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frequent urination after two weeks of quitting smoking

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Hi Guys ,

After two weeks of no smoking , I have realised I urinate frequently . I am really worried . Can any one explain the reason behind the increased frequency of peeing


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Lizzie74Next attempt

Hi there & well done on your quit so far,could it be that you are drinking more water etc than before you quit,I had the same at the beginning & freaked myself out but after speaking with the nurse I realised that it was just drinking more making it more frequent,if you are concerned check it out with your doctor. Good luck on your quit & Nope.....

Congrats on being a 2 week winner.

Probably best to have a visit to your Doctor. Could be a number of reasons for the increased frequency of peeing.

Lots of links about more frequent peeing afterquitting smoking if you Google it.

This explains it very well............

Could be down to a lot of things. I would see your GP. Well done on your quit. Take care xxx

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sue-stead22 Months Winner

Hi, I have been peeing more often, but like Lizze74 I have been drinking more, I think you do just to distract yourself from wanting a cig, I am on day 52 of not smoking, feeling really pleased with myself, although not been at all easy.

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I understand the feeling . It 's just ugly one but I hope with time I will be better .

Sometime no much sleep. I control the drinking of water and all went well . but the feeling not that easy

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RlinaBadge pending in reply to sue-stead

Hello, I just saw your post about excessive urine after quitting smoking my dad is suffering with the same problem for more than 6 months now , can you please advice did you get better

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Nottobad in reply to Rlina

I wouldn’t think that excessive urine was a problem from stopping smoking. I would get your dad to see his gp. Could be infection but most likely something to do with his prostrate. Better to be safe than sorry.

Would really appreciate any update on your fathers’ condition, as i’m having the same symptoms 1 month after quitting smoking

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