Good morning everyone,

Well I slept in today and still first one on line. I slept until 7.00am so may be my winter body is working now. and want to hibernate. :)

Weather up here in Yorkshire is grey cloud at the moment but patches of blu in the distance. Hope its fine where ever you are.

Not doing much to today just a bit of ironing and vac round.

Anything on your agendas hope its more exciting than mine.

Will catch up soon. :) Have a happy smokefree day. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else,

    Grey here too and forecast to stay that way today. The air's really still at the moment so really good biking weather but I'll probably give it a miss today.

    You have a day of rest today Jilly, you're always gallivanting around, you could put your pins up with a good book. :D :)

  • Good morning Jillygirl and Andi the weather here is grey skies, might rain later

    not much on the agenda today, going to my daughters this afternoon, she wants me to take her keyboard up, lazy thing should come get it herself :D :D

    lazy day apart from that, you should both have one as well :)

  • Hi girls , done ironing , house tidied. Off to see my daughter later too. Have a good day. :)

  • Hi girls, got my washing done, now away to have my tablets and a cup of tea, then sit down for a while, have a good day :)

  • Happy Sunday Everyone :D

    Weather quite bright here, let's hope the sun keeps shining and shares itself all round :D

    Enjoy your visits ladies :-)

    I'm just about to enjoy a cuppa myself Sue :-)

    A day of chillaxing for me....

    Hope everybody is enjoying their day and looking forward to a nice tasty Sunday dinner later :D

  • Good morning everybody, Jillygirl luv the pic gal, wish i could do that, but tooooo much to do, just waiting for the roasties and do mi lumpy gravy, dins finished then, i'm a bit late today cus have fetched a ladder from one of my sister-in-laws and she kept me gassing for i dont know how long !! :)

    Enjoy your trips out and chillaxing and have a lovely day :) :)

    speak soon :)

  • where did you find that pic of me :D :D

  • must be twins. :D

  • That was me before Jillygirl (minus the kitten but add a dog and a couple of hedgehogs), but so much for the chillaxing lasting... I'm now I'm busy shampooing the dining room carpet. Good job I don't smoke anymore as I wouldn't have the time! ... To smoke that is... Or did I mean to clean the house?!

    You sure it wasnt you doing the gassing Pete... Or were you doing a fair bit of listening then ...? :-/

  • Aup Emjay, thought you were chillaxing today, and no it was her, cus as you know i dont gass !! :o :D

    Does this mean you've got your kitchen & dinning room back now then ??

  • Yeah I thought I was taking it easy, then hubby found a voucher for Wickes for £5

    expires when we are away. Yeah you guessed it had to go and spend it. Ended up buying gravel for the garden. So guess what I was doing this aft. :)

    Like you say better than chilling with a ciggy. :)

    See the gremlins are back again.

  • Hi Pete , hope your ok. just found a piccy of your sister in law.


  • Ha ha ha ha, Jillygirl, luv it gal, you just wait until i show it to my sister-in-law :D :D good job your going on your jols, cus er dosnt mess about with words i tell ya :o no she's a lovely gal really :) :)

    As for the gremlins, i told you they were back on Friday :(

  • Hi Pete perhaps the gremlins take a bit longer as they travel northwards.

    By the way I`m near the airport. :)


    Next time you get lamb for sunday dinner let me know I love it , but hubby doesnt so its a treat for me. Mind you can pick it off the menu when we are away. :)

  • Almost Pete, probably will have everything back in order by next week... May the baking commence :0)

    I hope the gremlins aren't going to be as crazy ad last time :X

    Love Little Miss Chatter box Jillygirl :0)

  • Hmmmmmm never tried your baking Emjay, you know what they say dont you :) the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach, sooo you bake me somthing nice and i'm alllllllll yours gal :D :D

    Think its time for me to vanish - poooogh !!

  • Afternoon all.

    Looks like a typical traditional Sunday all round then? Me, I haven't done a lot, little walk with friends earlier and out for Sunday roast this evening with other friends. :) (Hope I don't break a tooth on the crackling. :o )

  • Aup Andi, about time as well gal, so your off gallivanting out tonight then- again :o :P as for crackling you aint tried mine yet :P :) mind you got a noggin of lamb today, not much crackling on that :) :(

    Have you started packing yet ?? cus i will come down there and help you if you want :) :)

  • Hiya, no, not started packing yet. Wot time are you arriving? :o :D

    Popped out to well-known chemist this morning to get some bits and bobs. They seem to be doing a roaring trade in stomach-related items :o (mainly for people going to Egypt :P :D ) so had sold out of rehydration sachets. My theory is if I take it all I won't need it but I will try and be extra careful. When I went to Egypt a couple of years ago nobody had warned us and I suffered but had thrown in some well out-of-date pills which did the trick for me but my friend had 24 hours in hospital. :( Didn't get some of the other bits so will have to go again anyway - hope it's not so busy next time. :)

  • Andi you click your fingers i will be their gal :) :)

    As for your theory, i'm sort of the same as you, as in be-prepared, i have never been a boy scout but my Granddad used to drum it into me, and have never forgot it, cus i tell you if you aint got it you will need it, s__s law gal :) :)

  • Aup Pete, you're all mouth and trousers you! You say your sister's the gas-bag! :o :P As soon as anyone calls your bluff you scuttle back into your little hole - now which of your outhouses is it in? mmmm :o I think I'll have to send in our Jilly to sort you out as I think she's the nearest to you! :D :D

  • No prob! Nora`s on her way.


  • Hahahahaha!!! Love it! :D :D :D

  • Nora i just dig the rollers gal, and multicoloured ones toooooooooo, oooooooo :) :o

  • Got to go just got company, catch up later. :)

  • HUH you cant have company this time of day, its just not the thing to do young Lady :P :o

  • Flippin people, It was my daughters in laws, they turn up anytime of day, and we have to listen to the same tale about him being poorly . bit of a hypochondriac (dont know if spellings right) . Reckons he cant walk etc, then a minute later says hes been fixing floorboards, or tiling walls.

    Anyway gone now thank goodness. I dont think you offended andi , so dont worry. Your too sensitive. :)

    Glad you like my rollers, hurt your head if you lie down. :D

  • Right, I'd better go now - see you later. :)

  • Andi have i said something wrong, cus if i have gal i'm sorry, you know i dont mean it :( :(

  • Hey andi! watch out Pete is packing for you. :)


  • Just magic Jillygirl :D :D luv it, although dont know whether Andi would like me jumping up & down on her!! erm her luggage i meant :D :D

    Anyway i can get away with it tonight cus her's gone out munchin :P

    Hey Jilly you do get people that talk a load of s___ erm nonsense dont you :( :D

  • well pete, going to sign off now . see ya tomorrow. luv ya! xx nite nite sweet dreams. xx

  • Jillygirl, i bet i luv ya morererererererererere than you luv me, but thats us men for ya, xxxx nite nite jilly and sweet dreams to you toooooo xxxx

  • Hello. ;-)

  • What are you going on about now? Don't know what you mean about offending me. :o

    Nite nite Jilly, sleep well. :)

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