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Daily Chat: Tuesday 28th August 2012

Good morning everybody. :)

I'm afraid that the weather has made a turn for the better now that most of you have had to go back to work today. Hope everyone enjoyed the Bank Holiday and enjoyed the extra feeling of freedom whilst out and about if now smoke-free - even though it might have been a real struggle at times. I'm sure we've all been very tempted to try one at times and they are the times when we have to be extra strong and not give in to the temptation. :)

Have a good day. :)

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Good Morning Everybody :D

Andi, thanks for opening up this morning. I've a few meetings booked in today - including one with Claire to chat about Quit Support :D But we'll be around this afternoon :D

Having dates in our diaries such as Bank Holidays can quite often bring in temptaions that may try and catch you out at unexpected moments. Especially more so if you are enjoying your favourite tipple :-/ As Andi has already said, by being strong and not giving into these temptations can only make you stronger and will move you onto the next stage of staying smokefree :D

There are two stages of quitting smoking;

1. Stopping smoking


2. Staying stopped

Remember, you can only do one of these at a time and in the above order. Depending on how you see things, will depend on how log you spend in either of the above :D


Morning all hope you've had good weekends. Survived the barbie and had a few drinks - kept it limited so felt OK and managed to stay on track over the weekend so into week 3 now, day 16 I think amazing. Hope you all have a good day, smokefree of course and take care out there


Chris, that's brilliant to hear :D How did you actually feel when seeing any of your friends and family smoking? How did you overcome the temptation to smoke?

Well done to you, we're really proud of you :D


Hi Chris, that's very good news and I bet you're feeling just a little bit chuffed with yourself, especially after all your previous short-lived attempts. :)


Morning all...

Hope everyone is well... Quite missed you guys!!! Well done chris I remember going into my 3rd week I had just started to feel like I could actually quit or kill anyone :)

I'm still working in Dudley.. Still at the top of the mountain but in reality it's the highest hill!! What baffles me is I leave here and it's sunny but by the time I'm up there it's completely different weather???? But my aim is to get you guys a pic as the view is so amazing..l worked up the mountain on a different job last year and thought it would be nice one day to walk up it instead of going up in the van!!! Welllllll I didn't make it to the top!! Gave up as I couldn't breath... Probably didn't help I had to stop half way up had a piggie n gave up!!

But smoke free I have managed it... Although I really can feel all the extra weight I've put on!!

Guess its better than smoking!!

One thing that really has me wondering though is these days the smell of smoke seriously makes me feel ill... And I will go right out of my way to avoid it.. But I've never seen a person who's never smoked make its such a big deal??!!!!

Not sure if that's a question or statement!! Still thinking about that!


I ment quit without killing someone!!! That will teach me for walking and typing!! Can't multitask like I used to!!! :)


Em Jay hi - fortunately none of the friends and family smoke so that helps a lot I think. For me its a a case I think of every day deciding I'm not going to smoke. Yes I'm a biot chuffed Andi but its a short way along a long road I think. I think I've managed to stop smoking now - just need to stay stoppeda sEm Jay noted


Hiya Lisa, nice to see you popping in - we're missing you too - shame you've got to work so hard. :( I suppose if you're working though you're not eating so that must be a good thing. ;-) :D :D


Hiya Andi

Working........less eating ....... Pahahahaha !! :) they lady who's house I'm doing will not stop feeding me. When I don't accept her food she gets offended.. Will not let me start working without eating then lunch then dinner then all the snacks!! I keep saying I'm trying to loose weight but will she listen NOOO!!!!

Emjay.. Yeah my positivenessnessness as my god daughter says..and my determination has shocked me!! When I first saw my adviser I was like low 3 put of ten for will power... After how many weeks I think I'm about a 9 I say that as I'm a Lil wobbly about when im off the patches. But undo know I never want to smell like that again and I never want to smoke again. I will just have to keep saying it!!


Hi Lisa-Jane, lovely to hear from you :-) It really does sound lovely there. Lots of lovely fresh air to help cleanse your lungs. This will definitely speed up the healing process from your time of smoking. You sound really positive too which is brilliant and I'm sure a few more walks to the top of your view will help shift any of those unwanted pounds :D

Well done to you :D

Hey Andi, have you had a read of Michael's blog? I've started to follow his story on Twitter. He seems to have been bitten by the exercise bug, a bit like yourself :D

Chris, you're right to take each day as it comes and you'll be hitting your 4 week mark before you know it :D


Emjay i think i'm going to need you on my shoulder again please, cus them piggies aint half getting at me gal :( :(


