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2 weeks since my last ciggy and i feel bad

Its been 2 weeks since my last smoke and i dont feel well,,, had a tickly cough which goes on all day and keeps me awake at night plus i have always got the feeling im coming down with a cold, the last time i tried to quit about 7 yrs ago i can remember not being able to sleep because i had so much energy not now what is going on with me. I am using a 16 hr patch and i was using the inhiliator but now ive been put on the spray and im starting to want to smoke again please help with any advice thank you.

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Hi ya newromantic, nice to see you here, my names Pete, i'm an old boy on my 4th week of quitting now.

I too am on patches but the 25mg ones, plus a halator for the odd time when i need a boost, i'm sorry but havent tried the spray but i'm sure somebody on this site has and will be in touch with you as soon as!!!!

May i ask you if you are still using the patches or not?? or just the spay now??

I tell you newromantic that this is a fab site for help!!!!!

Emjay is our erm guider, our teacher if you like, you will like her she has got all the answers to your questions!!

Why dont you have a look at the daily blog and just see how we help each other as well!!!!

Keep strong and you stay in there newromantic, you've gone through the hardest part, and 2 weeks is magic, it really is. Could do with you having a shorter name, cus i only type with 2 fingers on a good day!!!! :o

I hope to speak to you soon, Pete. :)


Sorry newromantic i'm back, just a thought about your coughing, i think we have all had that the first couple of weeks, it is just your lungs cleaning themselves out and getting rid of all that bad stuff that comes with smoking, and maybe thats why you are feeling bad, it will pass, and is a good sign that your body is recovering!! :)



Hi Pete my name is Lesley.. I am still using the patches and i am trying to get use to the spray but if you do it wrong its not nice. I do prefer the inhiliator but i found i was walking round with it stuck in my mouth because i had forgot i was using it lol. Im trying to stay of the smokes so much now but with me feeling so low all the time now after stopping it is just making it so hard, i know smoking has no point to it at all and a totall waste of money but i will keep looking at the other blogs what people are posting and thank you for being there.


Hi Lesley, thats much easier to type, like i say dont know much about the spray, but maybe try using a stronger patch, because they do help, i know that gal, and the inhalator, you just take a puff of it when you need it, ahhh but there is something else, God i cant think what its called now, it's just like a cigie, without the bad stuff, oooo i'm so sorry gal i just cant think what its called, Emjay would know, cus thats how she quit!!

About you feeling so low, why dont you go out and buy yourself a nice box of chocs to munch on, they might just perk you up a bit, or somthing else you may enjoy, treat yourself for getting this far!!!!!

you have done fantastic gal you have, keep strong and kick those cravings outa that door!!!! do you hear me Lesley, you kick them out, i know you can, so do it!!!! I'm with you all the way, i am. :)


Hiya Lesley, Andi here and welcome to our community. It's brilliant and I don't think I'd have manged it without everyone's help on here. We're all here to support each other. I'm only on day 18 but I was a "Jump in with both feet" and go cold turkey so I am afraid I can't speak about all the aids out there. Like Pete says though, have a read through our chats (and try not to fall off your chair at times!) and try and stay strong. I was lucky and didn't have a cough but I am having trouble sleeping at night - I think it's partly to do with age though! Good luck, Andi. x


Hi Lesley like Pete said this is a great site, we all help each other and have a laugh along the way, there is info on how to get past the cravings, how to kick them out the door, it's finding things that work for you, you've done amazing getting this far, don't let them beat you now, like Pete said treat yourself to something nice you deserve it, we're all behind you Lesley, you can do this :)


Hi there you are doing great. you will feel awful for some time. im on 10 weeks and five days. i chose the cold turkey route and can honestly say for me was whats the point of stopping smoking when you are still taking the nicotine as this is what is addictive in the cigs. I feel this has worked for me this time as i tried before with patches and never lasted that long . Its really tough as it is an addiction but it can be done there is more people giving up smoking daily and are successful. keep positive you will feel better in a few weeks and it does get easier . I smoked for 28 year with a twenty a day habit and at this point i am starting to really feel the benefits of being a non smoker healthier and have more money to spend on a few treats you can do it right behind you good luck


Hi Lesley,

Welcome to our friendly online stop smoking support community :-)

Congratulations on being smoke free for 2 weeks. Everything that you're experiencing is quite normal and to be expected at this time. Please give yourself a pat on the back for riding the storm. You really are doing fantastic :-)

Smoking masks quite a lot of things and doesn't allow your body to repair and heal itself naturally. When you stop smoking and your body gets back to how it ought to be, you tend to feel as though you've never been so ill in your life! Again though, this feeling is normal and won't last forever.

If you don't mind, there are a few questions that I need to ask so I know what advice is best to give you;

How many did you smoke each day?

What are your main reasons for wanting to stop?

Are you receiving any support to help you stop eg. from your GP, Nurse or Local Stop Smoking Service? If so what have they advised you so far with regards to your Nicotine Repacement Therapy (NRT)?

Please have a good old route about in our archive section and if you have any other questions then please just ask.

There are a few archive blogs below that may help you, please follow the link and have a read;



The real important thing for you to know at the moment is that the cravings will go away.... Whether you smoke or not!

Stay positive and as you can see from all the comments above, everybody is so supportive here. You've come such a long way, don't let them beat you :-)


Hi Emjay nice to meet you answers to your questions.. i use to smoke rollies and i would go through a 25 g pack in a day and a half, if i ran out i would use the dog ends i know nasty.

Both myself and my 2 sons started coughing i never smoke round them and i just thought i cant handle this any more so when i took my youngest to the Dr about his cough plus he has asthma Fag ends just happened to be at the surgery so it was out of the Drs rm into the Fag ends rm.

I have tried a few times before to quit so i knew what to expect which was what had been putting me of, but this time its not the same the cough is still there not trying to sound grose but i try and spit out what i cough up but it aint helping, last time i tried to quit i had so much energy i couldnt sleep but not this time.

I have the 16hr patches, the inhililator which i liked because i could put it in my fingers like i was holding a cigerette but cannot use properly as i have been told needs to be aimed at the roof of my mouth which i cannot do as i have a plate which covers it so they are trying me with the spray which is good but nasty if used wrong but using it reminds me of what at the moment im not missing ( on good days that is )

I think i had better stop now just like to say thank you for your support.


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