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Daily chat: Tuesday 7th August 2012

Good morning everybody.

I think we're all in for a bit of a grey one today with a bit of rain at times. Whatever we get weatherwise it will still be a lot better than we got for most of June and July until 2 weeks ago! :)

Whatever the weather we will still be here for you to come and rant or rave about your problems and successes. :)

However far you are with your quit - thinking about it, date setting, starting or a long way down the road, please come and share your experiences with everyone else. :)

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Good Morning Andi and Everybody else :D

Yep, absolutely bouncing it down here too Andi. Always looking for the positive though, and for those of you who have stopped smoking at least you don't have to nip outside for a sneaky one :D

To remain strong and not let those sneaky white sticks get the better of your minds, remember your reasons for giving up smoking in the first place.

Also, make sure your reasons stay your reasons for staying stopped and don't let them become your excuses for giving in :D


Good morning everybody

Well it’s pouring down here too, but then again I am sat opposite Emjay so it’s gonna be the same

;-) !!!

How is everyone today? It’s been lovely catching up with our page. All the congratulations and praise for all our quitters on reaching their milestones.

Any new quitters? Please remember to put your quit date on our wall of winners page ?

Speak soon 8-)


Morning all! Looking on the bright side the weather is improving by the end of the

week! Where's jillygirl? Have a good day everyone.

Dawn x


Hiya Dawn, she got a reprieve from childminding yesterday but has to do it today instead, soooo, you got me instead this morning! :o :)


Good morning everyone the weather is nice here, blue sky and sun :) might go for a walk after the cycling, i love watching the velodrome :)

got over my down mood from yesterday, was really helped by being able to talk to everyone on here, a big thank you for that :) xx

gonna have breakfast now will chat later :) xx


Hi Sue, I love the velodrome too - it's one of my favourites.

I didn't watch anything yesterday so am making up for it today. The problem is that you can't record anything cos you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll change channels as I've found to my cost a couple of times! :o :(


Hi Andi same here, it's so annoying, so now i'm stuck in when it's on again, today is the last day for cycling :(

hope there's no gremlins about today, yesterday drove me nuts :D :D x


Yes, gremlins about today. It took til the third go to post to you before. I could have screamed!!! :D :D Shame cos the first message was the best. :( Will have to get Pete to put up how you can copy before posting tonight.

Am currently watching the triathlon and hoping to catch a bit of the kieran (if they show it! :D )


I know i've had problems to posts going on 2 or 3 times grr

i'll need to see how to copy as well, although i have to keep deleting duplicates just now :D xx


Hey Everybody,

I have reported all the problems to HealthUnlocked, nobody has got back to me yet so I don't know what is going on :-/

Something else weird is happening too.... At the top of the screen by the daily chat blog title, it tells you how many comments there are. On Claire's it says 4 comments, on mine it actually says -3 (minus 3?!) and yet we have 9 comments altogether?!

What's all that about then? :-/

With regards to copying and pasting before you post, I used to have to do this all the time but since using Chrome, I don't have to. Claire automatically writes her's up in a word document first and then copy and pastes it :-)

Here's a link to Pete's post so that you all know how to copy and paste;


Hope this helps :-)


Thanks for that Emjay, just practiced it and it worked. :)


Thanks Emjay think that's needed today :) my daily chat said 4, now it's -2 :D

hopefully this will post once :D :D xx


Hang on a minute!!!!!

Whats going on, i've got -2 comments under todays blog but all these comments are still visible :-(


I now have all your comments, but it's telling me there are none!!

You are welcome Sue :D



Hi again everybody,

just to let you know I've had the following message back from HealthUnlocked;

Hi EmJay,

There is currently a problem with downloading poll results, I will be uploading a fix later today.

I am also aware of the slow site speed, this is due to unusually high server load. I am investigating the cause, however I cannot currently provide a time for when this will be resolved.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

Best Wishes,



Afternoon everybody, just watching the cycling now, am allowed to veg out in front of the tv today. :o

Did my run this morning which went well. at lunchtime I saw the triathlon - great race, great result. I then went out and donated blood for my first time. They nearly didn't take it and had to check my iron level which was just ok. That gives me the excuse to relax and eat sweet things! :o :)


Ooooh good for you Andi, I've just munched a Curly Wurly :D I needed a little sugar boost myself :-)


Good for you Andi :) that's brill

watching cycling as well, it's getting exciting

you def deserve to sit watch telly :) x


Well folks, I'm getting ready to off my pop home. Will log on in a bit :-)


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