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Daily Chat: Wednesday 4th July 2012

Daily Chat: Wednesday 4th July 2012

Happy Wednesday Everybody,

we are not only halfway through the year but are now also halfway through the week too :-)

Another fresh day under your belts and hopefully with the best positive mind set, then today will fly by pretty easily.

If there are any hiccups with anybody, then please let us know and we can see what we have in our Mary Poppins bag to help you out.

It's wet and grey here today, but only in the sky, not in our hearts :-)

It's also a Happy Birthday to our lovely Claire (Jarvo) too :-)

Lets see what today brings us then :-)

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Morning Emjay,

Just love it gal, is that you on your way to work this morning ???? :D :D

Or is it Andi cus she lost at scrabble again !!!! :P :P

Hey its Lenne, she's won the lotto :) :) yippeeeee

It could even be Jillygirl losing all of her pics :) :)

I wonder if its Claire :o cus you've given her a pay rise for her Birthday :D :D

Happy Birthday Claire, now then how old are you today then, hmmmmmi bet your erm erm 21 :D

Pete :)


Morning Emjay, At least you managed the piccy. Find out if we can put them on these comment boxes , if you can. That is a brill pic.

Enjoy your day. xx :)


Good morning Pete. How are you this morning ? Hope you didnt work too hard last night. and those piggys didn`t join you .

Not doing much today. washing and ironing. (boring :O )

see you soon. xx :)


Morning Jillygirl, i just feel fine gal, they called me in early yesterday, so it was hard and long, but didnt see any piggies what so ever :) :)

I'm like you today- on my boring computer- bin in my boring garage-fed my boring tommy plants and now i'm drinkin a borin can a lager !! :o

so you see !! you are not alone gal, oooh its also boring with rain here tooooo :D :D

Pete :)


You might be bored Pete, but at least you make me smile :)

See we are both in the same minds with birthday greetings.

Confusing me which blog I open now seems we are using all of them. (If you understand what I am rambling on about Your a better man than me . :D )


I should hope that i am a better man than you are, cus your a girlie !! arnt you ?? or you not telling me somethink :D :D

I think best just use this one for now gal, cus we dont want to upset Emjay now that she has been to all that trouble getting up early, and rushing to work, and actually puttin a pic on here, do we ?! :D :D

Bet she's noddin now though ;)

Luv your cake by the way, did you bake it cus it's better than mine !!

Pete :)


This from jilly GIRL. ha ha. :D Waiting to see if we get a piece of cake. Making me hungry looking at it. xx



Well good morning all you boring (sorry, BORED) people, sounds like you all need shaking up a bit!!! :D :D

I seem to be back in bloggyland but it looks like I've got a bit of catching up to do to answer some of your questions posted over the last few days. :o

Happy Birthday Claire! :)

It's also my best friends birthday today and her other half phoned me yesterday to invite me round for dinner. Great - saves me cooking - only trouble? is the grandchildren have ordered KFC. I love it veeeery occassionally and I KNOW I will get told off tomorrow by PT. :P Especially as I'm trying to be very good and get back on track as I don't want to put any more weight on. :( Still, one does have to live occassionally! :)

I am just sooooooooooooooo fed up with the weather - it's STILL raining down here! :(

Have a good day everyone and I'll catch up again a bit later,

Love you all, Andi xxxxxx


Good morning andi, Nice to see you back. missed our early morning chat. Hope you`ve enjoyed the last few days.

As for being bored. Pete and I were so bored we made birthday cake for Claire . yummeeeeeeeee ! :D :D


Andi, Andi, can you hear me gal !! i'm shouting as loud as i can :X gosh about did myself a mischief then, with all that shoutin.

You alright gal ?? not heared from you for a bit !! :o mind you its been nice and quiet :D :D rite i think i'd best go, erm and sing to them tommy plants, that should make it rain harder :D

Fred :)


Yes Pete, I can hear you, didn't you see my post 20 minutes ago? What do you want?


I was writing my post when you put yours on, so i didnt see it untill i'd finished mine :( sorryyyyyy i wont shout so loud next time :(

Dont want anything, just wondered how you were thats all :(

Pete :(


I'm fine thanks - still feel like I'm a bit of an eating machine though - especially if I've done some exercise. :o I'm sure my cravings are confusing each other cos they sure are confusing me! :D

(And don't look so glum. :) :) )


You are all so funny :-) I love the way you all work so hard to keep yourself occupied :-)

The only way we seem to be able to post a picture in these comment boxes is like this....


