Anyone getting a sore tongue using the ecig?

I have found the ecig the best replacement yet of all quit attempts, so really want to continue with it BUT my tongue is sore, and now is turning black!!

I looked it up, and it seems to be a bacterial or fungal problem, sometimes in heavy smokers or people with poor dental hygiene. I have stopped smoking and am really good with teeth brushing etc. Maybe the balance of my chemistry's changed in my mouth.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any ideas gratefully received.

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  • OMG, haha, don't tell Pete, he'll be like "see, I told yer". Sorry for laughing, cos it isn't funny really. Yes I seem to remember getting quite a sore tongue when I first started using an e-cig but it does go away. Also you've not been stopped smoking long? Everyone seems to get a sore mouth, sensitive teeth, etc when they first stop smoking regardless of whether they use an e-cig or something else.

    A black tongue though - eek, must be a bit alarming. Are you on any kind of medication? Anti-depressants? I remember taking something years and years ago, I'm sure it was anti-depressants and my tongue started going black so I stopped taking them. Are you on iron tablets, they can discolour your tongue.

    If none of them then all I can think is to go to the dentist. I can't see it being the e-cig that's causing your tongue to go black.

  • The only other thing I can think of is, you're not using that Corsodyl mouth wash are you? You need to use it at some other time from when you brush your teeth with toothpaste as they interact with not very nice effect. Also that can discolour your teeth and tongue temporarily.

  • Oh yeah that happened to me with corsodly, now I remember. I used salt water which was very good :o

  • Hi Betts, yes I suffered really badly with sore gums about a week or maybe 10 days after I stopped smoking. My mouth was so bad I could hardly eat and had to cut my food into tiny pieces. I thought it was the ecig at the time but it's very common when your mouth is not being bombarded with smoke. Please don't worry about it and mine cleared up, so yours will too x :)

  • You are all wonderful, replying so fast, and it's late too. Didn't hope for anything before morning!

    Yea it's about 11 days so that fits with your experience s of sore mouths I guess. The black tongue is horrendous! Like who put THAT in there?!!

    No cordaayl or antidepressants (though I have been wondering if I carry on like this!). Only change has been stopping smoking. I really want to continue with the ecig, so see how it goes...,


  • Haha made me laugh cause Chrissy said the first thing she noticed was her pink tongue, mine wasn't at all it stayed manky for ages and is now looking better on and off. I do remember having a black tongue on two occasions, once when I was on certain anti biotics and the other time was told it happens sometimes when your short of vitamin C, It's probably just cause your taking more notice of it now like I am :)

  • Morning tongue news flash!!!

    Panic subsiding :) Tongue back to yellowish pink :) Still sore but Big relief here! Ecig absolved.

    Thank you all for great support and replies. My husband thinks it might be the Mussels and Chorizo dish I ate on Mon day.

    Never thought I'd be so happy with a 'normal' manky sore tongue :)


  • Thank goodness panic over. For a little while I thought you were turning into a giraffe. :D :D

  • Doh, I said are you taking iron tablets. Mussels - one of the iron rich foods. I love liver but hate the way it turns your tongue black. Well glad you're OK now and aren't turning into a giraffe like Jilly said hahaha.

  • im going through this so badly right now. with me its a painful sore tongue . what happened in the end did you continue with the ecig and did the pain go away ?

  • Hi ya Phil, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

    I'm afraid to say, quite a few of our members here have had sore tongues, gumms even bleeding gums when they have quit, so its quite common :o

    Maybe try a nice soothing mouth wash to help you :) and try sort of pointing the e-cig upwards away from your tongue :) It usually only lasts a few days.

    I will try to find an old post for you and repost it :) Phil, if you could please let us know your quit date, then we can add you to the Wall of Winners and get a Winners badge sorted out for you :)

    Take care and hopefully speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • hi pete i quit on the 30/04/2015 for the second time with vaping so fingers crossed it works this time

  • :D :D

    Now that would make the news!

    New shock horror side effect of stopping smoking discovered! Woman turns into giraffe!!!


  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Well does that remind you of anyone? :) 8-)

  • LOL i was going to mention the giraffe effect! I hope this sorts itself out, it would panic me no end!!

    I am on ecig and my god my gums ( and nose ) bled big style, gums still do a little. x

  • Returning to health is a painful process? I am thinking that with most of my life having been spent with smoking, it's got to be a shock to my body chemistry without the nasty poisons. Eeek.

  • Brill! :D

  • :D :D

    Spot on! Did they have a hidden camera!?!

  • Yeah you better believe it, someone's always watching you from Quit Support - that's what I like to think anyway, just in case I'm tempted - I know someone will be watching! :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Knowing my luck, it would be Monky as I got my warning from him already! :-D

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Hi Bette, no don't stress about it being the e-cig as I have had that problem and that wasbefore iI quit smoking ! Only experienced it a couple of times since I quit, once wheniI was on a course of vitamin B12 tablets, I do take a daily multi vitamin tab now. I also use Corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash, I must admit I wonder sometimes if it is also to do with throat Mucus and Phlem !! don't know if you get much of that ? Hope this helps you. x :-)

  • Thank you! It has helped loads. Will sleep better tonight (hopefully. If the dreams aren't too wild!)

  • Never had that myself, ecigs give you a sore throat sometimes.

    I gargle with sea salt in warm water and use serimar nasal spray, they help a lot.


  • Just taken the tip and had a good harglr. Thank you!

  • Mean gargle! Fat typing thumbs :)

  • Thanks all for great support and sound advice, and lots of laughs :D :D

    Soooo, I am not going to worry (well try not to....), will use a salt water mouth wash and take vitamins. All good and not difficult.

    On the phlegm mucus front, am pleased to say it is getting a lot better since I quit the smokes.

    So glad not to be turning into a giraffe :)

    Making a good imitation of turning into a elephant tho :)


  • Hey Betts, you dont look like an elephant to me gal :) :)

    Nor a giraffe :D :D :D

  • More like this maybe?!

  • :D :D :D you are a one Betts :) :)

  • Hi All

    I have to say that the posts here have just had me in stitches - what a fantastic antidote to my current trials - Betts I'm so sorry to hear about your tongue but I was also shocked to hear about it turning black as I'd never heard of that before! The sore tongue is common and I remember Briarwood and I were suffering from very sore mouths (including tongues) at exactly the same time. I just used extra mouthwash to calm it down a bit and a few days later it was much better. I had actually forgotten about that phase until I read your post :) And I agree, all this recovering is actually a pain!!!! You are doing it girl - you are getting through these phases - and it gets better and better I promise you xxx :) :)

  • Hi Chrissie :)

    Great that this awful worry yesterday has been greatly eased and all yoi lovely people on here have made me laugh so much too! And having a good laugh made it easier to feel better and stay quitted for another day :)

    It helps to know it will get better - you can keep me forewarned :)

    Now, what I want to know is where to get a lovely pink tongue like yours??

    And, does it match your pink sparkly badge??? :) :)


  • Ah yes Betts - the pink tongue has survived, except on Friday night when I had a glass of wine and the next time I looked in the mirror my tongue was black! It was hilarious because my daughter had only been admiring my pink tongue earlier that evening - she laughed her head off when she saw the effect of the wine, and yes, I was going to ask if you'd been hitting the bottle!!! :D :D :D

  • :D :D

    Now you come to mention it we did have a bottle of red with the mussels! :)

  • Well there you go - your pour tongue didn't stand a chance!!! :D :D :D

    Anyway, did you enjoy "Much Ado"? xxx

  • It was great!

  • Ah so glad you enjoyed it! xx

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