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My heart was filled with such delight as I stepped out

and thought my family might have survived.

I couldn't believe the war was over.

I felt like birds in freedom flying, flying out of sight.

I remembered the people that fought with me and to myself I exclaimed


As I stepped onto a piece of wood I saw it said "Rest in Peace"

So I shoved it into the ground and said

"We will remember

Always and Forever"

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Smiley Sunday is here today. :)

So smile away as you work and play, ;)

Smile because your happy, and things look good, ;)

Smile round the shops or when your cooking your food, :)

No matter whether your a woman or bloke, ;)

Smile even more because you dont smoke. :)



Morning Jillygirl and everyone,

I love your picture :) where did you find that verse, the words are so poignant :)

I still have to catch up on everything on here, but at least i'm feeling better, i'm glad about that, i missed chatting to you all :), think my thyroid med need altered

It's sunny here, but cold, i might wrap up later and go for a walk :),

Have a great smiley smoke free day :) :) xx


Good morning Jilly, Sue and everyone else. :)

Yes, I'm smiling this morning because the sun's shining 8-) and like Jilly's brill poem I'm not smoking. :) My fence looks like it is though as the sun hits it and melts the frost. :)

I'm so pleased to see you back Sue and that you're feeling much better today. :)


Morning Andi,

The frost here has all gone now, not the cold though brrr

i've been out a walk, the lovely colours of the autumn leaves had me smiling, especially with the sun shining on them :)

away to get a hot cuppa now, hope you have a great smiley day :) :) xx


A super smiley Sunday to you all :) :)

We've had a good frost here too, but the sun is smiling down now 8-) and with a gorgeous blue sky :) :)

Jillygirl, love your opening gal, just magic :)

Sue i'm glad your feeling better today and you keep smiling gal :)

Andi, you rest that flip-- erm smiley foot of your's and i should'nt bother digging today :)


Oy Chuckles,

Just read through last nights blogs and see that you got one in, '' after '' i'd gone to bed :P typical flippin Woman, get a bloke while his backs turned.

You have a smiley Sunday, creep creep :D :D


Good morning all!

Lovely words Jilly!

Well, I guess I'll be zooming in to action at noon, dancing with my Dyson, ironing, and food shopping. A woman's work is never done....:)

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather Sue and glad you're on the mend! I take thyroid meds too and am just waiting to see if the thyroxin needs adjusting! I have read that not smoking can affect the T3 levels. I should know by next Tuesday!

Have a great day everyone!



Good morning Pete, ha!

I am sure I'll have a fab Sunday! You have a good day too...I shall be on my guard today, waiting for witty retorts from you ;)


Hi Chickles, i see its time you got your dancing shoes on gal, i've just noticed that i called you Chuckles, sorrrrrrrrrry, cus i didnt mean too, honest :D :D


Hey Kaz got you something in case you have a thick head :D :D



Hiya Chickles and Pete, glad to see you're having a :) day. :)

Pete, do you want Kazz to have an overdose? We'd be very sad round here without her wit and wiseness. :(

ps aren't you on lumpy gravy duty at the mo? :)


Aup Andi, you've woke up then :) :)

I think i've excelled myself today with the lumpy gravy gal , cus I have made a lamb casserole but not too sure which are the pieces of lamb and the lumps of gravy :o :D :D


Hello everyone, would have been back on line sooner, but had company. I see you are all smiling today. :) :) :) :)

Sue it has made me smile seeing your feeling better, we all got worried about you. :)

I see Pete your on form , still dont know your chickles from your chuckles :P

Andi glad your ok love. hope the ankle is improving. :)

Kaz, you be careful with all those tablets Pete is throwing around, what is he like! :D

Chickles hope you have finished your dancing with the dyson. :)

See you all soon. :)


Aup Jillygirl, you been smiley snoozing as well then :D :)

As for Chickles and Chuckles i think my key board has gone smiley wonky :o :|

and as for the tablets, it was only meant to be 2 but the flippin cat nudged me :D :D

I hope you are keeping smiley today Jillygirl and you enjoyed your walk around the tarn yesterday :) :)


Hi Pete nope no smiley snoozing today. seems everyone keeps calling at my house today. :0


Good day to you too Andi, am a smiley person ;)

Have finished dancing, a coffee break and then it's Sainsbury's. Have cleaned the windows downstairs, they needed it! The sun was shining on them, they looked dreadful! Burning incense and candles leaves a sooty residue on them!

