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Quitting Vaping 50mg Of Nicotine Before During and After Jaw Surgery

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HighRiserquit vaping

So i know that jaw surgery for me is probably far off in the future. But i want to get ahead of it. I need to know how the best way to quit vaping temporarily is before a major jaw surgery. If anyone has and questions feel free to comment. More of the story is in my Biography. Please let me know what i should do because i really depend on nicotine but i want to be safe and healthy for my surgery!

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Hi Highriser,

there’s many ways to tackle your quit. And if you go to the bottom of the page you should see ‘hints for quitting’ if you can’t find it, I’m sure one of the admin will point you in the right direction.

My advice would be firstly, get a plan, all the things you’re worrying about quitting need a method of coping in place, for instance worrying about nicotine dependency, I’d recommend using NRT, for me this was kinder to myself, allowing me to get my head around the psychological addiction first and allowed me a gradual reduction of the nicotine. I used normal chewing gum, so I had something physical to reach for (it gave me something to reach for with my hands and put to my mouth), others will use nicotine gum or the spray but I can’t stand it in my mouth so I found what was right for me.

The other thing that helped me was at all times keeping at the forefront of my mind why I was quitting. I had to hold on to that tight, so when it got tough I remembered why the hell I was putting myself through it and persevering, and I knew if I kept at it, it’d pass.

And lastly, the support on here is massive, so keep posting.

Good luck in your journey, sounds like you’re motivated to do the best for you! Well done for reaching out! Good for you, you can do this. And all the best! ☺️😉

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HighRiserquit vaping in reply to Cloe

Thank you so much for the reply Cloe! i really appreciate the support and i will absolutely keep everything you said in mind! I’m gonna try my best!

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Hi hi riser, Cloe has summed it up already. If you are determined to quit vaping , may I ask why temporarily? Once you have quit vaping you will be free of nicotine once and for all.

Like Cloe says the pinned posts hold a wealth of information , they are at the right or the bottom of this page.:)

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HighRiserquit vaping in reply to jillygirl

Hi jillygirl, thank you so much for the reply! And about why i said i wanted to quit temporarily. I have a load of other small medical problems, adhd and a lot of stress in my life. I actually started smoking cigarettes at 14-16 and then started vaping to stop. Now the reason i want to “temporarily” quit is because of my surgery coming up in the next year i’m assuming. The left side of my bottom jaw joint has full deterioration and my right side is in early stages along with Rheumatoid Arthritis in both sides. Now for a survey to stop the damage is going to be pretty big as you can assume and takes years to completely heal. I have already compromised my immune system, heart, blood pressure and lungs but everything i’ve done in the past. I want to make sure i can last a 3-4 hour long surgery without having any complications. I also want to make sure my body has no nicotine in it so the healing process isn’t compromised. so that’s what i mean when i say temporarily. now i’m only 17 and live with my parents still so i can’t ask them for help. but the thing is i have already decided to quit when i move out. it’s just the stress of being here sometimes that makes me depend on nicotine. Hope i explained that okay!

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to HighRiser

Thanks for explaining your situation, thats a lot to cope with and I hope all goes well for you. Our lovely New Karen is our expert on vaping and she has given you some good advice.


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Hi Highriser

I’m with the others. Quit temporarily? Why not quit nicotine for good? You can still vape but with 0%juice if you wish.

The other thing I don’t quite understand is that you mentioned your biography. Are you an author? Have you written a book?

As the others have said, there’s some tips on quitting nicotine by vaping on the pinned posts, but to summarise, drop the nic level in your juice slowly.... I must say 50mg is very high.... drop to 45 for a few weeks, then 40 etc until you’re on 0.

Good luck

Karen xx

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HighRiserquit vaping in reply to NewKaren

Hi Karen! Thank you for the reply! I explained why i only want to quit temporarily for now above if you would like to know why. And haha when i said my Biography i meant my Bio on my profile page sorry for the confusion! and yes you read my mind about the dropping in nicotine levels. the only problem for me is money. i have to strategically go down nicotine levels sort of drastically because i don’t have the budget for a lot of juice! i’m thinking now since i use 50mg i will go down by 15mg so on friday i will buy a 35mg juice and then a 20 and then hopefully be able to just quit!

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CloeAdministrator in reply to HighRiser

Wow, that’s a big drop. I found when I quit with vape, as I lowered I’d vape more and use more juice, so it may turn out more expensive using more juice. But all you can do is give it a go, you’ll soon work out what don’t work, unfortunately life can sometimes be a process of elimination, but if you keep persevering you’ll get there.

Maybe research some other coping strategies, where you have so much to cope and contend with. I have a few ideas, but it’s also keeping it simple too, as the mind can be complex and lead us astray in our thinking.

There are various types of arthritis groups on health unlocked too that you can join.

All the best! 😉

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NewKarenLONG TERM WINNER in reply to HighRiser


To save money, why don’t you buy a large bottle of 0% and ‘water’ your existing juice down. This is what I did xx

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Hi again, just let you know I have just put a post on about quitting vaping. :) xx

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WillowandSola16 Months Winner

Try lozenges or gum if you can chew, or even patches, i vaped for 3 years then stopped and ended up smoking, in words of anyone who has quit do what you need to save your lungs

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