DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 27/08/2012

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY/ 27/08/2012

Good morning everyone,

Bank holiday Monday, anyone brave enough to go out today and face the traffic.?

I think we are just going for a walk. weather permitting and Nora battys. :)

What ever your plans are have a lovely day and stay focused and positive and smokefree.

Having my muselei in a mo. so catch up soon. :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

    I'm awake and on here so I must be alive! :o :

    No, I don't do Bank Holiday traffic if I can help it. Mind you, the traffic's going to be pretty bad here all week cos we've got the Air Festival from Thurday til Sunday. It's brilliant and it's free. The only downside is traffic and parking. Best way to go is by bike but with no lights it makes evening forays a bit trickier. Went to the fireworks on a bus once - great I thought - but terrible trying to get a bus back after.

    See you later. :)

  • Morning andi, glad your awake and alive. :) Know what you mean about buses and fireworks. We do the same thing at blackpool the world championship firework displays are on this year , brilliant displays. horrid bus journey back home to holiday flat.

    Catch you later on. :)

  • Well I was in the middle of writing back to Pete last night when my computer did it's dying thing. :P When I got back on later you'd both gone to bed (must admit my eyes had shut in front of the tv.) :o

    He thought I was a teacher cos I mentioned students. The students I have are foreign students who come here to learn English at the language schools. :) I'm having a summer off this year as am enjoying the freedom of not having to dash back to feed students (or cats) or do cleaning or anything else I don't want to do (how very selfish!!!). :| Also I can go away at the drop of a hat if I feel so inclined (even though I haven't til now. :( )

  • Thats bnot selfish thats brilliant. :) Bet thats interesting with students and satisfying . Sure Pete will have something to say if he ever shows his head. :D

  • Sorry andi dont know what bnot means. new language :D

  • Thought it was some Yorkshire word. :o :D

  • Off out now with daughter back this aft. enjoy your day. xx :)


    Thought you were trying to catch me. :P 2 Hours and still not caught up. Lazeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Off out now with daughter so you will just have to be patient now. Andi will sort you out. :D

    Behave and enjoy your day. :)

    see you later. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl & Andi, i'm glad your both alive !! :)

    Just finished cooking dins, huh flippin raining now :( so it looks like the paints coming out again, Jillygirl dont you stand still for long gal, cus am ready to paint anythink that dosnt move :D :D

    Andi how come your computer always crashes when your replying to me :( :( hmmmm you trying to tell me something gal :P Just wondered does your sister know that you've quit smoking ?? :) cus if she doesnt she will get a big suprize wont she :) :)

  • Oh hello, you woke up finally did you? :o

    Computer crashing - think it's what you said before - TalkTalk and being on for quite a while. :( Hasn't happened so much lately though.

    Carrots! Shouldn't that be on the caff blog? I don't like cooked carrots and eat a raw one most days with my lunch. Have tried those ponsy chardonnay (or something like that) carrots but flavours a bit naff. Can't seem to beat ordinary ones. :)

  • Yes i'm awake and alive :P

    I just put the carrot link on to show you how the link comes out, after you've copied, and pasted it :)

    Just wondered if you have tried roasting carrots, they are lovely and sweet, a different taste altogether from boiled carrots, and believe it or not, roasting them, breaks the hard walls down of the carrot so they release even more of there nutrition. :) :)

  • Andi to copy a link --

    Right click on the web address

    drop down menu - click copy link

    in the comment box - right click

    drop down menu - click paste

    it will look funny, but when you post it, it will turn out like the link above :) :)

    Good luck :P

  • Ta for this, will try it one day. :) Computer died on me again earlier. :(

    Think I have tried them roasted before and found them quite nice. :)

    Have been invited out for roast beef dins tonight - have ordered yorkies to go with it! Oh no! I've got a barbie tomorrow as well, never mind eating in restaurants the rest of the week!! :o How on earth am I gonna loose weight at this rate? It's such a hard life enjoying yourself! :D :D

  • Hi Pete , I`m back . Just bought a pair of trainers at a bargain price. Got to have strong athletic types for mi nora battys, cheapies from the supermarkets wont do, or the podiatrist shouts at me. :O

    Daughter just bought one of those pop up tents £15. with a sleeping bag. I asked what she bought it for. Turns out got it for 7yr old Jessica ( my grandaughter) for xmas. She loves making dens out of sheets etc , so she will love a tent. Like my daughter says at that price well worth it.