Hey Pete, Chickles, Chuckles it matters not, I've been called far worse :) I quite like Chuckles, ha!

Enjoy your lumpy stuff Pete, at least it's in a casserole.

I'm making roast chicken, with roast taties, swede and carrott crush, honey roast parsnips, peas and cabbage, with yorky puds and gravy. Am blinking starving!


Might just have to have a ride over near gargrave, Bet you`ve eaten dinner by the time I get there. :D


Gargrave, hmm i will goooooogle that :D :)

You and hubby have a nice ride out gal :) :)


chance would be nice. Other daughter calling in 10 mins. :)


Jillygirl there's note better than having your family around you, you enjoy gal :) :)

Speak later :) :)


Hmmmmmmm sounds better than my casserole erm Chuckles :( hmm dont like parsnips much, but if you force fed them to me, then i would have them :o just wondered what swede & carrot crush is, sounds yummy :P :)


Hi everyone,

I fell asleep there, still not sleeping very well

didn't know you were on thyroxine as well chickles, chuckles :D :D you right you need to alter your dose when you stop smoking, hope you manage to do this :)

think i'll pay everyone a visit for my tea :D :D, probably be next week before i got there though :D :D

hope your all having a super smiley day :) xx


Aup Sue, :) :)

If you want a kipp gal you have one, cus we all know you cant sleep much at night, So you put your feet up gal, and be happy :) :)



:D :D love the pink feet Pete :D

how's your lumpy gravy coming, i'm nearly at yours :D :D xx


Hey any of you got kindle ? if so have a look on madmad s blog.



brought pudding with me Pete :D :D :D


That's my pudding Sue, keep your hands off Pete, Chuckles - and you too Kazz! :)

All this talk of dinner - I just had a bit of day-old bread with some cheese, a carrot and a banana. :(

Just back from taking my neighbour for a trip to the cliff top - absolutely fabulous view, sea like a millpond and really warm sitting in the sun in one of those sheltered seats. :) Was getting stir crazy staying in on a day like today. :)


Pete, pink feet look a bit like mine - but it's purple! :D :D


Hi Andi,

you've not had much to eat, you better have the cake you need building up :)

sounds like you had a lovely time, it's way to cold here today for me to go out, tried earlier but didn't get far, so came home and had a hot chocolate, yummy :D :D

hope your resting your ankle now, otherwise it will take longer to heal, :) :) xx


Pete- Swede and carrott crush is swede and carrott mashed up with butter, a bit of creme fraiche and some chilli flakes, tis yummy! Tis like a virtual 'Come Dine With Me' on here :)

Sue- re thyroxine levels, have you got yours sorted yet? Blinking heck, don't say I'll be back to 6 week blood tests til it's sorted. Ah well, c'est la vie, tis better to be a non-smoker! I should have the results next Tuesday.

Hope everyone is having a fab day!



Hi chickles, mines not sorted, doctor doesn't believe that stopping smoking has any affect, so i hope yours is better, but your right it's better to be a non smoker :)

that swede and carrot crush sounds yummy, i'm gonna try that :) xx


Blimey Sue. Has your doctor done another thyroid function test? They've done mine because of my weird heartbeat, ha! I shall let you know how I get on with it.

I guess that after smoking since I was 14, 30 some years ago, that some withdrawal symptoms will last longer than others. Rome wasn't built in a day. My body is getting used to all this oxygen! When I was at A&E this week, they put the thingy on my thumb that measures oxygen levels, mine was 99%. Amazing!

My chest has felt fine for the last couple of days and today it's achy again, bloody thing lol

Butternut squash is lovely mashed with the same too. Pete, honey roast parsnips are delish, I'll eat yours ;)


Hi Chickles, brilliant oxygen levels, you must be so happy and smiley at that :) you'll soon get rid of all these nasty symptoms , my spears are on there way to zap them :D :)

I've not had a thyroid test since my last yearly check, she wanted to re test my T3, but

the lab refused to do it, think i might go private now, only on 75mcg of thyroxine,

hope you feel great tonight :) xx


The lab refused to do it? Why? I'm on 100mcg. My GP surgery is really good, even if one of them did try to pack me off to A&E in an ambulance lol

I think that your GP should do another TFT, as you're dipslaying symptoms of needing your dose adjusting! Sometimes you do need adjustments between tests. Blood test with test sheet indicating whats required goes to the lab, they do it, and who are they to question why! I'd be at the GP surgery as a 'resident' patient until they sorted it! You shouldn't have to go private! Things like this make me so annoyed! Keep on at your GP until they do another test, tell them that it's having an impact on your health and making you ill! I'd also ask them about their complaints procedure! That might give them food for thought!

