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Hi everyone

Hope everyone is well :-) had a bit of a relapse at the weekend :-( had my appointment for pip on Monday just gone and sort of caved in :-( ...anyway back on the wagon now the dreaded PIP assessment is out of the way, it wasn't very pleasant(PIP assessment) even though the man that interviewed me was very polite and friendly it still wasn't nice having to tell them just about everything you have told them already in the application , and how do you answer a question of how far can you walk before you have to stop I have never timed it or measured it so how would I know , I said about 5 mins but on walking around home yesterday and making the effort to time myself 5 minutes was actually a long time if I had said 3/4 mins it would have been closer to the truth , but hey ho ,not expecting to get anything anyway as it appears they tend to fail you first time around anyway so you have to appeal :-|

Hope you can all forgive my lapse I am trying hard to forgive myself

Have a beautiful smoke free day

Cales xx

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Carry on Cales you can do it, relapses make us feel failures but we never really fail till we stop trying. ☺️☺️xx


Lesley, there is no need to feel guilty or that you have let yourself or anyone else down, you were under pressure and you relieved that pressure, so put it behind you and get back on the wagon and start again, much like falling off of a bike when learning to ride..... you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again...... no one is going to have a go at you because most of us have been there, done that etc etc .



you know what cales?, I don't blame you. This is the crappiest thing to have to go through. Just think every time you're buying fags it is lining a very rich Conservatives pocket who care not a jot about us!.

I won't bang on as I know politics can get me very cross!!. You get back on the wagon and try again. Don't let anyone beat you. You are amazing. Don't feel bad just carry on and forget the blip.😘❤️❤️


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