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DAILY CHAT / THURSDAY / 11/10/2010

DAILY  CHAT / THURSDAY  /   11/10/2010

Good Morning, I hope everybody is ok today and raring to go. It`s a cold and frosty morning here in Yorkshire , but clear blue skies. I shall probably get wrapped up and go for a walk this morning. Gets the legs going ( I hope) .

No matter what you have planned stay focused and positive, Quitting isn`t easy it has its ups and downs like the roller coaster keep getting on for another ride. You will get there given patience and time.

Have a super day. :)

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Morning Jillygirl

it's cold here but the frost has been replaced by rain, i hate rain :D :D it always makes my joints worse

i've nothing planned for today, but i'm sure something will turn up, it always does

have you seen pete's post from last night? if not you should have a look at it

away to get my morning cuppa, will chat soon x


Morning Sue, I hate the rain too. we dont halve sound like old biddies dont we. Yes I read the post from yesterday. Poor Pete doesnt halve struggle , but he keeps bouncing back. As long as he keeps trying. Good reply you gave him. ts spooky though as I had a feeling he might lapse on Tuesday. Might have to treat him tonight what do you reckon he would like for dinner. :)

Off for my walk now, getting out of the way of hubby decorating. :)

Catch up this aft. :) xx


Hi John your doing brilliant, I think support of any kind helps, like you say we all have slip ups but that doesnt matter as long as we dont give in. Glad your clinic visit went ok. Have a super day. :) xx


Hi everyone

hope you enjoy your walk Jillygirl, i always get out of my hubbys way, but he turns into a grizzly bear when he's decorating :D :D

thinking of Pete, do you think he'd fancy a steak and a beer?

Two weeks on Sunday, that's great John :), your right it is such a hard thing to do, but soooo worth it

Glad you like your group, i'm the same :) between that and everyone on here i'll hopefully make it this time :)

Have a great day everyone :) x


Good Morning Everyone,

grey and drizzly here but nice and toasty warm inside :-)

Glad both of you are enjoying your weekly support Sue and JohnUK. The more support that you recieve tops up both your strength and your chances of staying stopped :-)

Enjpoy your walk Jillygirl, make sure you wrap up good and proper :-)

I've just had an idea that may help support Pete a bit more as I know with his shift patterns he finds it difficult to get to any appointments. I'm going to send hm a message now and see what he thinks. Does anybody know what shift he is on this week and what time he finishes?

If anybody does feel a craving setting in, try some deep breathing and just remember that it is only the very next cigarette that you have to give up, just that one :-)

Stay strong and remember that staying positive is the best way forward :-)


Hi Emjay, Yes Pete is working 8.00 to 6.00 this week . Do so hope you can help Pete. catch uplater. :)


Hi Emjay

i can't remember what shift pete's on, think he finishes at 6.30pm, he's had to work late a couple of times though, Jillygirl will probably know

i'm feeling good today, did have bad cravings last night, but i put on my relaxation tape and did that, they soon went, so keeping that close to hand :) i need to keep healthy for my grandchild :)

hope you have a great day :) x


Good afternoon everyone.

You all sound so positive and I love your daily pictures Jillygirl. Well done Sue for beating those cravings. I don't know what has happened to Pete but I hope he is ok.

Keep up the good work xx


Hi Kazzachoc, lovely to hear from you. How are you doing ? I hope your well and still positive and focused. Sure Pete will be fine, what man couldnt be with all these women looking after him. :D :D



Hi Kazz

It's great to hear from you :) hope things are getting easier for you now :)

keep strong, have a great day :) x


This is for Pete when he gets back from work. from all the girlies :D :) :) :) :D

This is a poem for pete and his missus,

If they eat all this food there`ll be plenty of kisses,

Choice of chicken, steak ,salad or fish ,

Eat what you want of your favourite dish,

Then when you`ve eaten all that, and you think its over,

Here is the sweet a large pavlova,

It`s Friday tomorrow and the weeks nearly done,

So drink up the champagne and start having fun. :) :D :) :D :)





Ha ha Jillygirl you just amaze me you do gal, thats lovely, you allways chear me up when i'm on a downer :) :)

:P :P yum yum to the pics gal, but not sure about the bubbley much rather have a coooooooool lager :D :D

Thank you so so so much for that Jillygirl xxxxx luvs ya gal, a do :)


luvs ya too thought I would let your other half have a treat too. lager tomorrow when you finish work yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

just doing a bit of supper for my hubby now. think its going to be crumpets again. :)


hhhhhhhhmmm i can smell them from here :P :P yummy just luv em gal, maybe with a tiny bit of cheese on top :D :D


This is brill Jillygirl :) love it x


Hi ya Sue, glad to hear you well and having a good day :) :)

Ha ha as for your hubby turning into a grizzly bear when he's decorating, erm am the same sometimes, i'm afraid, if i cant get the pattern to match up :o :| but i know who to call for next time, Lisa-Jane of course :) :)


Hi ya Pete, if he can't get the pattern to match i run :D :D :D, thankfully he doesn't hang wallpaper very much cause I;m running out of running shoes :D :D :) x


Hey there is one good thing about it, '' Exercise '' :D :D


:D :D only if i can run to the shops, with his wallet :D :D


Ha ha nice one Sue, as long as you dont buy, erm them things that i did hey :o :D

You were on about your computer the other night, well i think mines about on its last legs gal, so snap :D :D


Think that's what we'll both be saving up for next, or i might run to the shops and buy that :D :D


Hola! Good evening everyone :D

Good to see you about Kazzachoc, I hope you are okay and staying positive yourself, remembering that you can do this :-)

Sue, the relaxation CD sounds like it's helping and I love the way you say about your Grandchild. Just imagine when you have the photie of his / her scan to look at all the time to spur you on :D

Jillygirl, love the poem, your a whizz at whipping these up now :D Your positivity shines through :-)

Pete, how are you doing today? Hope you're feeling a tad better and not giving yourself too much grief! I've sent you a message, have a nosie and see what you think ;-)

I have just settled with a cuppa tea and some toast, it is absolutely bouncing it down outside! Brrrrrrr.... Heating has been turned up too!


crumpets eaten sorry Pete run out of cheese, :) going to sign off now . eyes shutting. :) so night night sweet dreams everyone. xxxxxx


Hi Emjay, hope your day went well, even if your weather is horrible like mine :)

can't wait to see the scan pic, it will certainly keep me going, need a nice clean, smoke free house for babysitting :) :)


nite nite Jillygirl sweet dreams xxxx


Nite nite Jillygirl, huh fancy running out a cheese gal :D hey i luv crumpets on there own anyway :) :) sweet dreams gal and luv ya ta bits xxxx

Good nite Sue, and luv you too gal, thank you for your help, God bless gal xxxx

Hi again Emjay, yes weve got the heating on as well, and i thank you so much for helping me, i will have a read of your message when i can, because my computer is playing up, i dont think it's the site :o :| but got my spear ready just in case :D :D

Hey gal you have a good nites sleep too, and luv ya loads xxxx toooooo :)

Hopefully speak tomorrow :)


nite nite Pete sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Well I love the lot of you as you are the most self supportive gang of folks I've ever met :D


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