Have done it...Ive managed not to smoke a cigarette for a whole month!!! it feels so good to be able to say that out loud, didnt think I 'd make it ; i was cracking up with the cravings; by day 10 I was crying at work, I screamed at my husband, my kids and our dog...I felt upset and grumpy ALL of the time. But slowly it has got easier, little by little I find I am thinking less and less about smoking and more and more about all the benefits its bringing.

A big THANKS to all of you out there - couldnt do it without you. Reaching this 1st month mark has made me more determined than ever to keep on keeping on!! (: xx

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  • A big WELL DONE Buddyboo for getting your first month done..thats brilliant.Heres wishing you lots of good thoughts and times for your second :) x jan

  • thank you much appreciated. x

  • Well done Buddyboo, two weeks and a day behind you, great to know it gets easier.... :-)

  • it does get easier and thanks for the well done, much appreciated.x

  • Well done Buddyboo, that's fantastic :) wishing you an easier time for your second month :)

  • Auppppp Buddyboo :)

    Thats just fantastic news gal, it really is :) 1 whole month smoke free :) :) and as you have found, it does get easier, over time :) :)

    Stay with it gal and keep focussed on your quit eh :) good luck :) :)

    Poor hubby, kids and the dog, :o I think you should give them all a massive hug :) cos they've gone through what you have :) :) hope to speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • thanks monky, your support means alot; and yes I have apologised and hugged and kissed my family and my dog. I am taking them all out for dinner on saturday. x

  • The first hour, day, week and month are the hardest. You have past the worst time and now can have the confidence that you have stopped smoking. Nothing strange is going to happen, you have quit and that is all that matters. Give yourself the praise you deserve, fantastic, it is a great achievement, well done. Treat yourself and celebrate. The hardest bit has passed, you have already stopped. :) Be positive and walk tall

  • thank you.!! and you're right I kept/ keep waiting for something to happen but its a slow process then you slowly realise the addiction has gone the next part- the hardest part for me at least will be having a glass of wine or 2. I havent had any alcohol for a month either....don't feel ready for that test yet. x

  • Greatttttttttttttt...Happyyyyyyyy for you....You are my source of inspiration now...Keep rocking buddy...God Bless..

  • WOW! Ive never been anybody's source of inspiration before!! that makes me smile - Thank you!! x

  • Well done Buddyboo The first month is the hardest but it gets easier as the months go on as you don't want to undo all your hard work.. I promised I will never smoke again and that is a promise I intend to keep.. So good luck and keep strong..XX Catherine,

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