    Anyway what colour paint is it? I`m fussy you know. :D


  • Oh, good timing - just had a call and off out now. See you later. xx :)

    (Hope you both behave yourselves whilst I'm out or I'll have to bang your heads together when I get back!) :D :D

  • Spoil sport. ! :D

  • Huh you'll have to catch me first :D :P

  • Aup Jillygirl, you been spending hubbies money again then, dont blame you gal, you get what you can out of him :D

    I'm painting outside at the moment, in between showers :( :o beige and the bottom 2 layers of bricks and the guttering etc black, to show the beige off :)

    Windows - Deep mahogany wood stain. :)

    I hope that passes your expert eye for colour coordination :o :)

  • ermmmmmmmmmmmmm ! let me picture this ! :O

    Yeah it`ll has my approval. :) Hope you cleaned the windows too. :)

  • Hey Jillygirl let me paint them first gal, huh your as bad as er in doors :(

    Anyway got rained off, so havin a cannie at the mo :) :)

    What about Andi then!! just gallivanting off for a meal, huh not bothered about us, never asked me if i wanted to go, :P :P ave gone rite off her :D :D

    I hope that you have got your feet up gal, and resting them nora - battys of yours, after all that shopping you did this morning :) :)

    Just going to the cafe to see if there is any recipes to try :) :o

  • I forgot I was going to post a recipe , give me 5 mins. :)

  • Ok Pete hope you like dates the ones you eat. left link on questions in cafe.

    By the way what shift you on tomorrow.

    I`m on childminding duties early on tomorrow and wednesday. so prob be tea time when i get back to the cafe. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, just got back from the cafe, those energy balls sound scrumptious gal :P yum :P yum

    By the way i think i have forgotten how to date now :( :(

    Shift this week -- earlies -- 6am to 4pm so will get home about 5 -- 5.30pm so hey may catch you at the cafe then :D :D hope that flippin dog aint there :o :|

  • Asked Sue to keep him in his kennel. :D

    In fact dont know where she is or any of the others. Anybody would think it was a Bank holiday or something. :)

  • Yep i know just what you mean gal, i hope there all not stuck in traffic jams eh :( :(

  • As long as they aren`t tempted with those piggies whilst they are waiting. You see we are far too busy to even think about those horrid things. Stick to a tin of lager or a tin of paint. dont get em mixed up though. :D

  • OK Pete, Off for my bath and soak my nora battys. will bob back later to see if andi has got home. Enjoy the rest of your evening. If your off to bed early I will say nite nite see you tomorrow. :) luvs ya.xx

  • Hey Jillygirl, i aint finished with you yet gal, so your in the bath then, hmmmmm, do i pull the plug out :o or do i burst all the bubbles :D :D

    I think bursting bubbles will be more exercising for me, :o dont you :P :P

  • Don't think you should do that - it will boggle your mind!!! :o :o :D :D

  • Anyway use bath oil too slippery.

  • Evening all (both), glad to see you've been behaving yourselves. Just got in - roast beef etc. Unfortunately the spuds and yorkies were frozen ones due to time constraints :( but beggars can't be choosers!! :) Gravy was home-made and...... it was LUMPY!! ;-) :D :D

  • Ya cant beet lumpy gravy, did you eat any carrots :D :D

  • glad you got your meal. Looks like your back just in time, Petes on the loose. :)

  • Oh dear, have just been to the caff and seen that he's chasing you again - I think I was speaking too soon just now. :P

  • This is what these (old men ) :P do , they just get bored. Have to get Sues dobermann

    to keep guard again. :D

  • Ha got him sorted,

  • And hey less of the old men please :) :o

  • oooooo! if the cap fits ........


  • Yeah but there s a little jack russell hiding in the cafe, and boy do they give a nip to strangers. :P

  • yap --- ouch, where did that come from, oooh get off, god its got to be a woman dog :o :| it comes from behind, and creeps up on ya :D aagghh Whooooooops just launched it out of the window sorryyyyyy

  • I guess they've got to get their exercise somewhere - chasing women with droopy stockings or being chased by jack russells - not sure which would use up more calories! :D :D

  • Huh see your putting your 10 penny worth in, youve been gallivanting around all night, and eating stuff that will make your tummy bigger :D :D

    Think i'd best scarper now :o

  • Speaking of scarpering, I'm going to now cos my eyes don't want to stay open any longer.

    Nite nite everybody and sleep well. :)

  • Nite nite Andi, i'm glad you had a good night gal, it got you out of the house, cus i tell you Andi, i could not live on my own, i think i would kill myself first, just could'nt do it

    Good nite gal, and sweet dreams xxxx :)

  • Jillygirl, good nite gal, thanks for cheering me up to night.

    Luv ya to bitts gal, i doooooo, i havnt got a hells chance when you go on your holls gal. :( :(

    God i just hope that someone else will come and have a go at me :) :)

    Nite nite Jillygirl, and god bless you xxxxx :)

  • nite nite andi , nite nite pete, sleep well. see you both tomorrow evening. xx :) :)

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