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Yay! I pick up my Champix on Friday!

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I have just heard back from the support nurse and she has confirmed that my doctor has approved my prescription for Champix which I can pick up from the surgery this Friday. She also said not to rush into the start date, take my time and most definitely set it after my holiday. So another major step forward for me and I'm really feeling quite excited and positive about this. I know it's very early days for me still but at least I'm on the right path and have made positives steps to finally stop smoking. I have another appointment with her on the 9th just to see how things are.

11 Replies
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Good stuff Ashdon

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Ashdon in reply to Corrina125

Thank you Corrina.

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NewKaren14 Month Winner

Great 👍 another positive step forward for you xxx

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Ashdon in reply to NewKaren

Thanks Karen. ;-)

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jess-secondtimelucky15 Month Winner

Well done ashdon, step in the right direction 🤗

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to jess-secondtimelucky

Ooh Jess, I luv your new 6 months winners badge and sorry I missed it. Great job hun, I'm delighted for ya😘

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Great!. It is early days but you're doing it the right way for you. Planning is essential, well done. Look forward to seeing your updates Ashdon.xx

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Good on you Ashdon, I last smoked on the 31st October 2016 - so I am a little over 8 months done. Champix worked well for me - though there maybe some side effects for some and I guess they are explained by you health professional.

My best advice is to plan. Champix takes care of the chemical dependency - so no problems there - the issue then becomes a mental thing - sometimes almost like muscle memory. So you need to identify what sets you off - again for me sitting outside for a coffee automatically included a cigarette. Get in the car and have a cigarette, finish work and have a cigarette, finish dinner and have a cigarette. Light up when I was with somebody who also was lighting up..... I could go on but you get the idea.

The trick is set a hard and fast date to give up (I chose the first of the month to make it easier to track my progress and I used a date calculator to track my progress and give me something aim for eg this one: timeanddate.com/date/durati...

Having identified the risks I started playing with them - like in the first place where I could avoid them, or find alternatives - eventually just straight up faced them in full knowledge of what me come and choose not to light up.

Lastly, I took the money I would normally spend in cigarettes and put it into a special account so I could save up and spend it on ME - so far a pair of flash shoes and a fourteen hundred dollar video card for my computer - the next is a HTC Vive VR headset. You choose what you want.

At the end of the day remember it is you life and it is your choice


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Ashdon in reply to Nudge

Many thanks Nudge for that response, it's really appreciated. You could be me!! Exactly the same in virtually all scenarios - even down to saving the money but in my case I am going to do it in cash and watch the little bits of paper grow into big fat bundles of actual money rather than seeing it just in figures on an account but that's just a personal preference thing - the end result is the same. With the amount I smoke at the moment then I will have saved £3100.00 in a year - that should be a pretty good incentive. My quite date is the 1st September, I have identified my trigger points and have written them down and of course they are very similar to yours - all the normal smoking triggers - car, other smokers, after a meal etc etc. This is going to prove quite interesting to see how I get on this time using Champix after failing every single time before using other methods. I am under no illusion that this will not be a walk in the park. I can give up no problem as I have done so many times before - the real test for me is staying given up and I will only know that after a long period of time but I do feel much more positive about this time as I want to give up this time which I have not done before.

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Great planning Ashton, it's all in the detail🚭👍🏼 You're definitely on the right path and we're all here to help keep you on track. Good luck🍀😊

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Ashdon in reply to Briarwood

Thanks Briarwood, it is really encouraging to know I have so much back up if I need it which undoubtably I will, you can't smoke for 60 years and give up without some effects wanting to spoil it for you so yes, encouragement will be gratefully received, thank you. ;-)

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