Good morning everybody.

Woke up to a beautiful blue sky. the wind has dropped and the garden has had its share

of water for a few days. Like andi says the snails are playing out. :)

I hope its nice weather wherever you are.

Whatever you have planned for today, stay happy and smoke free.

catch up later . :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    Seems to be a mixed bright, sunny 8-) and cloudy morning at the moment.

    Had a better night's sleep with the cooler weather - still woke up as many times but managed to go straight back to sleep. :)

    Pt texted me to cancel this morning as he's poorly with a sore throat. :( Will have to utilise the time doing a bit of housework! :( :D :D

    Speak later.

  • Hi andi , Poor do about pt. Anyway I would get off to the beach if its fine, housework is always there. :)

    By the way thanks for opening the site, I know one of us will do it. I only do it as like you I am up early.

    Had a peep at the RA community site, looks good . will join once I get diagnosed. I did notice weemikec name there too.

    see ya soon. :)

  • Morning all - hope you're all well. Struggling with this quit today - now 72 hrs. Feel OK when I get up Switched to orange juice from normal coffee this morning but still feel a bit like skin crawling and focus is clouded making it hard to recall reasons for quitting. Just gotta drive through this........

    Hope you all have a good smoke free day out there

  • Morning Chris, 3 days - good for you!

    Have you looked up Emjay's breathing tips for when the cravings kick in? Those of us lucky enough to be at home found that we could just shout and scream out loud to help us! :o :D (Bit difficult to do that whilst at work - they'd have the men in white coats come to take you away! :o :D )

    Hope you have a good day and stay strong - you CAN crack this with our help! :) :)

  • Thanks Andi really appreciate this

  • Good morning Chris, keep at it like andi says you can do it with our help. Have a look at what chemicals are in those ciggys that can really put you off. When I read it , it really frightened me.

    Have a good day and see you soon. xx :)

  • Hi, hope everyone is doing OK out there. Feeling a bit better this afternoon having battled through earlier. Thanks Andi & Jilly for your support earlier, helped me a lot

  • Hey Everyone, I've had back to back meetings for most of today, so sorry that I've not made it on here sooner :-/

    Good to hear your news from the Dr's Jillygirl, lets see what your tests show regarding RA. I'm loving the sunshiny picture by the way :-)

    Chris, glad to hear you are feeling better :-) If you practice the breathing exercises, even when you are feeling okay, then they will be easier to do as and when you need them :-) Remember to keep thinking positive, and when you are feeling at your worst - see this as a good thing. If you didn't stop smoking you wouldn't be feeling this way. It's just both your body and mind's way of recognising that you are stopping putting those poisons into it and that it's just kicking up a bit of a fuss. Ride it through and go with the flow.... You really are doing ever so well, you are almost hafway through your first week already! :-)

    Hope you ditched the housework Andi and found something a bit more exciting :D

  • Hi Emjay, Good to hear from you. I have now joined the community site for RA. Even though I havent been diagnosed as having it , I thought it would be good to get a bit more info. By the way the gremlins were out in full force on this site and the ra. site this morning.

    Did report it and touch wood (my head :) ) they are sorting it out.

    Now I am really busy looking on 2 sites. Health unlocked is best thing on the web. :)

  • Aaaaah that's nice to hear :D I'm glad that you find it helpful. I shall feed this back to the HealthUnlocked folks when I speak to them next :-) I just hope that the Gremlins that HealthUnlocked (HU) have can get sorted as soon as :-/

    I think there are a few communities within HU, that if their members who smoke stopped, then it really would help their condition. I'm not sure if you know already, but smoking can actually play a crucial role in the development of RA... Food for thought eh?! :-)

  • I didnt know that Emjay , makes you wonder doesnt it. I have already recommended quit support on the RA site. Like you say one thing can benefit another.

    Haven`t done a lot of posts on the Ra site yet. Shall wait and see if it def is ra first. Apparently if i have got it , its better being treated in the early stages.

    At least I dont have to worry about ciggys anymore. :)

  • Aaaaah that's nice to hear :D I'm glad that you find it helpful. I shall feed this back to the HealthUnlocked folks when I speak to them next :-) I just hope that the Gremlins that HealthUnlocked (HU) have can get sorted as soon as :-/

    I think there are a few communities within HU, that if their members who smoke stopped, then it really would help their condition. I'm not sure if you know already, but smoking can actually play a crucial role in the development of RA... Food for thought eh?! :-)

  • Hey everyone, those gremlins been causing some serious havoc I've heard? :(

    I just wanted to share something with you guys. I'm sure many of you have had dreams about smoking, but I thought this might make you laugh. I dreamt that I found a giant bag of... wait for it... nicotine patches. I kid you not. I think I was on my 4th day on medium sized patches when I had this dream, and in it I remember finding this big bag of large sized nicotine patches and feeling happy and relieved. When I woke up I laughed so hard because it just seemed so bizarre- I no longer have smoking dreams, my dreams desire nicotine patches. I am so WEIRD!