Hi everybody, flippin long day it's been today, was it you Jillygirl that said buses come in threes, huh, i was just about to finish my shift and three flippin wagons came in, which wanted unloading and loading, so had to stay on, god talk about pulling my hair out :( :(

Day 1 back on step 1 patches again - not been too bad apart from that !! seem to be able to deal with the cravings at work, quite easily, driving !! think i've got used to not smoking while i'm driving now, even though the traffic was very heavy tonight :( :( got home had mi shower & a cuppa, now on my cannies, yep i'm pulling my hair out now !!!! although saying that, it's not too bad while i'm typing this :) :)

Hi Lisa-Jane, great to see you again gal, gosh it sounds like you work harder and longer than i do :( :(

Chris keep at it pal, your doing fantastic, but dont you let your guard down for a second :)


Hello everyone.

Just got back from childminding duties, ended up with both grandaughters. Went swimming then of course it was tea. So been pretty busy . Just got one grandchild tomorrow.

Chris well done on staying smoke free. Stay determined like you are and it will get much easier.

Lisa . So lovely to hear from you. All that fresh air must be doing you good. Well done on staying smokefree. you take care and dont work too hard.

Emjay , nice to hear from you. what a brill blog you put on quit support blog.

Andi thanks for opening up love. Might be the same tomorrow. not sure what time I start childminding yet. You take care, hope you managed the beach today.

Pete, Not a good start working over first day back. never mind hope you get paid for it. Stay positive and dont let them piggies anywhere near you.. or you will have me and andi to deal with. :P

Just going to make a cuppa , will catch up in a while. :)


Aup Jillygirl,sounds like you've had a hard day toooooooo, i bet you luved it gal :) :)

I had better get paid for it, or it wont happen again, i will be outa them gates before you can say :P

Andi i hope the barbie goes allright tonight, and it's stays fine for you :) :) has your sister arrived yet ?? No -- am not nosey either :P dont want to know, is she younger than you ?? :D

Speak soon :)


Hiya, barbie went well - think I managed not to get bitten by the critters! :o and more importantly I didn't overeat as much as usual - only had one pudding where usually we have about six each!! :o :D :D Sister is older (yes, bossy big sister. hehe! ) :o :|


Glad you had a good day, a bit exhausting for you though. I had a little walk on the beach, paddling in the sea. Wanted to see if anything was being set up yet for the Air Festival - not much today so I bet they'll be going like the clappers tomorrow. :)


My eyes are closing now, so i will say goodnight to you all :) :)

Jillygirl, i bet you Nora-Batys are getting you down gal :( you rest em gal, do you hear me !! :) :) nite nite all and god bless :)

Pete :)


Chris i bet your Son loves you more now you have quit :) and dont stink of fags eh :D your a very lucky man to have all your family & friends as non smokers, and i hope they support you my partner and her brother who lives with us, both smoke, and dont seem to want to quit either :( if i mention quitting fags, there ends up an argument, so leave it out now, it's easier

But i tell you Chris i admire you for going cold turkey, i could never have done that, am weak but i tell you this site and everybody on it, helps me tremendously, it does :) :)

Speak again

Pete :)


So we start to get to the bottom of it. Living with 2 other smokers makes it too easy to get hold of one if you find yourself weakening. :( That is so sh*t for you. :(

Think you'll just have to play it like I said last week - if you have a blip, c'est la vie, and carry on not smoking. You don't have to keep going the next day if you've succumbed the night before. ;-) :)


Yeah Petes right my eyes are tired and my flippin legs. Anyway love you all see you tomoz. Nite nite. xx :)


Right folks, that's me off for a bit. Emjay will have to open tomorrow as I'm off early (while she's still in the land of nod) :D :D

Stay strong and smoke free and speak to you all soon.

Andi xxxxxxxxxxxx :) :) :)


Night night Jillygirl, sounds like you had a funfilled jampacked day :0)

Andi, nice that you had a lovely time with your big sister :D night night speak tomorrow :0)

Pete, I'm right here Mister ;-) All though I think I've missed you now sorry :-( Check your inbox as I sent you a message earlier today.

Having to live with smokers can be really tough. I'll write something up tomorrow as I think this will probably help a few of our members out.

You've started on the patches again, this is a positive move. To help you stay in a positive frame of mind and on your way for a positive outcome, then you need to work on a plan for each and every day over the next couple of weeks.

Pete, as you already know, we are here for you and will support you along the way. We now know how it really is for you, (living with smokers at home) and can offer you advice to suit.

You are a winner and we'll help you to get to where you want to be :0)

See you all in the morning, I'll be around to open up :0)


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