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ohhh im back. sorry havent been on here for while. golly going cold turkey just over a month ago been tough but nictone craving didnt last that long its more the habit and enjoyment of relaxing.i stopped crying as much still do but not as much. i grit my teeth and wasnt going to let it win though. as winston churchhill said if your in hell keep going! even sat out with my hubby on decking last night while he smoked. i feel more anxious in day time and whereas i used to like my own company in day pottering about with my ciggy ii now feel very alone and dont like it. anyway my question is im still having blurred vision and bit dizzy, im an emotional person and get upset very easily now and think my holiday and life wont be as good without smoking ? anybody else have this? x

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  • Hey Charlie123, lovely to have you pop on again :-)

    Great to hear that you are doing well, using the cold turkey route too - very brave and a huge pat on the back to you for sticking with it :-)

    How you are feeling is pretty normal - feeling a sense of mourning, as though you have lost an old friend. However, this old friend isn't really a very good friend and because he has been around for some time, it may take a while before he becomes a distant memory to you :o

    Please, please try and find the positive in that 'of course' life will be a lot better for you now that you are no longer smoking and putting all those 4,000 plus chemicals into your body. Of course you'll be able to enjoy your holidays far more now that you won't be having to take regular 'puffs' on that cancer stick - not knowing which puff could be delivering that final blow to you - There are over 60 carcinogens (cancer causing) in tobacco smoke.

    With regards to the blurred vision, why not book yourself an appointment at your opticians? This may put your mind at ease that all is okay. Smoking is also known to damage the eyes in a number of ways. Think about the good you are doing now that you have stopped :-)

    You are a very special person and it is good that you say you used to enjoy your own company - This means that you can feel this way again soon. Don't let the temporary downs of stopping smoking ruin your relationship with yourself. Start getting to know the new improved you, spend some time with yourself and make a new friend - You're beautiful :-)

  • thank u for that postive reply im going to bookmark it and keep looking at it to help me on my way. i wouldnt say i was brave going cold turkey once i got broncitus and struggled to breath it scared me so much and as my sons didnt know i smoked i thought if i died and they asked why the answer would be 'well she payed £7 odd a day killing herself even though she knew it was poison' that chills ne to the bone. xxx thanks again. xxxx

  • Hey Charlie,

    Good advice from Emjay, and i can totally empathise with how you are feeling hun, I think to some degree or another we have all felt it :( ... however it does pass, admittedly I didnt have the will power to go cold turkey ( kind of wish i had now ) so i am on Ecigs, so still getting nicotine, but smoke free. It has only just happened to me that a day has passed and i havent felt something lacking!!! It is a grieving process, its the loss of something we have been close to 20 times or more a day, it has been the first thing we reach for in the morning, or when things are stressful, or we are upset, but the truth is, those fags were not friends, friends dont try and kill us :) you have done FANTASTICALLY well, and i take my hat of to you, Just stay strong.

    The holiday thing hmmmm i wont lie, i have had two holidays since quitting, and I totally felt cheated, sitting in Paris outside a cafe watching the world go by, i felt it wasnt the same, but then i looked around, and the non smokers where not feeling cheated or that something was lacking in their experience, and i realised the money i had saved from not smoking had in fact paid for my trip :)


  • thank u, getting replies and advice from people going through same thing really helps. xx i do love this site

  • Hi charlie, it's lovely to see you and wow, you should be so proud of yourself, you are doing absolutely brilliantly - a MASSIVE WELL DONE to you!

    If you stopped smoking just over a month ago then you definitely deserve a lovely bright and shiny 4 week badge. If you put your stopping date on the Wall of Winners she will sort it out very very soon and that should make you feel even prouder of your achievement and even more determined to hang on to it :)

    Try not to miss your "friend" - he wasn't a very nice friend after all, in fact he was horrible and poisonous and smelly and even anti-social, and he was a bit of a pest because he kept nagging you and spoiling all the lovely things you did because you had to keep paying attention to him - we just don't need friends like that in our lives - enjoy being free of him. So instead of paying for him, spend a bit on yourself for a change - a new lipstick, a nice moisturiser, maybe even some lovely perfume - something much nicer than him anyway!

    Stay positive sweetie and all your worries will become a thing of the past and remember there are lots of non smokers out there who are getting on with their lives without even thinking about cigarettes, and we will all be exactly like them one day :) :) :)


  • thank u so much for the advise chrissie, lol not very tech took me ages ro find out how to put a picture on profile!!. xxx i.ll go on to wall of winners later. thanks again. x

  • Thanks Pinkiezoom, you are helping me at the same time you are answering Charlie 123. Congratulations, Charlie, you are one brave girl, cold turkey...good for you....I'll be thinking of you, I am only one day cigarette free, but using an ecig, couldn't even do it cold turkey....let us know how you are doing, ok?

  • Hi Charlie

    If it helps, I had dizziness too after 3 weeks of cold turkey. My blood pressure plummeted for a while. It lasted ford nearly 3 weeks :( Always best to check with your GP if you are worried though. Good luck and keep strong!

  • thanks rozi just made appointment so go thursday. thank y. xx

  • Seriously.....honestly this was me writing this same thing about 6 weeks ago....I said and felt exactly the same!!!!! I have had a few nights out since then...and no they haven't been quite the same, but still enjoyable. Have a mini holiday coming up and feeling a lot more optimistic about it. I was the same saying omg..I'm so emotional and I am not like that at all as a person.....that did def pass....but that did worry me....I thought stopping was going to turn me It's scarey the effects of stopping and how it can make you feel and think!!!!!

    I still have e cig....but that Is decreasing rapidly too :)

    It's funny...cos I had the blurred vision too....but that came about week 6! I had a sight test and eyes healthy...thank god.

    It takes time, but you do feel more positive as time goes on.....I do still miss smoking thou :( but know I'm doing it for the right reasons. Good luck.xxxxx

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