Gosh, thank you for zapping my nasties with your spears! I sure hope it works! I am feeling positive, but have my moments, as we all do!



I have my moments as well, but noddy see's them :o :( :(


Awwwe Pete we see them, we're here for you xxx


I'm gonna do that Chickles, although i think the lab is the biggest problem, i'm on loads of thyroid sites about this, is your TSH comes back "in normal range" the lab don't test any further so trying to get my GP to put my thyroxine up anyway, i'll get there eventually i hope, cause in the meantime i feel rubbish, at least it can only get better, i hope :)

I'm glad your feeling positive, that makes me smile, i think that's half the battle :) :) xx


Andi it sounds like you need a good man, you cant live on that gal :( you need nourishment not punishment at your old age :D :D i myself would volentier to come down there to you and cook a hearty meal for you, but erm erm think of something quick Pete, am just thinking of my ticker, cus if i came down their you would make it race gal, gosh i think i got outa that one ok :) :)

i will have to go and have a kip now, cus mi eds urtin :o :(


Hope you feel better soon Pete xx


Sue i feel better already, after hearing your voice gal :) :)


we're all here for you Pete, me included :), i know what it's like when everybody thinks your fine when your not, you keep smiling :) xx


Bless Pete, I have visions of you as the 'Nakid Chef', am giggling here...

Sue re your blood test, I think your GP is telling porky pies! I always ask what my levels are when I have the blood tests, and the levels are on the computer at the GP's. I write them down! Your GP won't put your thyroxine up unless your levels have altered. If they put it too much it can have an adverse effect on the heart. Your GP needs to know your current levels to adjust your medication! Keep me posted as to how you get on chuck!

Aww poor Pete, hope your head feels better soon!

I think that a weekend away would do us all the world of good!

I'd love to go somewhere peaceful, where I could meditate, yet be with friends and drink copious amounts of wine, have a relaxing massage and just switch off from reality for a couple of days! Rejuvination is what's needed. I shall wait for some cheapy deals on Wowcher, ha!


Oy flippin Chuckles, less of the naked please, cus its flippin cold out there :P :o

Buuuuut as for having a peaceful weekend away somewhere, now your talking gal, i'l make you a deal, you pay for my stay and i will-

Carry your bags, give you some peacefulness, make you meditate, and let you drink erm some amounts of wine, and even in with the deal, i could perhaps just make a sooooooothing massage for you :) :)

There how does that sound :D :D


Hi Chickles, thanks for that, i'll let you know how things go :)

love your idea of a weekend away, i could do with that myself, it's a pity we couldn't all meet up somewhere, that would be a good laugh :D :D :)

hope you find somewhere to go :) xx


Sue i said somthing similar to you, what Chickles has said a few months ago, about your GP, if i was you i would confront her, because to be honest, i dont think she know's what you are going through gal, joking apart, i think you should Sue, and if your not happy, then change your GP :)

Sue i know that you go through hell some days, but with the right medication, you neednt :) :)


thanks Pete, i know i should, i just don't have the energy just now, saving what i have to keep all the piggies away, and keeping up with you lot :D :D :D :D :) xx


Sue just ace gal, love the pic :) :) :D :D :D :D


Blimey noddy, wot have you done to that chuckles - she's started dreaming about you with no clothes on! :o Shut your eyes everyone else! :) And on a :) Sunday too! Not at all sure that this is wot the site's all about - make sure we don't all get chucked off - please? :) :D :D


Oy flippin Andi,

Even if you did see me naked, hmmmm you'd only laugh anyway, cus erm cus you would :D :D :P :P


Hey smiley Pete! :)

I had my eyes shut too - and I didn't peek!! :o :D :D


Its not my fault :P :P


:D :D :D :D :D :)


Aww am loving your 'freinds are we', that's just so cute!

Ooooh a meet-up would be a great idea!

Alas it's too near Christmas now to be going anywhere, a busy time of year socially and workwise. I think I might have a day off in the New Year and go to a local spa for the day with a friend. The weekend will have to wait until Spring methinks.

My Christmas calendar is filling up nicely. Top tip...go visiting instead of having visitors then you get fed lol I love cooking, but at Christmas, after I've worked my socks off, I like to be a visitor. Next weekend am at a dinner dance, the weekend after have friends for lunch on the Sunday, and the weekend after works xmas do. Former works do to go to, a Reiki share group do and a good few visits to fit in! I just love Christmas! Whey hey! Am looking forward to a girlie day out shopping in York and an evening at the German market in Leeds.

