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Slipped on day 11

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mariehoneNext attempt

I am so annoyed with myself, I slipped on day 11 and smoked half a cigi.

It has been a bad day, with lots of pain, arguing with relatives and going stir crazy of self-isolating. And though I know smoking doesn’t help I slipped.

I am now determined not to smoke anymore, I must be able to quit. Right now I just feel so bad

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I sometimes wonder if I’m better off being on my own, no one to argue with except the cats and who in their right mind argues with a cat 😻.

Ok you’ve had 1/2 cig, you didn’t even smoke a whole one which tells me that even as you lit up you knew that you didn’t want to.

Keep going. At least being self isolating means that you should only go out for essentials and cigarettes are not essential.

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mariehoneNext attempt in reply to Catmad10

Thanks, I actually live alone, that doesn’t stop my mum for calling , it just ends the argument faster since I can hang up 😜

My self-isolation is by choice, I live in Denmark and though wehave shut down a lot of things it is not as strict as the UK, Italy, Spain ect

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Catmad10Administrator in reply to mariehone

🤣🤣that’s the good thing about phones, you can disconnect when you’ve had enough.

You have made a wise choice in imposing self isolation on yourself. I’m in the UK and whilst the majority of us are being sensible there are still pea brains who socialise just because they want to defy what they perceive as authority.

Good luck with keeping away from cigarettes. By the time this pandemic is over you will wonder why smoking had such a hold on you.

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Hi Marie, Please dont get annoyed with yourself your certainly not a failure. Many members take a few attempts , as long as you keep trying you havent failed.

I have always said it takes a lot of guts to come on here and actually tell everyone.

I am sure it was a simple spur of the moment mistake.

Good news is your badge stays the same as its your first slip up. (explained in the pinned posts.)

Make yourself a plan like exercise or a pampering day when you get the urge to smoke.

Be proud of yourself , look in the mirror and tell yourself how good you are and your a non-smoker.

Go for it! 👍💪💕✖😊l

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mariehoneNext attempt in reply to jillygirl

Thanks a lot. All the support here is helping so much 😁

I knew I had to tell someone to make it easier for me not to just continue smoking since I’ve already slipped. And I don’t feel like I would get the support needed from my friends (with the exception of one)

I need to find strategies to distract me and reward me. Exercise is not possible duento joint pain, I can just manage to walk the dog.

Massage is usually what I would use as a treat but I guess it will be a while before that is possible. To be honest right now I would be happy if I could just get a haircut 😅

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to mariehone

This is a piccy from my friend that posted on face book.


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mariehoneNext attempt in reply to jillygirl


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Not the end of the world marie, just hold that feeling after having half a cig and run with it. Every time to crave for a cig remember how bad you felt after you smoked one xxx

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Aaah Marie, we really do understand how difficult this can be so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Your determination will get you there🚭💪

Onwards and upwards and keep moving forward👍

Sending hugs🤗xx

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HernyPlanning to quit

Hi Mariehone, stay strong and hopefully you will not think again having a cigarette, I went through the same, now even if I wanted to smoke my body won’t allow it

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SarahJeanBurnett8 MONTH WINNER

It was a slip, things are very stressful for everyone right now so it's understandable. I quit 18 days ago & I actually consider myself to be a non-smoker now. You're not far behind me, it gets easier. Don't worry about one slip, use it as motivation to finally quit!

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Don't worry Marie, and don't beat yourself up . You have proved you can do it despite all odds. You absolutely can do this .x

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Just crack on with your smoke free plan Marie and be kind to yourself. Our relationships with fags ( I believe)has never made any of us happy. That’s why we have all wanted to stop. Remembering how smoking physically and mentally made me feel is my best motivation for not doing it. Keep calm and carry on xxx

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