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Daily Chat - Tuesday 6th November 2012

Good morning

I hope you are all well and having a good morning. Well done to everyone for getting through another Monday and keeping strong.

It's raining here today and looking a bit gloomy outside.

Don't forget that we are all here for you if and when you need support, if you have a question, want to have a good old moan or just want to have a bit of a natter. We are all going through the same thing and fighting the good fight so we know exactly what you are going through.

Good luck Dawlol for your 1st day, we know you can do it.


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Good morning Kazzachoc, what a lovely picture. Grey and rainy here in yorkshire. :(

Never mind its not as cold today. I am sure dawlol can get through this with everyones help. Healthunlocked is marvellous for bringing people together. I am also on with the roy castle lung cancer support site through healthunlocked and like this site people are so helpful and sincere. I must admit this site does have a few more laughs, but I suppose it depends on the people etc. take care and have a lovely day. :) xxxx


Thank you both for your comments - feeling positive and looking

forward to my journey, which I will share with you lovely people!

Dawn xxx


Good morning everyone.

Not sure I should say this but it's a gorgeous morning here with wall to wall sunshine at the moment. 8-) I was registering -2 on my themometer outside and we had a crisp frost. Brrrr! :) Decided to go for my run. It was really pretty in the grassy areas with mist hanging over the fields. Halfway through I turned back and started running through the woods when I tripped on a tree root and heard my ankle make a bit of a tearing sound. Sat on the ground for a bit swearing and cussing then got up and hobbled home with my tail between my legs. :( Why can't I just get on with this thing - it's so annoying and I'm sure it's the key to losing my extra weight. Was lying on the couch with a bag of peas on my now swelling ankle and half wishing I had a fag! Just as well I haven't got any in the house. (I finally managed to sell the last carton I had hidden in the shed last week! :o ) Phew! :)


Oh! Andi you and your ankle, Suppose it gives you an excuse to sit and relax for a while. Are you doing your pt on thursday? or will the ankle effect that too.

Sit and chill this aft and think of what treat you can have to cheer you up.

catch up later. :) xxxxx



Hiya Jilly, nice to see you - hope you're not getting too fed up - it must be such an anxious time for you. (Hugs xx ) This is a new one - before it was my calf twice and my foot on my other leg. :o Just been searching sprained ankles online. Won't go to doc's as I don't think there's anything they can do (unless it doesn't start improving in a few days). Haven't booked in with pt yet this week but I'm sure we can do lots of stuff that won't affect my ankle. :)


Oh no Andi22, Poor you :-( . I hope the swelling goes down very soon. I am being extremely lazy at the minute, just cant get motivated. You'd done so well to go out in the cold (sunshine or not!!) and run.

Jilly girl its lovely to see you still supporting your friends on here. Thinking of you. :-)


Good luck andi dont over do it. hugs and cuddles back to you too. xx


Good morning all!

Hope that everyone is tickerty boo!

Good luck to you Dawn on your first day! You can do it!

I wasn't about yesterday, after work had a GP appointment for my ongoing 'tight' and achy chest and heart flutter thing. To cut a long story short, she packed me off to A & E, as my heart was actually beating oddly whilst I was at the surgery. I declined her offer of an ambulance! Yikes, that stressed me more than the dodgy heartbeat lol

I had a couple of ECG's, (and blood tests )and yup my heart was 'fluttering' on the first one, so they captured the problem. Apparently my heart isn't skipping a beat, it's gaining a beat occasionally. This is quite common. It could be just 'one of those things', or it could be to do with my thyroid medication. I was so relieved that it was nothing serious!

I shall have to apologise to the GP as I was rather sharp with her. When someone tells you they're calling an ambulance and you can't drive, arghhh.

Anyway, I am not working today, am having a chill day at home.

The Nicotinell lozengers can cause an irregular heartbeat. I did mention the fact that I had been on and off them for a number of years. I was told to stop the caffeine and the lozengers! I had a lozenger free day on Sunday, but in all honesty I had one yesterday and am having one as I type, it just takes the edge off.

Have a great smoke free day everyone!



So glad you are ok chickles. I bet you were panicking at the time. Well love have a good day and take it steady.