It was funny yesterday, I said to my daughter that I wanted to put the tree up, she was horrified! She said I could put it up when the coca cola advert came on TV...guess what came on last night, yo victory for mum, ha! The tree will go up the weekend after next, it takes a good 3 hours, and vodka to do it :)

Gosh Pete, thanks for the offer of letting me pay, but I am a laydeeee and I couldn't possibley have a weekend away with a man! ( Am smiling here)

I am so, so glad that I found this site, you are all amazing, caring, witty people, who make me smile lots and give me the encouragement I need.

End of slush moment :)



Chuckles you have got it off to a ''T'' gal, :) :)

i just cant fault you in any way, and boy have i tried :( :(

You ''ENJOY '' gal, you deserve it :) :)

Hey but dont have tooooooo many vodka's eh :o ;|



Andi- the Nakid Chef is quite legit- it was Jamie Oliver's programme on telly, I didn't mean THAT kind of nakid, perhaps I should have said, ' I have visions of you as Jamie Oliver', but Pete might look nowt like Jamie! Oops soz, smiles sweetly...:)


Really? :D :D


your gonna be busy Chickles, i'm tired just thinking about it all :D :D I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time :)

Yaassssss, you can put your tree up now, i think you should do it sooner, i'm gonna put mine up soon, it always cheers me up :) :) xx


Goodness Chickles, fancy putting your tree up so soon. Mine usually goes up just before Christmas Eve then I keep it up til 12th Night - call me old-fashioned! :)


To be honest, we usually put our tree up rounabout the 2nd week In December...I have NEVER put my tree up in November before, but I am feeling very festive this year :)


Hi everyone, gotta go, my daughter and her huuby have just arrived, i'll try get back on later, if i can get them to go home early :D :D,

In case i don't manage hope you all have a great smiley night

sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxx


Pete, just loved that pic for Chickles - I don't know how you all find them. :) Btw, are you working tomorrow and what shift are you on? Sorry - don't really want to send you off on one but nice to know so we can help you get through the week. :)


Andi, your ok gal,I dont mind one little bit, I have been informed that i am on 6 in the morning till 6 tomorrow night, had to ring them up to find out :P :P

So you liked the pic of the Christmas tree then, ha ha, if i could do that i flippin would, in your flippin front room :D :D that would get the neighbours thinking :D :D


Gosh Pete, where di you find that pic of my tree, ha!


I just looked upside down :D :D


Hi all, Daughter just gone. and grandaughter. worn out now so sorry not been chatting today but hopefully catch up tomorrow. Seems you have all had a smiley :) sunday.

going to sign off now . Have a lovely night and sweet smiley dreams to you all. love ya!

xxx :) :) :) :)


Nite :) nite smiley Jilly (nearly wrote smelly! :o - probably are after your bath though! :) ) Sleep well, see you tomorrow. :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, with loads of smiley sweat dreams :) luvs ya ta bits gal xxxxx :) :)


I'm not putting a tree up this year. :)


I've told you that i would put it up for you :D :D


I'm calling it a night too. :)

A night. :)

Nite nite Pete, Chickles and everyone, sleep well with lots of Sunday smiles. :) :) :)


Nite nite Andi, God be with you gal, and luvs ya ta bits, well you know that dont you :) :) you just think how you can have an upside down Christmas tree in your front room. :D :D and count the ballbals on it :o hmm not sure whether ive spelt that right or not, am sure one of you lovely Girls will inform me :P :P :D :D

Good nite Sue & Chickles, love you both and thinking of you :) :)



Jarvo, am so sorry gal, but i think i may have just kicked you and the wall-of-winners off the end, like i said sorry, but you will have to wake up and do another one :D :D

No am truly sorry Claire, cus i didnt mean to, honest, but just think of all the exercise you will get, writting it all out again :D :D i think i've over stayed my welcome now im here :o Wooooooooooooooosh now i've gone :o :D :D

Luv ya and Emjay too xxxxx :) :)


Evening Everyone,

You are all Christmas Crackers :D

Both Claire and I are delivering training tomorrow and Tuesday, so we'll be akin turns to peace sneaking in a crafty snooze :D

We'll pop on at some point and also update our 'Wall of Winners'... The place where all quitters are winners :D

Well done for staying so positive everyone :D


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