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trying to give up, Help

me and my man want to give up smoking, we would like to go to a meeting as we don't know what help is out there, my fella doesn't finish work till around 5-30 so not sure if there are meeting this late....we went to a shop before who sell liquid ciggerettes they want £60 for both of us a lot of money if it doesn't work, so confused don't know what to do, any help i would be grateful for thanks

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Hi caggle, i found one of Emjays blogs, it might just help you :) Emjay and Jarvo are our quit support advisers, and i'm sure one of them will be in touch soon :) :)

Good luck Pete :)

*Get free professional help to stop smoking. Do you know about your local stop smoking service?

Asked by EmJay ROY CASTLE 7 Aug 2012No answersReport

Research shows that professional help can increase your chances of success by up to four times!

So by accessing services such as our on-line Quit Support or your local NHS Stop Smoking Service, you are more likely to stay stopped

There's a lot of great professional support ready to help you decide the best treatment to help you do it. Amazingly, it's free of charge!

Key Facts about your local NHS Stop Smoking Service;

1. The service provides friendly, practical advice to any smoker who wants to quit

2. Help and advice are free

3. Stop smoking treatments are available on prescription

4. A Stop Smoking Advisor can answer all your questions, help you put together your own quit plan, choose the best treatment to help you to stop smoking and make sure you know how to use it correctly

Help, advice and support - either on a one-to-one basis or in groups. To find out who and where your nearest Stop Smoking Service is;

Text: GIVE UP followed by your postcode to 88088

Telephone: 0800 169 0 169

Pharmacist: Drop in to your local pharmacy for expert advice

GP or Practice Nurse: Talk about your concerns and find out more about products to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms

If you do access your local service, then please let us know how you get on and we'll compliment the advice and support that you are given.

Why not even tell your local service about the support that you have received from Quit Support and other members


thanks for that pete, need all the luck hopefully we'll do it, carol :)


Hi again Carol, i've just found another blog that might help you and your man, i've posted it above you, in the questions :) :)

Pete :)


Hi carol welcome to this site

Pete has given you all the info you need to help you

i'm just away to stop myself on Monday, got inhalators and the patches from my GP, am just away to access other services

you should both join in the daily chat on here, the people ares kind and nice, we all help and encourage each other, and have a laugh as well

you can both do this

speak soon

susan :)


Hey Carol, welcome to our online stop smoking community.

There are quite a few people who have managed to stop by using the different types of e-cigarettes, however we cannot recommend them as they gave nt been researched enough as of yer and just recently there has been evidence that they may cause some dort of harm to you... Saying that, so does smoking cigarettes!

There are lots of different forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) available that are safe to use and have fantastic results and feedback. You can get these either completely free or for the price of your prescription from your local stop smoking service.

What area do you live in? If you want to private message me your postcode, I can find out where and who your local stop smoking service is and see if they offer early evening or a Saturday morning service for you both....

It's worth planning ahead before you set your quit date, it helps make the job easier. So please have a nosie through ome of our questions and blogs and if we can help in anyway, then let us know :D


"fantastic results"?, few NRT treatments achieve a 10% success rate, advice like this kills people


Hi Caggle Lovely to meet you. I am Jillygirl, just had a week away so sorry for not replying to you before now. I think everyone has said everything already, however if it helps I am 63yrs old smoked since i was 17. Quit on 5th april and used inhalator to help. This site has kept me going strong and now I feel I can say I am definately a non-smoker now. Please join this site i am sure it will help you stay focused. :)


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