Has anyone experienced "itching"?

Hi, Ive been trying to quit since February and successfully stopped for good four weeks ago! During the last few days I have started itching all over my body. Has anyone else experienced this before? I am using patches and the spray and I wonder whether it might be either one of these but would be interested to hear from anyone who has had the sam experience.

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  • Aup Jane58, I'm Pete i stopped for 6 weeks using patches, and they used to leave red marks on my skin and they itched like mad for the first few days but after a week or so they became easier as if my body had got used to them. Are you still using the patches ? Not used the spray!!

    I cheer you gal for kicking the habit, very well done and stick in there.

    I'm going to try again for the second time next Monday, using the patches.

    Perhaps 'Emjay' might know more!!

    Bye for now jane58, Pete.

  • Hey jane58, as Pete says the patches can make your skin a bit red and itchy but this itching is usually where you put the patches, not all over your body. How long is it since you started using the patches and how long is it since you have felt this itching? If it's been since you have been using the patches, then it may be possible that you could be having an allergic reaction to them.

    Let me know how many you smoked daily, which strength patches you are using and also how much spray you use.

    You are doing fab, keep up the good efforts :-)

  • HI Monky and Emjay! Thanks for your responses and comments. The itching is all over but I have to see the nurse at the doctors this evening after work so I will see what she has to say. Many thanks. Monky, hope you stay with your quit this time!


  • Could be stress. Not smoking and maybe feeling a little bit wound up. Hope your not allergic though, we need all the help we can get with the patches.

  • The itching is most likely the blood circulation rectifying itself I had it on my legs mostly and I did not use ant patches etc totally cold turkey


  • Hi, thanks for your comment. Mine was on the legs too. Strangely enough at the time I put a patch on for 24 hours and the itching stopped immediately! I have not had the experience since. I have been smoke free for 12 months now!

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