is one that is fixed to the wall with precision and expertness, so you dont need legs :P :P :D :D

  • ooh! if you fix me to the wall will i be legless. no more nora battys. :P


  • Rite had my 10 min break, so now have got to get back to it :) speak later, just luv ya :) :)

  • Hi Jillygirl and Pete.

    gonna have to leave not feeling well at all, i need to get to my cosy bed

    have a great night, sweet dreams

    luv ya both

    sue :) x

  • Hey Sue i'm so so sorry gal, i got tooo engrossed, in the woodwork, i'm sorry you are feeling bad, i just hope that you feel better tomorrow :) :)

    Sweet dreams to you as well, luv ya loads gal xxxx :)

  • Night night Sue, hope you feel better soon. see you tomorrow. sweet dreams , god bless. luv ya. xx :)

  • Pete where are you have you gone to bed too? going to watch tv for a while call back later. If i miss you nite nite sweet dreams . luv ya. XX :)

  • Av just come in Jillygirl

  • Go on then i`ll let you off. have you finished your carpentery?

    what shift you on tomorrow. I wont be on most of the day as got hospital 11.30 . dont know how long it will take. going to sign off soon so luv ya lots. tell your missus she`s a lucky lady to have you. Even if you are as daft as a brush. xxx


  • Jillygirl, i hope your still here gal, so sorry but there's a man called JohnUK that needs help, :) :)

  • Jillygirl, i thankyou verymuch young Lady, but do i really look like a bog brush :P :P

    Hey Jilygirl, i hope your hospital visit goes ok :) :)

    I'm on 9 am untill 6pm This week, i think :o

  • Jillygirl, am so so sorry i missed you, but i will be back, :D :D you cant get rid of me that easy :P :P

    Good night Jillygirl, and love you to bits gal xxxxx i do, cus my granddad told me, that i would meet a Woman in a million !!, now i have :) :)

  • Bless you Pete. you big softy. xx

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