Think we will have to ask Emjay if we can have a rest room for everyone to recuperate in. :D



Morning everyone,

Woke up to find a full packet of lambert and butler lights right in front of the kettle this morning! do we think people should be more understanding when we are trying to quit? Well I moved them out of the way and got some coffee. So passed that test.

Dawlol hope you don't feel too bad if it had been last week I was tempted I would definitely Have had one... Or two! in fact I could probably have eaten the whole packet. I have tried a few times to quit so know how it is tempting to have a few. We just got to keep going and trying I guess.

Chuckles, you need a pampering day of rest and relaxation. I can't think of anything worse than being in the doctors with them saying call an ambulance! at least you got the tests done and it is nothing too terrible.

I have got another day off today. I don't know about everyone else but in week one I didn't really notice much difference but since then I just want to sleep or lounge in bed all the time! There was one day when I slept a good 8 hours at night, woke up and thought well I'm going back to sleep and had another good few hours!

On Sunday I stayed in bed all day, yesterday I only got up when I had to go out. Today got up at 11.30 after many many hours sleep.

I don't think it's a huge problem, I will be up and ok for work tomorrow at 6. I don't feel depressed, stressed or anything, don't even really feel tired, just a bit lazy and when I think what do I want to do I just want to go back to bed!

Anyway up and about now.... What should I do?


Hi AaronD, Well done for not being tempted with the packet of ciggys, One sign that means you wont give in . ;) I do remember my first couple of weeks I felt really tired and lethargic, I used to have a nap in the afternoon. Where normally I can`t sleep anytime day or night. As in what you should do now your up, is a different question. I found looking on the internet about reasons for stopping smoking got me really interested. Do you have any hobbies or if not perhaps think of something you might want to purchase with the money you have saved with quitting.

Try and enjoy your day.and yet another WELL DONE! :)


Sorry to hear about your ankle Andi, that's not good and I hope you are not in too much pain :( I was just looking at the picture I posted this morning, thinking that if I had a lovely woods like that where I live I would go for a nice long walk, but now after you saying that you tripped over a root I don't think I will. I think this exercising malarky is not as good for you as people make out :) My boss used to go jogging every single day come rain, hail or shine and did for years and had to have a hip operation which apparently was caused by the impact of his jogging. I think I will carry on thinking about exercise from my settee it's safer : )

I am glad you are ok Chickles, it wouldn't have been a pleasant experience going to the GP then the hospital but at least now you know it's nothing serious which is good.

Well done Aaron for resisting the temptation of a packet of cigarettes right in front of you, that just shows how strong willed you are. I feel a bit like you at the moment, haven't got much energy. I thought when you gave up smoking you were supposed to be full of energy, maybe that comes later or just happens to some people or maybe I am just lazy :D

It's good to know that you are getting the support of the lung cancer website as well Jillygirl, you need all the support, care and love you can get. I can understand you not having as much of a laugh on there as you do on here, I can't imagine it's a site that people want to have fun on but as you say people are different, look at you for instance, you always seem to be positive and even though you are going through a really tough time at the moment you still support us and send us lots of nice food :) You know we are always here for you as well and always thinking of you xxxx

Well have a good afternoon one and all, keep strong xxx


I'm really feeling for all you people who are trying so hard to be strong with their quits whilst living with other smokers. That must just be the toughest ever! Especially near the beginning.

Poor you Aaron, I couldn't imagine finding a packet of fags right next to the kettle when you come to make that 1st cuppa of the day - fantastic that you didn't succumb - well done! :)


Thanks everyone, yeah at least I didn't have one. As for sleeping all the time I thought you were supposed to have more energy and get up and go! Have also had loads of dreams, read an article on here about how it is part of the recovery and changing chemicals in your brain so guess its all good.

Thanks for all your support everyone when you are all going through stuff yourselves I really like this site and it does help loads to chat to people trying to achieve the same thing. Hope u r all having a lovely day.

