For over 40years I thought it was a joke,

When people used to say you know you shouldn`t smoke,

I used to think they were picking and trying to show off,

But they were full of energy , it was me that had the cough,

Just one more ciggy I used to say, wont be all that bad,

Now 40years later that extra little ciggy has made my life so sad.

The lesson that I learn is to stay quit and stay strong,

look after your body and you wont go wrong,

I have got a second chance but a heavy price I`ve paid,

So please take heed, and dont break the promises you`ve made.

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  • That's so moving Jillygirl, you've got me all weepy now

    we'll all have a party when your all better, cause you will beat this


    Pete will join in too


    love and hugs

    Susan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks sue, is that Pete doing the ho-down. :D

    luvs ya. xx

  • It is :D :D :D

    Here's both of you enjoying yourselves


  • Hey there Jillygirl, I dig your cowgirl outfit :| :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, thats very lovely and very moving gal, but like you say so nicely,

    Stay Quit and Stay Strong :) :)

    Sorry i havnt been on before, got stuck on the M1 :X :(

  • Hey Sue love the pics gal :D :D

    Torite Gal we will have a party when Jillygirl's better, dont know whether she knows it, but i reckon we aurt to have it at her house te he :D :D that will give her some exercise cleaning up after all of us :D :D

  • brill idea Pete, i hate cleaning after a party :D :D :D

  • Thats fine by me , my daughter is a self employed cleaner. no prob. :D

  • Hiya Jilly, you've been poeting again! :)

    You know you've converted Pete now completely. :)

    I'll invite you all down here for the party then none of you will have to do any work. :)


    (Ps Jilly - the one above doesn't work. :( )

  • Andi

    Now your talkin gal, mind you it may be a tad cold for going skinney dippin :D :D

  • Love it andi. Yeah will find another pic tomoz. :)

  • Hopefully this will help keep everyone focussed on staying stopped as well as encouraging others to make the right decision.

    Love it Jillygirl :D

  • John I am sure smoking doesnt help even if its not the direct cause of death. I always believe that god has a reason to take the people we love so dearly. I am sure your lovely Linda is watching over you.

    I will pray for you and her like I do for everyone else. No I am not religious , but I feel that there are spirits around us all taking care of us.

    You take care John. ;) xx

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