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Haven,t been on for a while because I don,t know what to say to you all. I actually feel a bit guilty because most of you are having such a bad time and I am so lucky to be having it easy. I can honestly say that I am having no side affects at all, I sleep well, I dont want a ciggy, I am not irritable and dont have a bad throat or cough, I just feel good. Only thing I did have for a few days was an upset stomach and a muzzy head but apart from that, nothink. I am with people who are smoking and I don,t have the urge at all. I am using my e-cig now and again but thats it, Its been 4 weeks now and I can,t believe how easy it is for me, I wonder will things change and I,ll suddenly start having some side affects, well if I do then i,ll deal with it like you all are. I wish you all the best and hope it gets better for each and everyone of you. Wish I could send you all some of my good luck.

Take care


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Hi mad. Can you tell me what the e-cig is? Thats one i haven't tried. I will try anything at the moment. Thanks Julia


Hi Jes, the e cig is similar to an inhalator. It looks just like a cigarette, and has a nicotine cartridge you place inside. It glows at the end like a normal ciggy. Type it in on the internet you will see what i mean.

I use Boots inhalator (Nic assist) very similar to the e cig, apart from looks. I find this works very well for me. Also Boots keep on putting offers on the cartridges, which helps save money .

Good luck. and take care. Jillygirl.


hi mad, I think your doing really well. I too feel the same. I am on my 8th week next week, the only effect i have had is a bit weepy now and again. I think thats more to do with selling our house than the none smoking. Take care its lovely to hear from you.


Morning Mad, good for you. Just like everything in life though we're all individuals and no two people are the same so thank your lucky stars. Hope your luck stays with you and keep in touch with us all.


Hey Mad, pfft to guilty! You've kicked smoking in the teeth you should be skipping and frolicking and other happy things :) I am really pleased for you and glad you're confident in your quit and that's all great stuff so do come back and keep us updated, it would be really cool to hear how you remained smoke-free :) Big hugs and keep smiling. xx


Hiya Mad, not seen you for a bit gal, sounds like your doing great!!!!, all the comments from the gals are ace, i think all it is that, you have the good fortune to have alot of will power inside you, and i wish i had half of that gal, cus i am very weak when it comes to willpower, but i have my aides and this site to help me, everybody on this site is so so supportive, and as the gals have said please please keep in touch, and big big hugs from me as well!! :)



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