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No more ciggys, I need to give up.

You,ve ruled my life for long enough.

Todays the day i,m going to quit.

With a little help from a e-cig kit.

I,ve decided that i don,t want to smoke anymore.

It wont be easy I know that for sure.

I,m getting a cough, never had one before,

my thoats always dry and gets a bit sore.

My Blood Pressure,s gone higher, its always been low,

Sorry ciggy, you just have to go.

I,ll probably miss you, the addictions so bad,

But I refuse to allow you to make me feel sad.

You,ve been part of my life for such a long time,

Its hard to let go but i,ll be fine.

Now is the time to let you go,

You once were a friend but now your my foe.

Its nearly three weeks without my white stick,

but smelling you now makes me quite sick.


I,m glad that your gone.

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This is really good Mad :-) It's funny how cigarettes are viewed as a long term friend isn't it? I think it's because they've been such a huge part of the smokers lives, through both thick and thin, happy and sad times.

Good for you on putting pen to paper, (or fingers to keyboard!) instead of hand to mouth :-)


brill poem . what a talented group we all are. we will end up on britains got talent if we carry on . Now what will we call the group? The Nic quitters. Sure that will get everybody thinking of a better title.



Hi Mad, do I take it that you've been off the cigs for 3 weeks now? I'm still loving the smell and feel most of the time that I want one.

However, I've only been off them for 8 days now and after smoking for all my adult life (over 40 years now!) I realise that it won't happen over night that I don't think of it most of the time or hate the smell immediately.

Good luck and never forget the sentiments of your poem. Andi.


Thanks Andi and all who enjoyed my poem, thought it would give you all a laugh. Yes I am still off the dreaded weed. My husband and Daughters are all smoking and the smell makes me sick so I lock them in the Garden and close the door, Ha Ha. I surpose I,m lucky because I,ve found it quite easy ( up to now ). Today I am feeling a bit odd, stomach pains and my head feels like it belongs to someone else, apart from that I feel ok. I also smoked for 40 years and expected it to be hard but I just woke up one day and thought I dont want to smoke anymore, I hadn,t decided in advance, it just happened. I think the time was just right that day. I find that my E-Cig really helps so I will use it when I need to. You really have to want to stop for yourself, not because people tell you, mybe thats why its been quite easy for me. I didnt realise how much Ciggys were ruling my life, it,s great not having to worry about forgetting them when I go out, going outside in the cold and rain to smoke one, aways looking for the nearest door to escape because you need one, ridiculous but thats life for a smoker as you,ll know. I wish you luck and i,m sure you will quit when the time is right for you. If you lapse then thats ok, you just start again.

Take care,



Hi Mad, I agree that it's great not having that ball & chain every time you go out - "Will I last the day, night out etc?". Still funny having that extra space in the handbag - hey, maybe we don't always need the handbag now!

That's brilliant that you've managed to quit with your family still smoking all around you that must be really tough so I can imagine you won't like the smell of smoke!

Hang in there, hugs, Andi


Wonderful poem!! I am also surrounded by smokers, it does stink doesn't it! Congrats on 3 weeks, what E-cig are you using?


Hiya Mad, ace gal flippin ACE luv it, 10/10 its a load better than mine, i think i got 6/10 for mine, just printed it off to put with the others gal, ha i've just been boreing you on the drinking blog!!!!

I've been smoking since i was 13 erm erm 43 years now but not no more, on my 3rd week now and it seems to be getting a bit easier for me.

Hi andi about the extra space you have in your handbag, dont you know what that is for????? its for your big fat purse now gal, you will have to keep all that extra money somewere!!!! and anyway what would you girls dance around if you got rid!! Keep in there Madi we are all with you, oops i've put an i on the end of your name, hhhhmmm oh well if you dont like it im sure i will get a handbag around my earhole, and well i havnt had one of them for a bit!!!

Right then i am going to right a blog now about snacking, see you soon.

Pete :)


Thanks Pete glad you like the poem I think i,m going off my head because I sometimes think in rhymes, ha ha. Its 3 weeks for me also and its hasnt been to bad, only thing is my stomach is not right and my head,s a bit muzzy but I,ll survive. Good luck yourself, WE CAN DO IT.



This sure made me laugh and sooooooooooooo true! Keep up the good work - Jane


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