So if you would all just like to take 5 minutes and help yourself... :-)




Spoons a bit small gal, so sorry i had to use my fingers, yum yum :P :P just wondered has the milk gone off ?? hmmm black coffee erm will have to think about that one gal, but never mind, its the thought that counts :D :D

Thank Claire wont you !! :)


What's your favourite cake and are you any good at making them? :)


OMG! It looks like my shed's on fire! The sky is dark grey but it's just gone very bright outside - I do beleive the sun is trying to come out. 8-) What weird weather!!! :D :D


Sorry, believe :o oh yes - shed's steaming! :)


Right, going out to the farm shop in the Forest with my mate for a change of scene. ;-)

(Drip, drip, drip, drip....... ) :)


Hello People

Have not been online for a while hope alls well still off the cigs Pete hows things with you mate? Emjay sounds like you had a good holiday anyway thought a better let you know i am still breathing

Take Care



Aup Garry, its great to see you again pal, and still off the white sticks :) :) me too, but dont know how i'm doing it with this load a Girlies gettin onto me, i just have to keep my head down pal :D

See you soon, am off to bed now, cus workin nights :)

Pete :)


Hey Garry, great to hear from youb again. well done with the bike race by the way.

Bet you joined us today cos you didnt want to miss having a piece of birthday cake, if theres any left after Petes had his share. ha ha. :D

well done with keeping off the cigs. Bet you feel really proud nof yourself.

see you soon. x


Hey Garry, lovely to hear from you. I had a fabulous holiday but it seems so long ago now! Congratulations on finishing your race, how did you do with regards to your timing and your personal best? :-) Glad to hear that you are still doing so well Mister :-)

Andi, I would say that I love carrot cake and I'm a better baker than I am a cook :-) It's normal for you to feel quite hungry after doing exercise. Maybe try having a banana as soon as you've finished, or maybe co-ordinate your exercise sessions to finish about half an hour before your mealtime :-)

Pete, have a lovely sleep, remember to stay positive when you are in that there night shift too. You can do this, we all believe in you :-)

Jillygirl, hope the ironing pile has come down and the housework is done, just so you can relax and get those plates of meat up before any swelling starts! :-)

Has anybody spoken to our lovely Lenne today?


Ironiing done and put away.

Beautiful sunshine so may go for a small walk . then feet up.

Lenne usually calls in later. see you later. xx


Hurrooooo!!! How is everyone today? Durn that cake looks rather squishy and tasty, can't wait for technology to catch up with Willy Wonka- reach into the telly and grab the chocolate bar, or in this case reach into the monitor and grab the cake! *drools*

Sadly, I've not won the lottery yet. In fact, I haven't had any numbers on plus 5 for the last 4 days, how rubbish is that! I'm wondering if a higher power has said "pfft, you said you'd smoke if you won so guess what missy!"

My cough has come back and my lungs feel very full and heavy again. I did accidently get a faceful of smoke when out with a smoker a few days ago, wind changed direction and came straight at me- how rude is that! I don't think accidental second hand smoke inhilation counts right? Needless to say it felt very unpleasant and was a sharp reminder of how my lungs simply couldn't handle it if I smoked again.

I really want to have a kip this afternoon but I am scared to sleep with the patch on, even a kip. Am I being daft? Speaking of patches, I am on second box of "step 2" (15mg) so next week I guess it's time to drop another level again according to the instructions. It's causing me serious panic all this change; I wonder if my nurse will let me remain on the lowest dose of patches for the rest of my life :D

Hope everyone is okay and beating off the cravings with a broom (or even better, feeling good about not having cravings at all whatsoever which would be awesome indeed)!

Big hugs xx


Hi Lenne, Strange you talking about your cough, I too have had a tickly cough the last too days. Dont know why, not been near any smokers . As for you having a kip I must confess I had a small walk just after dinner , then thought i would put me feet up , and I fell asleep for about an hour. As for the patch I think you will be fine. Sure emjay will advise you . gonna make a cuppa now. see you later. xx xx xx :)


I know its early to sign off, however I am off for a walk, then when I get back I am going to soak in the bath. Tomorrow I will have reached 3 months of being a non-smoker. I never thought i would say that. So a big big thank you to Emjay , and all you other non-smokers for helping me. :D You are all ace people. :)

Have a good night wherever you are. xxxx


Aaaaah tomorrow shall be a big congratulations day for our Jillygirl then for working do hard at staying quit :0)

I'm only just home after a lovely meal with the hubby as today is our anniversary. I'll catch you all bright and early in the morning :0)



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