    Just wanted to let you all know that I am doing amazingly well, I put the patches on but after the initial struggle I realised the battle was all in my head- the person I used to be (identity of a smoker) and the person I am now- non smoker with a new identity. It's been a very difficult struggle internally, but I realise that I am now a round peg rather than a square one and I simply cannot go backwards even if I wanted to- I simply will not fit in my previous identity. It feels good to finally relax.

    Additionally- I am no longer needing the mints. Once my brain clicked that I no longer needed to fight, the desire for mints stopped. Weird.

    Hope everyone is okay, and that the gremlins stay gone. Evil little sods. xxx

  • So lovely to hear from you Lenne, Glad you are doing ok. I think you can definately call yourself a Non-smoker now. Good innit! :) As for your dreams it really is weird what your brain conjurers up. At least it was a funny one. I know one of my dreams was throwing a ciggy away as soon as I had lit it cos I thought Emjay would tell me off. Lovely to think we are all smoke free now. You take care. xx :)

  • Hehe that's a pretty awesome dream, it's fascinating how the subconcious works isn't it? I think I am scared to become too relaxed about the whole thing yet because it seems too good to be true, I think I will wear the badge of non smoker proudly after the year mark, until then I will just be cautiously happy it would be awful if I got smug and it all blew up in my face. Big hugs Jilly, and lots of love xxx

  • DITTO! :)

  • Hiya Lenne, nice to see you. :)

    I tell you what is really weird (or not! :o ) I have never once had a smoking dream since I gave up - can't understand it myself! :o :D

    ps does that mean that you've ditched the patches altogether or have just got used to the lower dose for now?

  • I wonder if it's because you went cold turkey and had the internal mental battle right at the beginning... or you're uber hardcore awesome :D I think I don't need the patches anymore now, but I won't push my luck. Or I am in denial... hmmm :|

  • Not sure about internal mental battle -

    I think just mental!!! :o :D :D

  • Hi all, and aup lenne, its lovely to see you again gal, and you sound really cheerful today :D :D magic gal just magic, i've read a few of the posts on here, will go and have a quick wiss around the others, back in a bit :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Emjay,

    Are you feeling alright gal, cus just had to put my specks on, thought i was seeing double !! :o but i was right, you have posted the same thing twice :| :o i hope that you and Claire arnt playing footsy under them desks of yours :D :D

    Time i wasnt here !! :)

  • Hiya Pete, gremlins are having fun this evening - just took 5 gos to get Lenne's message on! :P

    Hope you had a reasonable day - poet's day tomorrow?

  • Hi Andi, yep i know about the gremlins, just took me 9 goes to post the last one :X :P

    Shame about your pt but i'm sure you found something to do instead :D :D

  • Yeah - haha - tried to get my printer printing!!! :X God, don't these bloody computers waste so much of our time!!! :P I hadn't switched it on for a couple of years (yes, a couple of years!! :o ), thought the ink would probably have dried up. Forked out for a new set of ink cartridges yesterday. Tried a test print -- no black printing. Eventually found something for maintenance, tried nozzle cleaning, lining things up etc. - still won't print black! :X Went to 1 friend to print something important out, needed some info I didn't have with me. Went to another friend after lunch - her computer was too old to let me in to get the info up! Grrrrr!!! Try getting mine going again - nope! Back to other friend this evening, faff with their computer (sooooo slow!) - EVENTUALLY got what I needed printed - HURRAY!!! :) :) :) Now I can hopefully get what I've been procrastinating about in the post tomorrow (fingers crossed I've got everything) :o :D :|

  • Hi Pete hope your ok. Yep those gremlins are out again taken me 6 goes to get on here. Anyway hope your day went well , just one more to go yipee!

    Off to get ready for the land of nod now. So take care and see you tomorrow. luv ya.

    Nite nite andi and Lenne luvs ya too! xx :)

  • Nite nite Jilly, sleep well - wonder what interesting things we might hear at 3 or 4 tomorrow morning? :o :D :D :)

  • procrastinating !!??

    What the flippin eck does that mean :o :|

  • To delay - postpone !!!!! why the flippin eck didnt you say that :o :o typical flippin Woman, trying to blind me with science :P :P cant help being fick, cus i was born with it, so there :P

  • Right, I'm off to bed now so I'll say 'Nite nite everybody' and sleep well. :)

  • Nite nite Andi, sweet dreams gal, but no piggie dreams :D :D

  • Andi,

    Take the black print cartridge out, make sure you have taken the film off the head, get a tissue and wipe the head with it to see if ink comes out of the cartridge !! maybe give it a shake, does that make sense !!

  • Will try this some time thanks. :)

    There is a saying I'd have thought you might have heard: 'Procrastination is the theif of time'. I'm a big procrastinator and seem to have got even worse since packing in the fags - can't settle to do anything (hence ironing 21 tshirts at a time! :o ) unless I really have to! :D :D

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