Andi hope ur ankle is not too bad, jillygirl hope you're feeling well supported and thanks for supporting me. As for your advice I too have done loads of Internet searching about stopping smoking it's almost a replacement for actually smoking. Hobbies well can't be bothered to stick to anything although have been thinking about doing something useful. And buying something with the money iv saved iv ordered an iPad mini so think iv got that one covered for a couple of months! Take care x


Many thanks everyone! Oh no Andi- owch re your ankle! Rest is the answer to getting it better soon! Hope that you're soon on the mend! Jilly- that restroom is just what we need!

Well done Aaron re the temptation. I'd have opened the packet and snapped them all up, ;), or if I'd have smoked them all!

Day 66 here, am so trying not to munch my way through the day! It's great having a day off in the week, albeit I needed it, but the 'snacking' desire has been upon me! Fortunately I didn't buy any sweeties, or biscuits when I went shopping, so have only eaten some oats so simple and a sandwich, oh and 2 yoghurts. Will fill up at tea time!

I have been ticking the days off on a chart, that has given me encouragement, I might need a chart when the current one finishes on Day 84! Three months is meant to be the 'Magical' quit date, but I've been there before :)

Am away for a while to cook, spaghetti bolognese tonight!

Laters all...



First day almost done. It hasn't been too bad, I've hardly had any

cravings, just the usual ones, with coffee after lunch etc but soon passed.

Can't wait to get home to see if OH has managed to stop - I'll let you know

tomorrow. Have a good evening everyone. Speak tomorrow.

Dawn xxx


Now 24 hrs smoke free ;-) so pleased with myself.. just picked up my next lot of Champex and had a chat with my stop smoking girl at the surgery, a long way to go yet but at least I've made a start ;-) thanks to everybody who posted last night ...


Good evening everybody :) :)

Rite am off to read some of the blogs, see you in a bit :)


Hello Pete, hope your day went well. Off to put my nora Battys up now. love ya and see ya tomorrow. :) xxxx


What do you think of mi jim-jams!


Hiiiiiiiiiii Jillygirl, flippin great to see you gal :) :)

Luv the pic, just was thinking though, did your hubby paint your toe nails for you :D :D

Speak tomorrow Jillygirl, big big hugs to ya, and luvs ya xxxxx :)


Aup Andi, i'm sorry about your ankle gal, erm just wondering when was the last time you had your eyes tested, cus perhaps you would have seen the tree root then :D :D

No am not running off, cus i know you cant catch me :P :D



Hiya, no I may not be able to catch you at the moment - but wait! Here's my Pete-seeking spear .............. Whoooooshhhhhhhh!!! :P :D :D


A big well done to you Hammer! Making the effort to get started and achieving Day 1 is a great start!

Hi there Pete, hope that you've had a good day!

Those jim jams are well good Jilly!


Aup Chickles, nice to see you :)

I've not had a bad day today so far thankyou, got through 2 weeks now starting my 3 rd week :o :)

As for Jillygirl's jim jams, i think that there red hot :D :D

Hammer i havnt had much time to talk to you, am sorry, but will chat tomorrow, and a massive well done on your first day :) :)


Good start happyhammer, just take each day as it comes and you'll get there. :)


Thanks to all of you for your commiserations over my ankle today. Just spent most of the day on the sofa resting and icing it. :)


What you mean you can bake a cake and ice it, :o while your resting on your sofa, well that is what you call multi - tasking :D :D


swishhhhhh bong, :D :D good job i had my books down the back of my trousers :P :D


Pssssssssssss it's heat seeking as well as Pete seeking so just burns it's way through those books! :D :D :D


Andi i'm sorry gal, i should be more considerate to you, cus your a Lady :)

I'm truly sorry Andi cus i know how much you like running, and i know how much a part of your life it is, but i think your doing the best thing for it, which is '' REST '' erm i did my ankle in a few years back and got some good cream to put on it, it fetched the bruising straight out, i will look for the name of it :) :)


yeah a duff one sorry :( :(


Nevermind. Think I'm gonna head up the wooden hill now so I'll say Nite nite to you and everyone. Sleep well. :)


A very good nite to you too Andi, mind you, you should sleep well tonight, cus you've had loads of practice today :D :D

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams to you all :) :)

Jillygirl, nite nite gal, loads of huggs and thoughts heading your way gal :) :) luvs ya xxxxx :) :)

Speak to you all tomorrow :)


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