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6 weeks and counting!

I have not had a cigarette in 44 days! I feel like I get stronger each and every day that passes! Yes, there are hard times here and there but I promise this is the happiest I have ever been with myself. All of the struggles are totally worth the joy I feel knowing that I the worst is behind me and I don't have to quit again!! If I had any tip to give someone just starting their quit, it would be to work on how you think about cigarettes. That has been the most important part of my success this time. Changing the way I think about them!

I wish you all luck out there!

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Griffy, its lovely to see you again gal :) and a flippin big massive well done to you for reaching 44 days quit :) :)

Yes your spot on Griffy cos I think we make the ciggies our friend and rely on them over the Years to help us when we have a problem and get stressed out :o but of course, this is all in our minds :o the ciggie dosnt help what so ever :( :(

Thank you Griffy for this lovely post :) :)


Hello griffy, your doing brilliant . Your perfectly right its about how you think about cigarettes.

I have just updated your well earned badge. Well done. :)


Hiya Griffy and congratulations on your 6 weeks and counting quit, well done :)

Yep you're right about the mind set, we really do have to change that :)

Fantastic achievement, good for you :) x


Hi Griffy and well done on 6 weeks smoke free :D x


well done Griffy on you quit so far.. You are doing absolutely fantastic :) :)

Keep up the great work


That's great news Griffy. I can relate to your point about not having to quit again.

Having stopped and started many times over the years I'm determined not to put myself through that again.

I'm not far behind you and I'm starting to feel like I'm a non smoker now.

Keep strong

Best wishes

Kas xx


You're truly an inspiration to all of us here especially to those who are having a hard time quitting this kind of habit. Yes, it's a process. And it's hard. Right now I'm starting quitting already but I chose to switch to ecig first. This is a good way for me to quit cigarette smoking for good. Anyway, Congratulations to you! It's a great achievement!


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